Intuition… it’s perhaps one of the greatest assets available to you.

Following your intuition will pay off BIG TIME. And, not following it can result in some pretty painful lessons.

If you’ve ever said, “I KNEW it!” when you didn’t follow your intuition… you know what I’m talking about.

Here’s the 101 on intuition:

It’s free. It’s always there. And you don’t need more green juice or meditation to access it.

You can’t become “more” intuitive. You ARE intuitive. Just like you ARE a human being.

However, what you can do… is become more aligned with your intuition.

But… how?

Here are five steps to align with your intuition:

1. Stop seeking 100% clarity and needing a perfect plan. Embrace the unclear next step.

2. Start taking action that seems illogical or makes folks around you sometimes say… “What are you thinking?” When you follow your intuition… you’ll be able to say “I’m not thinking… I’m setting my overthinking aside and following my intuition.”

3. Be prepared for the path to be messy and scary. That’s a sign you’re doing it right.

4. Stop looking for an immediate financial payoff. Focus on the long game. You usually don’t get immediate short-term pay offs for following your intuition. In the moment it seems like a crazy idea. However, looking back 10 years… it’ll make total sense.

5. Stay faithful to your intuition, no matter what others say. It’s so easy to let the fear or insecurity of others throw us off our game and sideline us. Be stubborn in your decision to follow your intuition – and always keep kindness and compassion in your heart that doing so may upset others and do your best to love them and meet them where they are, without the need to stop following your intuition because it makes others uncomfortable.

Got it?

Now…. get still… listen and make the illogical, scary, messy, unclear choice… and don’t go back – no matter what others say.

That’s how you follow your intuition. And on the other side of doing it… pure magic.

Remember to get out there, take action and make your Purpose real!

Your biggest supporter,