Coaching, it’s here to stay.

Yes, I am biased.

I am the creator of Functional Life Coaching, which is a brand new form of coaching that combines getting hacking your nervous system and healing past traumas and how to move forward and align with the future you dream about.

Nonetheless, coaching is here to stay.

We live in a world of more and more information. And, we live in a world of more and more specialized information and data.

We all take in so much information each day; it can be overwhelming.

This is where coaching comes in.

Coaches can help you take the information that you have and guide you and help instruct you to make the best changes with the information you have.

I call this process of a coach guiding you to sift through and optimize all the information that’s available to you to produce the best result – Coachification.

Coachification is a trend that hasn’t even gotten started yet, but it will and fast.

Cutting edge start-ups like Viome are using coaches to help their clients breakdown the amazing data of their gut microbiome health.

Functional Medicine Doctors turn to organizations like the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy for coaches who can help their clients implement and stay aligned with their functional Doctor’s recommendations.

Health coaches, business coaches, life coaches and many other niche coaches are emerging to help you stay aligned and get results.

But, how do you get the most out of your coach?

What if you are terrified of hiring a coach?

What if you don’t know how to use a coach the right way?

How can you tell if the coach you are or want to work with is any good?

I’ve worked with tens of thousands of people both in person and online as a coach I’ve spent nearly $1,000,000 on my own personal development and coaches – so I have a unique perspective as both a coach and a client.

Here’s How To Make The Most Of Your Coaching Relationship:

1. Make sure your coach has walked the path. Don’t hire a mapmaker, hire someone who’s walked the terrain, because the map and the terrain are never the same.

2. Investing in coaching does not get a return on your investment the same way stocks do. Your ROI in coaching is your Return on Implementation. When you invest in a stock, you do nothing and hope it goes up. When you invest in coaching, you need to get off your butt and do the work.

3. Google the coach. Find case studies. Past client experiences. There will always be a small number of people who are unhappy with any service. But, look for the majority of online feedback about the coach.

4. Know how to interpret negative feedback about coaches. Every coach has a client or two (or a small % if they work with LOTS of people) who just don’t do the work and then blame the coach. When you are seeking out negative feedback, look at the rest of what someone is posting. Do your best to determine if it’s legit, or just someone blaming a coach for their lack of implementation.

5. Expect regret. It’s common to feel really great about your investment with a coach. And then, a couple days or week later want to quit and get a refund. Don’t do it. This is just your nervous system acting like a thermostat and trying to pull you back to your normal life. There will be fear in the beginning of working with a coach who will stretch you, embrace it and use it to move you forward.

6. You’ve got to think of coaching the same way you think of personal training. It’s a process that takes time. The coach can’t do the reps for you, and you’ve got to stay consistent. Don’t go for the quick aha moments, really focus on small steps daily.

7. Hire the best and don’t trade. Go for expert level support. Invest in the best and do what it takes to stay invested. Don’t trade services. The financial exchange keeps you honest and on your toes.

8. Use the coaching service to the fullest. Don’t hide. Don’t feel bad about asking questions and engaging. You invested your hard earned money into this coach, feel free to jump all in (while making sure to respect any professional boundaries of the coach or the program).

9. Your coach is not your friend. Even though they know you well, you can’t be friends with your coach – that defeats the purpose. Keep a professional boundary with them, and don’t be offended when they keep a boundary with you.

Coaching is a wonderful thing. Coaching can shorten your learning curve, help you implement faster and accelerate your results.

Make sure you pick the best coach. Make the right decision and then work hard to make the decision right by showing up, implementing and playing full out.

You got this.

Remember to get out there, take action and make your Purpose real.

Your biggest supporter,


Intuition… it’s perhaps one of the greatest assets available to you.

Following your intuition will pay off BIG TIME. And, not following it can result in some pretty painful lessons.

If you’ve ever said, “I KNEW it!” when you didn’t follow your intuition… you know what I’m talking about.

Here’s the 101 on intuition:

It’s free. It’s always there. And you don’t need more green juice or meditation to access it.

