It’s Wednesday!

Before you know it, the weekend will be here, and so will June! And summer is comin’!

I want you to be happy this summer. Not just happy for those around you, but happy because you are doing what you love. That’s what this week’s Power & Purpose video are all about.

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Speaking of getting back on track – today’s Power & Purpose TV is all about talking to the fearful part of you that is the first person to support other people’s happiness – and at the same time, be against your own happiness.

I know that sounds odd – who would ever be against their own happiness?

Well – we do it.  All the time.

It’s a noble thing to want others in your life to be happy. I applaud you for it. But, this behavior can go overboard.

You can actually hide from your hopes, dreams and purpose by focusing on helping others with theirs.

I spent most of my career in Hollywood as a music manager, who helped other people achieve their dreams. And I was good at it. When I started my old blog – The Daily Love – that platform was largely focused on helping other people succeed.

Now, with the switch over to a career with me at the forefront, I’ve found it harder to get going. It’s almost like there’s something stopping me.

For a few months, I wasn’t sure what it was… and then I realized that a part of me was scared to be bold about the new direction of my career. A part of me believed that I wouldn’t be supported without all the hundreds of other bloggers around me to support me and lift me up.

And so, I called BS on myself. Woke myself up. And decided to put myself out there boldly, even though a part of me was scared and resistant to it.

The results? By choosing to be happy, by focusing on my purpose – the business grew, and my whole life blossomed. My relationships got better. My health is improving. And, the evidence is insurmountable that I am supported in this new direction.

And the same is true for you.

Life, God, The Universe, Spirit, wants to support the real you. You were perfectly made. When you bend to making others happy only, you miss out on your own amazing spark and unique gifts.

No more. Cool? Today’s the day that ends.

Remember, it’s great to help others find happiness – just make sure not to lose yourself in the process. When you are filled up – you can help others EVEN MORE. And I wish this for you. With all my heart.

NEXT ACTION: leave a comment – what specific action are you going to take to fulfill your own hopes, dreams, and desires today – and how will this allow you to give even more to those you love and care about? Leave a comment and let me know.

Remember to get out there, take action & make it real!

Your biggest cheerleader,


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[Begin transcript]
Hello and welcome to Power & Purpose TV! I’m Mastin Kipp, your host. We’re coming to you from Lumeria-Maui, one of my favorite places in the whole world! And today I want to answer a question for you: Is it selfish of you to want to be happy?

I get this question all the time. I get this question from parents, from people in relationships, from people in jobs, from people who don’t have jobs, from all kinds of people who are wondering is it selfish for me to be happy?

And the reason why we think this is because usually we give and we give and we give and we give and we give, and we think I have to make my child happy or I have to make my partner happy or I have to make my boss happy or I have to make somebody else happy or my family happy, and at some point we’ve just given so much that we’re empty.

It can be scary to set a boundary. It can be scary to want to do what you love.
And so we ask this question, is it selfish of me to want to be happy, because part of us thinks it is selfish to be happy. And here’s why we think that. If we admit that we want to be happy, then we have to have the courage to change our life. And that is a scary thing.

So instead of asking is it selfish for you to be happy, here’s a different question that I want you to ask: What type of example do you want to set for those that you love, for your loved ones, for your children and for the world? Who do you want to be as a result of being happy?

Because here’s the thing, it requires courage to set boundaries.

And you’re not a bad parent if you want to set a boundary with your child. Here’s the thing, if you’re a parent and you want to be happy, who you are is who your children pays attention to. Not what you say. We know this, right? I’ve talked to thousands of parents. Every single one of them will tell you children pay attention to what you DO, not what you say. So it’s really not who you’re being in the world.

So, who do you want to be for those you love? Who do you want to be for that person you’re in a relationship with? Who do you want to be when you show up for work? Who do you want to be as a parent?

We have to understand that it’s okay to set boundaries. It’s okay to want to be happy. It’s not selfish. If you’ve been giving and giving and giving to so many people that you feel resentful, that’s not who you want to be in those relationships. You don’t want to be a resentful parent or a resentful partner or a resentful employee or boss or business owner. You don’t want to be that for your team. 

So we have to start to take courageous action to find out what makes us happy and to make sure that if we’re all the way over here giving, we don’t want to swing all the way over here where we go from that codependent place into that narcissist place where it’s only about us. But we have to recognize that if we truly want to make other people’s lives better, if we want to make our children’s’ lives better, if we want to improve the lives of other people, then it is up to us to fill up our cup with what makes us happy.

And it can be something so simple as going to a yoga class or just having time in the morning to journal, time for yourself to clear your calendar. If you have a full calendar, it’s okay to set some boundaries with your calendar and to make sure that what’s on your calendar is stuff that YOU want to do. There’s nothing wrong with that.

So is it selfish to want to be happy? No, it’s necessary because when you are more fulfilled, when you are doing the things that you love, when you can give from that place of overflow, you are a better parent, you’re a better lover, you’re a better friend, you’re a better employee, you’re a better boss, you’re a better business owner, you’re just a more authentic, loving, heart-centered version of yourself.

Now we have to talk about why is it scary for you to want to change? Who do you feel like you’re going to let down? You’ve been letting yourself down for awhile now. So is it okay to temporarily disappoint others so that you can be happy? And I think the answer is yes.

That’s not a selfish thing. But it is a courageous thing. I’m not saying you want to make other people mad or just be fully selfish, but it’s okay to set boundaries. And you’re not going to let other people down, and guess what, they’re not going to die. I promise! If you set a boundary, the other people in your life are not going to die and neither will you.

So, in the comments below I want to know, how could you set some healthy boundaries? What would you love to do? In the morning or in the evening, with your time, with a free calendar, with a free schedule, on the weekends – what would you love to do that would fill you up to be a better parent, to be a better lover, to be a better friend, to be a better employee or boss or business owner? What would you love to do? And then claim in the comments below.

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And my request is if this video has been helpful for you to find the courage to really set boundaries and do what makes you happy and you know anybody else who would love this video, please feel free to send them this video. You can change their life with one click of a button. How cool would that be?

Alright! In the comments below let me know how you’re going to set boundaries and what you want to do that’s going to really make you happy and fill you up. And most importantly and as always, remember to get out there, take action and make it real. I’ll see you next week!
[End transcript]