Can we be real?

Do you ever get down on yourself? And by down on yourself I mean… you say things to yourself that you would never say to your worst enemy.

I know I have. Sometimes, I can be the person who is the meanest to me. 

We can think that the critics of the world have mean stuff to say – but I think it’s the inner critic that says to worst stuff about us.

Why? It’s a defense mechanism. It’s a story we tell ourselves to prevent our greatness and our purpose. Our inner critic keeps us in jobs we hate, relationships that are toxic and earning less income that our potential.

Many times it’s not the world “out there” that stops us, but the world “in here” – that inner self talk can crush your dreams, stop your purpose and make you withdrawal into a smaller version of your life than you intended.

But, there’s a way out. 

And it’s not through a bunch of meaningless affirmations that you say to yourself to get a temporary boost. Or a green juice. Or a pair of fancy yoga pants.

There’s a real – grounded way – the make peace with your inner critic.

Want to know how?

When you make peace with your inner critic – you step into confidence. 

Confidence gives you your power back. It unleashes your potential. It ups your ability to earn an abundant living, to have a career that you love – to be in the right relationship.

But, if you’re waiting for the world, or your circumstances to change first – you’ll just keep yourself stuck.

Unstuck yourself today.

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My deep intention for you today is to make peace with your inner critic. To unlock your God-given potential to rise and give us your gifts. To earn abundantly in a career that lights you up. To be the example of what’s possible for those that look up to you.

You don’t want to miss out on one more moment of your life. 

Each second is precious.

Do you want to spend your time letting your inner voice speak victory into your life – or defeat? The choice it yours.

Let me show you how to speak victory into your life today.

NEXT ACTION STEP: After you’ve watched this week’s Power & Purpose TV, let me know how you are planning to silence your inner critic – and what areas of your life you think that will improve.

Leave a comment.

Make it a great week – remember to get out there, take action & make it real!

Your biggest cheerleader,


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[Begin Transcript]

Hello! I’m Mastin Kipp, bestselling author and international retreat and seminar leader. Welcome to Power & Purpose TV. I’m coming to you today from Lumeria-Maui, one of my favorite places in the whole world, the island of Maui in Hawaii.

Today I want to talk to you about how to silence your inner critic. I don’t care who you are – you could be the most enlightened person in the world or you could be the most unenlightened person in the world – we all have this voice inside of our mind that says, “You’re not enough. You’ll never be enough. You’ll never amount to anything.”

The question is how do we make peace with that voice? Because that voice can be very loud and very powerful and unfortunately, it can hold you back from claiming your power and living in your purpose.

So, how do we silence the inner critic?

Well some people might tell you to ignore it, to push it away, to just say positive affirmations. And while all that stuff may be useful a little bit, what I believe is that there is a part of you, that inner critic that needs love, it needs attention. The negative emotions, the negative inner self-talk that we hear is not something that we want to avoid or make wrong or push down because we know this: what we resist persists. And so, if we resist our inner critic, if we push it away or we just try to say positive affirmations, then we’re not acknowledging a part of ourselves that’s asking for attention.

When you feel like you’re not enough, when you feel like gosh, something must be wrong with me, go to that part of yourself, love that part of yourself, understand why it’s there. And when you can make peace with your inner critic is when you can accept it. Not accept what it’s saying and agree with it, but accept that there’s a part of you that feels sad, there’s a part of you that feels like you’re not enough, or there’s a part of you that is scared for this next level.

And I can tell you I’m here in Maui and I’ve led many, many retreats here at Lumeria-Maui and there are plenty of times where my inner critic says, “Who are you to rent this place out? Who are you to teach all of these people? What are you to…” whatever it might be, fill in the blank. And so that voice is always there. 

And there’s always that part of us that needs that love, that needs that attention and usually what we need to remember is one of the reasons why we feel like we’re not enough is because I believe on our own we aren’t enough. 

That’s actually a true thing. We’ve got to connect back to a higher power or to God or to source or to Spirit. And when we connect back to our creator, when we connect back to a Higher power, then we connect back to a power that is more than enough.

And so many times when we feel like we’re not enough, it’s because we have let go of or felt separate from that Higher power. And on top of that, if we’re feeling like we’re not enough, we’re really in the story of ‘what’s wrong with me?’ and it’s a call to get out and serve, because when I’m serving people, when I’m really there lit up, giving my gift to the world, helping other people, I am not in  my own mind judging myself; I’m focused on who I’m serving.

Some of the best ways to silence the inner critic is to really ask some questions. Why are you here? Why do you feel like you’re not enough? Why are you feeling this way about yourself? And there will usually be some negative emotions in there that have to be felt, and there is probably a valid reason why you feel that way.

Joseph Campbell reminds us that “Every feeling fully felt is bliss.” Every feeling full felt is bliss. And so when we can go there we make peace with ourselves, we accept ourselves. My friend Robert Holden says “No amount of self-help will work without self-acceptance first.”  So that inner critic is really a call for self-acceptance, for self-love, and to recognize that it’s time for us to connect back to a Higher power. We may have forgotten to do that.

So we get on our yoga mat or we meditate or we pray or we go to nature, wherever we feel most connected. So we go to that place and then we focus on serving other people. And if we can accept ourselves as we are, know that when we feel like we’re not enough and can connect back to a Higher power and then serve other people, the inner critic voice will lessen. 

And I’m not saying it will go away. I don’t think it really ever goes away. There is always that self-doubt there, no matter who you are, how successful or how enlightened you are there is always that voice there. But if we can make peace with it, if we can understand there’s a reason that it’s there and it’s not a bad thing and we’re not bad people because we have this inner critic and there’s a call to connect to something larger than ourselves and to serve others, then we can come back on track faster. 

Instead of being knocked out for months or years, we can be knocked out for minutes or hours and then bring ourselves back. Because life is going to knock us around and we’ll go off track. But the question is, how fast can you course correct?

So this is really a training on how to course correct your mindset so that you can really get about the business of living your purpose.

That is my tip for today. Here is what I would love you to do. First, in the comments below does your inner critic come up? Please let me know. And then let me know, how are you going to accept it? What is it there to teach you?

 How are you going to connect back to a Higher power? And how are you going to serve other people? In the comment below please let me know.

Also, if you’re over on Facebook or over on YouTube, I’m going to invite you to come on over to All kinds of fun stuff is happening over there. You can get on our newsletter, email list, get all kinds of training that I don’t send out through all the social networks and stuff like that and I can be in your inbox on a more consistent basis.

And, if this video has been helpful for you, I would love, love, love it if you could pass it on to someone else who you think might need it. You never know – you could change their life with a click of a button.

This is Mastin Kipp coming to you from Maui. It’s been my pleasure to speak with you today. And as always, remember to get out there, take action and make it real. We’ll see you next week!
[End Transcript]