You can’t become “more” intuitive. You ARE intuitive. Just like you ARE a human being.

However, what you can do… is become more aligned with your intuition.

But… how?

Here are five steps to align with your intuition:

1. Stop seeking 100% clarity and needing a perfect plan. Embrace the unclear next step.

2. Start taking action that seems illogical or makes folks around you sometimes say… “What are you thinking?” When you follow your intuition… you’ll be able to say “I’m not thinking… I’m setting my overthinking aside and following my intuition.”

3. Be prepared for the path to be messy and scary. That’s a sign you’re doing it right.

4. Stop looking for an immediate financial payoff. Focus on the long game. You usually don’t get immediate short-term pay offs for following your intuition. In the moment it seems like a crazy idea. However, looking back 10 years… it’ll make total sense.

5. Stay faithful to your intuition, no matter what others say. It’s so easy to let the fear or insecurity of others throw us off our game and sideline us. Be stubborn in your decision to follow your intuition – and always keep kindness and compassion in your heart that doing so may upset others and do your best to love them and meet them where they are, without the need to stop following your intuition because it makes others uncomfortable.

Got it?

Now…. get still… listen and make the illogical, scary, messy, unclear choice… and don’t go back – no matter what others say.

That’s how you follow your intuition. And on the other side of doing it… pure magic.

Remember to get out there, take action and make your Purpose real!

Your biggest supporter,


WARNING: This message contains some profanity, whose sole Purpose is to help you finally get into action doing what you love. I think you’ll like it, but you may not. If profanity isn’t your thing…. do not ready any further. Do so at your own risk.

Do you want to know what stops most people from really getting results in a new business idea or life transition?

It’s not a lack of time.
It’s not a lack of money.
It’s not a lack of having startup funds to create your dreams life or business.
And it’s not a lack of knowing where to start.

But, that’s what most people believe. They need more time, more money, more funds and they need to know EXACTLY where to start.

Let me be clear: NO.

It’s simply not the case.

Most people spend all their time gathering information about how or where to start, but they never actually start.

Most people are “getting ready” to get ready. They are 99% ready, but still not in action… why?

It’s simple….

You haven’t hit your “Oh, fuck!” point yet.

We’ll call it the O.F. Point for brevity in the rest of this blog.

Typically there are two ways to finally get started.

The first is the most common way…

You wait until there is an “Oh, fuck!” amount of money in your bank account, and you finally need to take action… because you finally hit your O.F. point.

Human beings are designed to avoid uncertainty…. However, when you hit your O.F. Point – all the stories you’ve told about time, money, resources and clarity go out the window… because you don’t have the luxury of procrastination or delay anymore.

We tend to only to need to hit our O.F. Point when it comes to projects and goals that are uncertain.

I’ve never met someone who had a cheat meal that they treated like their dream business they haven’t started yet.

“Sorry, I don’t have the time to eat that chocolate and yummy carbohydrate…” said NO ONE EVER.

“You know what, I need to have a better understanding of how exactly I am going to eat each bite of this delicious cinnamon roll before I start eating it…” said NO ONE EVER.

“Actually, I need to have at least $5,000 in startup capital before I enjoy this delicious bag of movie popcorn this weekend…” said NO ONE EVER.

Or… if you enjoy a glass of wine every now and then. How many rules do you have about drinking wine?

Do you treat your wine, chocolate, popcorn, cinnamon rolls or any other dessert or enjoyable food experience like you treat your dream business?

Do you delay, do you talk about all the reasons why not? Do you wait for your circumstances to change before you take action?

“Well, there is no wine in the house right now… so I guess I’ll never have any wine….” said NO ONE EVER.

If you wanted a glass of your favorite red and it wasn’t in your current experience or circumstance… you would get off your butt and take generative ACTION to create your desired outcome.

So… the short of it is this… treat your dream business like you treat chocolate, wine, popcorn, cinnamon rolls or any enjoyable food or beverage.

