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This is how to follow your heart.

Do you have a hard time telling the difference between your head and your Heart?

Or – maybe you’ve “followed your Heart” in the past and been hurt – and decided to never do that again.

Or maybe you think that following your Heart is just a cheesy Disney theme that doesn’t work in the “real world.”

The good news: you CAN talk to and listen to your Heart. And no – you don’t have to drink green juice or go gluten free to do it (though, doing those things will make you feel better). And when you truly listen to your Heart, you can never make a wrong choice.

Here’s the truth: you are a Divine being. You come from a Divine Place.

And that Place communicates with you through your Heart.

I know that sounds like a big claim, and it is. But, you can and will create a relationship with your Heart, which is connected to All That Is.

If this is new for you, no worries. I’ve been teaching my clients for years how to talk to their Hearts.

The benefits so far: weight loss, better relationships, promotions, businesses started, fears conquered, love found, etc.

Why? Because anything is possible when you listen to and follow your inner wisdom. Listening to your Heart takes your power back.

The process to talk to your heart is called Kipp Heart Therapy. I’ve taught KHT to single moms, millionaire CEO’s, spiritual seekers, teachers and best-selling authors. And, it works.

It works because it connects you back to your inner wisdom. You don’t need to seek approval from the outside world. The real wisdom you are seeking is with you.

Kipp Heart Therapy is powerful. 

Turn it into a practice. Do it daily. The more you do it, the more you can listen to your heart.

Oh, and in this week’s training video I will teach you the difference between really, truly following your heart and being codependent and putting yourself last. Because, in the past, when you’ve “followed your Heart” – that’s probably not what you’ve done. In fact, you’ve probably done just the opposite.

Make it a great week. And don’t forget to listen to your Heart.

Much love,


P.S. Here’s the link to the Kipp Heart Therapy meditation.

Everything that happens is a blessing.

When you start to play a bigger game and grow – fear can get out of hand, and you can end up sabotaging your own success.

Why does this happen?

Because right before you make major progress, you come up against all the parts of you that want to keep you safe, the same and stuck.

There is a part of you that wants you to stay the same. And there is another part of you that desires to grow, to become more, to give more and fulfill your God-given potential

And those two parts of you battle each other. Each day, if we are diligent, we will make small steps of progress towards our potential and leave the comfortable realm of our current circumstances.

One pattern that can derail your potential in no time is taking the results of your efforts personally. Meaning, if you tried a certain strategy and it didn’t work out, it’s vital not to decide that you are a bad or worthless person and give up the attempt to try.

Do not assign your self-worth as a person to the outcomes of your actions. Outcomes are just that – outcomes. And outcomes can change with new action. However, if you decide that an outcome you produced is the result of you being not worthy or not enough or a “bad” person, the chances of you being able to improve your circumstances goes down significantly.

At the same time, if you decide that you are special, more significant or better than other because of a good outcome that you created, then you put yourself on the path of destruction because you are feeding a false sense of your ego and you will be humbled by life.

The goal is to not take the outcomes personally, whether good or bad, but rather see everything that happens as a lesson and a blessing.

When you can see everything that happens in your life as a blessing, you are on the fast track to spiritual awakening.

Perhaps, all of it is Divine. The good. The bad. The in between. All is sent for your growth, your benefit, and your spiritual evolution.

Repeat after me, “I won’t take the outcomes I create personally. I am a worthy person and Soul in the eyes of my Creator, and I allow myself to learn the lessons I am meant to learn. I will not judge what happens as a reflection of my identity as a Soul…”

Ahhhhhhh, doesn’t that feel good?

Remember, you are not what happens to you, or the outcomes that you create. You are an Infinite Soul in a temporary human body who has been sent to learn lessons, grow and become more by giving back and improving the lives of others.

So be it. Amen.

Have a blessed day, my friend. Choose to see the lesson. Choose to let go of the shame, guilt, and fear and know that in this moment – you are loved.

Make it a great week,


Want soulful success? Do this.

You may notice that I’m in your inbox on a Friday. But you’ve only been getting emails from me on Monday and Wednesday.

So, why today?

We’ll – I’ve had so many conversations with folks who used to read the former incarnation of my blog called The Daily Love. They loved the daily emails. So, I’m upping the game to 3x per week.

A blog on Monday, a video on Wednesday and a blog again on Friday.

All free. All just for you. Fresh inspiration and motivation to bring your purpose to life.

Sound good? Read on.

Do you dream of reaching a higher level of existence? Maybe it’s greater success; maybe it’s greater abundance, love, peace, health, energy or purpose.

No matter what you dream of – getting to that level of soulful success requires one action, that perhaps, is the most courageous thing you can do.

What’s what?

The act of letting go.

Jenna and I recently had a deep experience of letting go. We moved to a new city.

