Do you have a hard time telling the difference between your head and your Heart?

Or – maybe you’ve “followed your Heart” in the past and been hurt – and decided to never do that again.

Or maybe you think that following your Heart is just a cheesy Disney theme that doesn’t work in the “real world.”

The good news: you CAN talk to and listen to your Heart. And no – you don’t have to drink green juice or go gluten free to do it (though, doing those things will make you feel better). And when you truly listen to your Heart, you can never make a wrong choice.

Here’s the truth: you are a Divine being. You come from a Divine Place.

And that Place communicates with you through your Heart.

I know that sounds like a big claim, and it is. But, you can and will create a relationship with your Heart, which is connected to All That Is.

If this is new for you, no worries. I’ve been teaching my clients for years how to talk to their Hearts.

The benefits so far: weight loss, better relationships, promotions, businesses started, fears conquered, love found, etc.

Why? Because anything is possible when you listen to and follow your inner wisdom. Listening to your Heart takes your power back.

The process to talk to your heart is called Kipp Heart Therapy. I’ve taught KHT to single moms, millionaire CEO’s, spiritual seekers, teachers and best-selling authors. And, it works.

It works because it connects you back to your inner wisdom. You don’t need to seek approval from the outside world. The real wisdom you are seeking is with you.

Kipp Heart Therapy is powerful. 

Turn it into a practice. Do it daily. The more you do it, the more you can listen to your heart.

Oh, and in this week’s training video I will teach you the difference between really, truly following your heart and being codependent and putting yourself last. Because, in the past, when you’ve “followed your Heart” – that’s probably not what you’ve done. In fact, you’ve probably done just the opposite.

Make it a great week. And don’t forget to listen to your Heart.

Much love,


P.S. Here’s the link to the Kipp Heart Therapy meditation.