Have little to no rules about what has to happen before you take action, if it isn’t in your current experience or circumstance, stop declaring what’s missing and get off your butt to create the thing you want to experience.

And, for the love of gluten-free chocolate chip cookies, stop telling yourself you don’t have the time, the money, the resources or the clarity and JUST BEGIN.

Stop gathering information about how to begin and start gaining experience about what beginning feels like.

HINT: it will feel messy, imperfect and scary.

If you do not do this… you will stay the same until you hit your O.F. Point.

I said there were two ways to go…

The first way is what I described above… your O.F. Point. It’s more painful than the second way to go about it.

In the second way…. it’s far simpler, but required a lot more faith and courage from you.

And… for this second way… there is a perfect role model for how to create success, and it’s not who you think.

Forrest Gump – is perhaps the worlds best role model for success.

He shows up, to whatever life is presenting him, he doesn’t overthink it… and in his southern accent simply says… “OK”.

Be like Forrest and just say “OK” to whatever life is serving you with right now. Say “OK” and then take the action to do what you love with baby steps.

Don’t overthink it… just take action and improve as you go.

So, it’s your choice… you can either wait until you hit your O.F. Point… or you can be like Forrest and just say “OK” right now… no matter what your circumstances may be.

Tell me… which path will you choose? And why?

Remember to get out there, take action and make your Purpose real.

Your biggest supporter,


P.S. Remember to treat your dreams like you treat your favorite dessert.

Want to know which path to follow? I can help.

Let’s start here:

Ban the words “I don’t know” from your vocabulary.

And… any similar or derivative type phrase or sentiment.

Here’s the thing: you won’t always “know” and if you need to “know” before you get started to start taking action… then you will never… ever… ever… know.

If you want to know which path to follow, give up the idea that you need to know anything. Give up the idea that clarity is something that happens at the beginning of the journey. Give up the idea that you will have a perfect plan. Give up the idea that you have to do things perfectly.

Then… you will start to know the right path to follow.

Here is another tip: trade the idea of finding your passion or your Purpose for solving problems in the world.

A funny thing happens, when you take the focus off of yourself and instead focus on solving problems of the world… you tend to not only survive… but thrive.

And… even cooler than that… when you focus on solving problems that you love to solve… that is how you find your Purpose and your passion.

However… you will never “know” the right path.

Here’s something that not everyone will tell you: we are all just guessing.

Everything I do is an educated guess. Put another way… it’s an educated experiment.

We tend to take trying new things, taking risks and putting ourselves out there waaaaaaay to seriously.

If you viewed your life as an experiment in solving problems that you love to solve instead of some pressure cooker of perfection and clarity and needing answers before you start…. you would get so much further along in your life.

Trade perfection for experimentation….

Trade finding your Purpose and passion for solving problems…

Trade needing clarity and “knowing” for just trying things out and seeing what happens…

Trade needing certainty and safety for calculated risk and facing uncertainty…

Trade big lofty goals and dreams for tiny baby steps that move you forward each day…

Do this daily… and pretty soon you will know exactly which path to follow.

You got this.

Remember to get out there, take action and make your Purpose real!

Your biggest supporter,


Freedom is something we all dream of.

Financial freedom. The freedom to live how we see fit. The freedom to go on the epic journey of discovering our life’s purpose and helping others.

The freedom to be who we really are, without holding back, hiding or needing to change to fit in or accepted.

These days, it seems that our yearning for this freedom has been dimmed by negative news, violence, divided view points and pessimism about the direction the world is heading.

But – there is a cure. For you… and for anyone who wants it.

Do you want to know what it is?

We must choose to participate joyfully in the sorrows of the world.

Said another way: you are allowed to be happy, even if others around you are not.

Said another way: stop being over-responsible for other people’s lives and start being responsible for yours.

Said another way: resign as the general manager of the world, the universe, and the multiverse.

You see – nowhere is it written that for you to be happy, everyone else needs to be happy first.

Further… nowhere is it written that you will be able to juggle all the responsibilities of everyone in your life for them.

