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This was hard to write for you.

It’s Saturday… and in the States, we have Monday off… I love long weekends; it’s all about getting caught up on sleep and centering myself back into my core. I looooove long weekends, and I love sleeping in.

So, today, I wanted to share a part of my journey with you. It’s been something that I’ve been working on for a long time now. And that is my health and wellbeing journey.

Before I get into today’s blog, if you live in the Denver area, I’m coming to see you on my Unstuck Tour next Saturday – June 4th – click here to RSVP.

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Are you selfish for wanting to be happy?

It’s Wednesday!

Before you know it, the weekend will be here, and so will June! And summer is comin’!

I want you to be happy this summer. Not just happy for those around you, but happy because you are doing what you love. That’s what this week’s Power & Purpose video are all about.

Before I get into this week’s coaching video, I wanted to let you know that my last Unstuck tour date is in Denver on June 4th. Tickets are going fast. Wanna come see me live for just $49?

>Click here to RSVP.

The Unstuck Seminar is a 4 hour deep dive into your Soul that will be a jumpstart to getting you back on track. You don’t want to miss this.

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How to make peace with your inner critic.

Can we be real?

Do you ever get down on yourself? And by down on yourself I mean… you say things to yourself that you would never say to your worst enemy.

I know I have. Sometimes, I can be the person who is the meanest to me. 

We can think that the critics of the world have mean stuff to say – but I think it’s the inner critic that says to worst stuff about us.

Why? It’s a defense mechanism. It’s a story we tell ourselves to prevent our greatness and our purpose. Our inner critic keeps us in jobs we hate, relationships that are toxic and earning less income that our potential.

Many times it’s not the world “out there” that stops us, but the world “in here” – that inner self talk can crush your dreams, stop your purpose and make you withdrawal into a smaller version of your life than you intended.

But, there’s a way out. 

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Greater things are ahead…

Happy, Happy Friday!

Are you going through Divine Storm?

A Divine wha?

A Divine Storm, as I call them, are moments in your life when you feel like life/The Divine/The Universe is against you. Nothing is going well.

You question everything and maybe even say something like “Why is this happening to me?”

What I’ve come to find, is that moments like this are powerful opportunities to grow. Divine Storms are wake up calls. They are not ushering in the end, but rather clearing space for what’s trying to be born in your life.

But – we tend to interrupt the process. We hang on to how it was and fear how it could be. And perhaps we slip into assuming the worst, instead of preparing for a miracle.

You see, when you go through a crisis, a hard time, a moment of pain – there is always, and I do mean always, a breakthrough on the other side.

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Three key mindset shifts to become a successful heart centered entrepreneur.

Can we have an honest conversation today about something that might make you uncomfortable? The best transformation comes from uncomfortable topics. And diving deep.

I don’t like to mess around. I’m blunt. And I’m a fierce supporter of your dreams. Let’s get a little uncomfortable today so that you can grow and really start kicking ass in your purpose.

Cool? Cool.

So let’s talk about money. And you getting more of it in exchange for your talents and gifts.

Do you feel a calling to impact the lives of others? Maybe you don’t know exactly what it is, or maybe you have an idea – but you aren’t quite sure how to line up the money part.

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How to build soul to soul relationships.


First, I want to thank you for playing full out over the last month. It’s been AWESOME bringing you the Claim Your Power program! We blew through our expectations and goals for the program, and I can’t wait for it to start next week!

I’m on cloud nine today and loving you so much!!

Today – I wanna talk to you about how to build soul relationships.

AND – I’m happy to announce that my weekly coaching video series has a new name – Power & Purpose.

It’ll be weekly coaching videos and soon a brand new podcast – so that you can get all my training to bring your purpose to life in that format too!

More Mastin = a better life.

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