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Love > Kale

It seems that Kale has taken over…

Kale juice… kale cookies… kale salad… kale t-shirts and even, yes… kale vodka.

I’ve consumed a lot of kale. I love alkalizing my body and feeding it healthy fiber and nutritious foods.

But let me be clear, eating kale does not make you spiritual. Neither does drinking green juice. Or going to yoga. Or wearing your Lululemons…

Spirituality is about two things:

Integrity + Intention

You have integrity when your intention matches your behavior.

Spirituality is a measure of how loving your intentions and actions are.

Lemme explain in this week’s Power & Purpose Coaching video.

Don’t get me wrong… I wear Lululemon shorts everyday, and 100% believe in taking total care of your body. And I love me some yoga.

But, if you want to be happy, if you want to feel connected, joyful and like your life matters… if you want to make a difference.. if you want to be seen… then we’ve got to go deeper.

Today, I’ll coach you about how. And down below, leave a comment and let me know… what’s one thing you can do today to align your intention to love (yourself and others) with your actions?


Love > Kale

Enjoy this coaching video and as always…

Get out there, take action and make it real!

Your biggest supporter,