There is a BIG difference between being responsible and OVER-responsible.

If you are over-responsible in your business, you will get stuck… fall short… and never have actual freedom.

If you are over-responsible in your business, you don’t own a business… you own a job. And when you stop, the business stops.

When you are over-responsible in your romantic life, you keep changing yourself to please others… but you are never pleased, and resentment builds up.

When you are over-responsible in your relationships… you do not set the example for others to follow, but instead… set aside your dreams to support the dreams of others (the problem is… you are teaching those around you by your example not to follow their dreams, but to set them aside).

When you are over-responsible in your spirit life, you try to control everything and can’t surrender to a Higher Order of things.

You see – trauma, fear… these things are like a cancer in our lives.

And, when you allow your trauma and fear to stop you… you are like a cancerous cell that helps to kill the very body it inhabits.

So…. you must decide to get healthy. To heal your trauma, to doubt your fear and to love the part of you that lived in that for so long… just getting by… just surviving.

As you get healthy… you will promote health in those around you.

Waiting to be happy until others are happy makes about as much sense as waiting to not be a cancerous cell until other cells around you are not cancerous.

What’s ironic, is that by not allowing yourself to be happy, healthy and purposeful… you perpetuate and support the very thing you want to change.

By being over-responsible for others… you never allow them the gift of discovering who they really are… and you also deny yourself that same gift.

The cure?

Let it all go… focus on your happiness… focus on your Purpose… and focus on serving others from a place of healthy boundaries and faith in their ability to figure things out.

The paradox of life is this: you must be self-ish so that you can be self-less. You must be less responsible… so that you can be more responsible.

Get my drift?

Make it a great day and as always…

Remember to get out there, take action and make your Purpose real.

Your biggest supporter,


This is a radical idea… but let’s try it out for a moment and see how it goes…

What if NOTHING is going wrong?

Have you considered that the pain of your life is the motivating factor that is pushing you to grow and evolve?

The question that your pain is asking you is a simple, yet profound question…

Will you align with your Soul, or will you turn away?

What does that mean, though? “Align with you Soul…”

Sounds good, but WTF does it MEAN?

Here are five beliefs that are common when you aren’t lined up with your Soul:

1. I am powerless to change.
2. My happiness is dependent upon what other people do or think of me.
3. Only when I am perfect, will I be enough.
4. I am not supported.
5. There is no purpose to or for my life.

When you act out of these beliefs, life is stressful, life appears tough, and you stop growing.

When you have these beliefs, it means that you are caught in the web of your Survival Patterns™ (those pesky irrational fears that keep you stuck) and that your past is running your future.

When you are feeling negative feelings, like guilt, shame, etc. – you are not living in the moment… you are living in the past.

The aim must be to LOVE these emotions and decide that these emotions are not who you are…. just emotions that are passing through you, seeking healing.

One of the best and fastest ways to heal… is to seek out the positive intent of every situation.

This is a mind-bender… and something that takes practice. However, the more that you practice this idea, the better you will feel and life will begin to come into balance and make sense.

Seek the positive intent of every situation.

Every person does what they do, because they believe, on a certain level, that there is a positive intention behind their action.

Many times, that so-called positive intention is unconscious. They are positively intending to survive, and there may be unconscious Survival Patterns™ that are running the show.

It’s a positive intention to survive.

Even if the situation or someone else’s behavior harmed you, the way to get free is to forgive, let go and seek the positive intent.

What’s the positive intention of someone who hurt me, Mastin?

This is a deep question.

And – here’s the answer… the positive intention of someone who hurt you was this…

They were trying to find some way… anyway…. to free themselves from the pain they were in.

And, they did it in a way that was not wise and caused you pain.

This doesn’t make it right. BUT – if we can see that they are trapped in a nightmare of unconscious pain, then they turn from a demon into a scared/wounded child who is seeking solace from their demons.

Seeking the positive intention does not justify what happened to us, but it helps us find empathy… the empathy to know that no matter what someone did “to us” – that they were also doing the same thing, or worse, to themselves… and most likely… someone did the same thing, or worse, to them.