We moved to find stillness. To slow down. To find peace.

Sounds good, right?

Well, here’s the thing about letting go – to use a scientific term, the art of letting go is the same thing as creating a vacuum in your life.

Websters defines a vacuum as: the emptiness of space.

And, let’s be honest. Space can be scary.

Why? Well, our fearful mind chatter will say that only bad things will fill that space. We start to future trip the worst case scenario and fear it with all our heart.

But, here’s the thing. Every expansion is life is preceded by a vacuum. Meaning, if you want to grow, you’ve got to create space for a new life to be born.  

But, we fear the emptiness of space because we are looking to the future through the lens of the past. Not a good thing.

We’ve got to have the courage to create a vacuum and then choose to fill that vacuum with our vision. And allowing the energy of the Universe to pull us into new and uncharted territories.

What if the best case scenario was ahead of you, not the worst? What if you’ve feared the vacuum when it would be wiser to celebrate the vacuum.

As for me, I’m loving the vacuum we’ve created by moving. There is new energy, a new perspective, a new life starting to form and I couldn’t be happier.

I resisted moving for a long while, and now that I’m here – I’m wondering what all the fuss was about? That fearful mind chatter sure didn’t know what it was talking about.

It’s a new day, and I’m thrilled.

Now – over to you. What vacuum are you ready to create in your life?

Hint: it should kind of scare you.

And: you already know.

It’s time to make room for new life. Are you ready?

Have a great weekend,


How to find someone who loves you as much as you love them.

I just got back home from a trip to Seattle for the Hay House I Can Do It Seminar.

And I was gone over Valentine’s Day and I missed Jenna something fierce. It got me thinking about love.

Do you ever wonder how to get someone to love you as much as you love them?

Unrequited love.

We’ve all been there. You open your heart. You let them in.

And BOOM – you get nothing back.

I’ve been there – that was most of my 20s. Just trying to find someone who loved me as much as I loved them. When your sensitive, open and on the spiritual path it can be hard to find a romantic partner or friends who are on the same page.

You’re scared to open up. You’re scared to get hurt, again.

Don’t give up.

Watch this week’s coaching video instead.

There’s nothing more that I want for you than to have truly rich, fulfilling relationships – both in your romantic life as well as with friends.

We are relational beings; we love to share our successes and failures with those we love most. If you’re like me, wearing your heart on your sleeve can be a tough road.

But, if you practice this skill – it’ll turn everything around.

Don’t give up. And whatever you do, don’t turn bitter or become a skeptic. There is great love, passion, connection, and friendship out there.

All you’ve got to do is this, and it will start to flow to you in the most perfect of ways.

After you’ve watched this week’s episode, leave a comment below and let me know how you are going to apply this week’s lesson. When you engage, declare it out loud and participate, life changes faster. And – there is so much support, love and community on the blog.

Also, if you’ve ever ended the unrequited love streak in your life, hit up the comments and let us know how you did it.

Together, we can grow into who we’re meant to be.

To check out my whole Bonus Package, click here.



Are you living a shadow career?

I’m just back from a sold out Hay House workshop in Seattle. It was a blast! I never feel more on purpose than when I am leading seminars.

I’ve been rereading Steven Pressfield’s newest book Turning Pro.

It’s a follow-up to his AMAZING book The War of Art.

In this book, Pressfield talks about “shadow” careers. That is to say, things we do that are not our true calling. We get a lot of certainty out of our shadow careers, but not true fulfillment. Imagine the artist who chose the corporate route instead. Or the writer who chose to be an attorney. Or the healer who chose to become an insurance agent. Or the entrepreneur who took the 9 to 5 because it was a more certain path.

The shadow career is a false expression of who we really are. It’s what I’ll call our “fate.” That is to say – the way our life will turn out based on the circumstances of our life from birth. Fate is letting your life be defined by your conditions and by fear.

Fate is not destiny. Destiny is something you create. Destiny has a calling to it. And a beckoning out into the unknown. Our job in life – if we want to be happy, is to step into our destiny, into our calling.

For a long time in my life, I knew I was a writer. I was creative. I had creative dreams. But what did I do? I went into the service of others as a manager in the music business. And I created so much anxiety and unexpressed creative energy that I almost killed myself with drugs trying to cover it up. It was only through an act of GRACE that I was saved from my fate.

And I’ve been on my destiny path for a few years now. It started out terrifying. And it’s still scary, but not as much.

Part of living your destiny and not your shadow career is being able to LIVE in and with uncertainty. It’s about trusting The Uni-verse to have your back. It’s about realizing you have a gift, and your job is to GIVE that gift to the world. It’s about doing what’s right, rather than what’s easy. It’s about turning PRO and showing up – whether you are inspired or not.