In this way, we can begin to be open to the idea… the nothing and no one is “wrong.”

They are just seeking to feel better because they don’t have the tools or the awareness to act otherwise.

This means… they are growing… and so are you.

When you judge something as “wrong”, you miss the lesson because you are in blame of the other.

This doesn’t mean you should accept injustice. However, if you ever want to truly heal… and put an end to what was done to you… that can only happen from a place of love.

If you hate the people that hurt you, that hate you, you join the darkness with them.

We must begin to see the pain behind the harmful acts of others.

Nothing is wrong; we are growing.

They are in pain… and seeking relief in any way they can.

It’s not their “fault, ” and it’s not your “fault.”

Soul Grow is a big deal… and can be painful.

Today, see the positive intent of all that seems “wrong” in your life…, and you will become open to a deeper and more empathetic view of yourself and all those that you know.

Here are five beliefs to take on today… that will help you align with this perspective and thus, your Soul:

1. I am a powerful being who can change anything and at any time.
2. My happiness is dependent upon the meaning I give the events of my life.
3. I am enough right now. I am perfectly imperfect, right now.
4. I am supported.
5. There is a beautiful and unique purpose to my life.

Focus on growth… on forgiveness and on empathy.

You’ll see the world with new eyes.

Nothing is wrong; all has been sent for your growth.

Today, dig deep roots… and grow through it.

Remember to get out there, take action and make it real.

Your biggest supporter,


Well – it’s Valentine’s Day.

Depending on how you view today you are either feeling the love or not. But, due to the commercialization of Valentine’s Day – it’s highly likely that you do not know the true meaning of today. When you figure out what this day is really about… you may see it differently and decide to feel different about it. Sound good?

Valentine’s Day is rooted in a celebration of the 3rd Century Roman Saint Valentine. Its purpose was to recognize “courtly love” – stated another way… love that focused on nobility and chivalry.

When you look further into the meaning of the word “Valentine” we find the root Latin word “valentia” or “valence” – which means power and strength.

So, today is not about measuring your worth based on if you are single or in a relationship. It’s not about feeling bad for yourself or shunning other people’s love if you are single and it’s not about chocolate and roses.

Today is really about power, nobility, and chivalry. And – there is nothing more powerful than the act of love. Not in the romantic sense, but in the truest sense of the word, love is a verb… and “to love” someone in the highest sense means to have an unselfish and compassionate concern for something.

It is in the dedication of service… with a heart of compassion… that true power is harnessed. And, nothing is more needed today.

Nothing is more noble, more chivalrous or more powerful than a truly loving act.

Today and all days…. remember this.

YOU have the power to love. Starting with yourself. Connecting with a higher power or cause… and extending it to others.

It may be easy to have compassion for those that you love easily. Today, make sure to include yourself and others you disagree with as well.

Love is not about just romance… that’s more attraction and passion.

True love is the unconditional acceptance of something or someone… as it is. You can’t love something if you will only accept it if it changes.

Make sure to include yourself in that kind of noble and compassionate love today.

And…. do you see Valentine’s Day differently now?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Remember to get out there, take action and make your Purpose real!

Your biggest supporter,


The feeling of “not being enough” can stop us dead in our tracks.

Maybe you’re thinking:

Who am I to start this business?
Can I really be a good parent?
Do I really deserve to get paid abundantly?
Am I special enough to have a unique purpose?
Who am I to be great?

These questions do not produce quality answers.

When you are tapped into your confidence, when you know with certainty that you can and will thrive in your life’s unique purpose… when you believe in your heart of hearts that the life you desire IS possible…

That’s when you are unstoppable.

But, the problem is clear.

Not feeling enough is a hard feeling to overcome, especially if you’ve been stuck in feeling that way for a while.

And – you can break free from this feeling.

But, it’s not how you might think.

You see… in order to dissolve the feeling of “not enough” the first thing we must do is…

Admit that we are not enough.

Now – wait for a moment and let me explain.

That might sound like bad advice and perhaps not what you thought I would say.

But, hear me out.

I want you to think of yourself as a raindrop.

And, you dream of being a massive wave.

A raindrop, all by itself… can’t be a massive wave.

But, when it connects to a Power Greater than itself, the Ocean, it can fulfill it’s dream of being a wave.

You are the same.

By yourself, disconnected from a Power Greater than you, in isolation – you are not enough.

But, you can choose, in every moment, to surrender and connect to a Power Greater than you.

Be it a Higher Power or Higher Calling or Higher Purpose… when you connect to a Power Greater than you, you align yourself with a larger energy.

When you join that larger energy, you are more than enough.

So, when you’re feeling “not enough” – from this moment forward, choose to see that as an opportunity to connect back to a Power Greater than you.

And, you’ll see… that the “not enough” feeling will dissipate.

With God, all things are possible.

With Purpose, all things are possible.

With Love, all things are possible.

Tap into that Greater Power, today.

When you do, you’ll feel more than enough.

Remember to get out there, take action and make it real!

Your biggest supporter,


If you dream big dreams or see a vision for what’s possible in your life – or if you feel called to make this world a better place… then you have vision.

Perhaps you’ve never thought of yourself as a visionary before, or maybe you have, but chances are that you are one.

If you are upset with the current circumstances of the world and see or feel how it could be better, then you are a visionary.

We are reminded in the Bible that without vision, people perish.

In order to live our destiny, our highest intentions, our dharma, our purpose, we must allow ourselves to dream.

But, we must do more than dream. One of the greatest pain points in my life has been having a vision, but not knowing how to bring it to life.

Over the course of my 14-year entrepreneurial journey, I’ve started many different companies. Some won, some didn’t.

Each time I’ve come closer and closer to the vision I imagine for myself.

And there was one key piece of advice that I heard that changed it all.

A mentor said to me that there are two important places to stay focused when it comes to building your dreams.

The first is on your vision.

What do you see for yourself in 5-10 years? What’s the BIG dream?

Be detailed in every area of your vision.

The finances, the impact, the relationships, the career, the travel, health, etc.

But, that is not all.

The second place to focus is to ask yourself what are the major things (no more than 5) that have to happen this year to bring that vision to life, and based on those major things that have to happen this year, what are the top 5 things that have to happen in the next 90 days to bring them to life?

So, we must be simultaneously focused on the vision and the next 90 days.

Which means that we must re-evaluate what we think is important, and make sure it’s lined up with the major outcomes we want for this year and the next 90 days.

Which means there are a bunch of new things I must start doing, and there are a bunch of things I must stop doing.

As a visionary, the “stop doing” list can feel like you’re killing your own children, which is an awful feeling.

But must remember our Thoreau…

“If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.”

I read this quote almost 20 years ago and had no idea what he was talking about. But, not I get it.

There are three parts to this quote that I want to break down.

1. Castles in the air = your vision

There are two parts to building your foundations under them:

2. Your 90-day focus
3. Your daily habits to support your 90-day focus.

So the three parts are:

1. Have a vision (castles in the air)
2. Set your 90-day focus on the Top 5 outcomes that have to happen to bring your vision to life.
3. Create daily habits to support your 90-day vision.

This is what Thoreau meant by build foundations under the castles.

No one ever broke that down to me in three steps, so I am sharing with you the outcome of 20 years of pondering that quote.

So, let’s put this wisdom into practice in your life.

Here’s what you need to focus on:

1. What is your big vision/dream for your life in the next 5 years? What is your business/career/vocation like? What is your romantic life like? Your health and wellness? Your family? Your money? Your impact? Your purpose?

2. What are the top 5 main things that have to happen to in the next 90 days to bring this vision to life?

3. What will your daily habits be to support these 5 outcomes in the next 90 days?

4. What do you need to start doing?

5. What do you need to stop doing?

Together, we can bring your vision to life.

Remember to get out there, take action and make it real!

Your biggest supporter,