Are you living in your shadow career? Are you bound by fate or creating your destiny?

Think about it and let me know.

Make it a great week,


Just surrender.

What do you do when there’s nothing left to do?

Surrender. I don’t know about you, but January was a month that was butt kicking. So, I’m deciding to start my year over as of February 1st, you with me?

Jenna and I just moved, so between that and running a business and travel, it’s been a hectic month.

My word for today: surrender.

Surrender is an important tool in your personal growth tool belt. At the end of the day, we can try, argue and fight – but we must surrender. Surrender is not the same thing as giving up. It’s about giving into your greater destiny, calling and purpose.

This is a powerful concept because many times we think we have to go it alone. Or that we have to have all the answers. But that’s not the case. You never walk alone, and it’s important to leave space for greater guidance to come into your life.

Once you’ve watched this episode, leave a comment and let me know who or what you are going to surrender today. And – if you’ve had success in this area leave a comment to let us know how you did it.

Together, we can grow into who we are meant to me.



The challenge of the modern day woman.

In a recent PEW Study, “A record 40% of all households with children under the age of 18 include mothers who are either the sole or primary source of income for the family, according to a new Pew Research Center analysis of data from the U.S. Census Bureau. The share was just 11% in 1960.”

This is BIG news for women. Our community is 93% women, so this is GREAT news for all of us today. This is something to celebrate.

It’s amazing that just over 50 years ago, only 11% of household earners were women. Now it’s quadrupled to 40%!  It’s no surprise to you or me that the women of today are more empowered, kicking butt financially and also really starting to show us men how to do things.

If you’ve been paying attention at all to what’s happening today, the dawn of women’s empowerment is here and here to stay.

But, what’s fascinating is the second stat that the PEW Study found out:  “These ‘breadwinner moms’ are made up of two very different groups: 5.1 million (37%) are married mothers who have a higher income than their husbands, and 8.6 million (63%) are single mothers.”

Hold up. 63% of these amazing women are single.

So. Not only are women kicking butt today, they are doing it without a man.

This is a new world that we live in. There are many benefits to this new world. I believe that the feminine has been so suppressed for so long, that the rise of the power woman in today’s world is a necessary part of mankind’s evolution to a more evolved and loving world.

The masculine running wild is not a good thing, and for far too long over the course of human history, the beauty, power and flow of the feminine has been kept down.

There’s just ONE thing that I want to point out.

As awesome as it is that women are kicking butt, and as much as you and I both know that by these stats they certainly don’t need any help from a man – I’m curious, how many of these women are truly fulfilled?

Many women from our generation were raised to believe that they don’t need a man. And by these recent stats, it seems that this belief is correct.

Or is it?

One of the things that’s happened as a result of the newly empowered woman, is that many, many, many women I know and have come into contact with have started to believe that being powerful means just being masculine and suppressing their feminine side.

Now, we all have masculine and feminine energy. And of course women can rock it at work and earn. This is now the new norm.

But, when it comes to ultimate fulfillment at home and in matters of the heart, there is massive gender confusion.

What is rewarded in the modern day women at work – that masculine powerful energy – which allows her to have financial power and freedom, will not work in a relationship with a masculine man.

This problem is pervasive. Women who crave a masculine partner are being rewarded for masculine behaviour in the workplace nad punished for it in their relationships.

I see it every day. POWERFUL and I mean POWERFUL women that inspire the heck out of me, but are so POWERFULLY MASCULINE that they are single and can’t figure out why. The masculine mask keeps them from getting their feminine needs met.

Just because being masculine at work rewards you with financial power does not mean that this same energy will reward you with Love in a relationship with a masculine partner.

For the women’s empowerment movement to come to fruition, there is a slight adjustment that has to occur.

Women must remember that being feminine and free is not weak. Vulnerability and intuition is not weak. And even though they don’t “need” a man, wow – wouldn’t it be great to have one anyway?

We are built for relationship. Connection. Partnership. Not because the other person “completes us” but because we all yearn to share this life with a person, we love and who love us.

I’m not saying there is anything wrong with the single, empowered female. I am the first one to be cheering them on from here. And I also know that we are creatures built for relationship and no amount of power or money can replace or fulfill the heart.

The power of feminine energy far surpasses the power of the masculine. The flow, the intuition, the beauty are necessary parts of life.

My great hope is that as the women of today become more and more empowered, and continue to outearn and outperform many of the men of our time, that they remember that they can be the warrior at work, but if they truly want their king – they must transform into their feminine essence at home.

This is the new challenge of the modern day woman. And I am here FULLY to support this cause.

To all the powerful ladies out there, stay powerful, stay amazing and stay vulnerable – trust me, it looks GREAT on you!

To your empowered Self both masculine and feminine!

All my LOVE,