Humans are funny creatures because we have conflicting desires – and these keep us stuck.

For example…

I want to start a business… but I also want more free time right away.

I want my life to change really fast for the better… but I don’t want to be overwhelmed.

I want to make money doing something that is purposeful and meaningful to me… but I don’t want to have to take any risks.

I want to change my life… but I don’t want to have to do anything that much different.

We all think and feel some version of these conflicting messages, and it keeps us stuck.

Today, I want to address the topic of “overwhelm” – which is a very common feeling many feel when trying to change/improve or upgrade their life.

The #1 rule of overwhelm is to expect it.
The #2 rule of overwhelm is to expect it.
And the #3 rule of overwhelm is to expect it.

However… you need to give it a different meaning, that’s what today’s video (a throw back to Daily Love TV) is all about.

One tip for you:

Do you know the true meaning of the word overwhelmed? Probably not. And the true meaning might surprise you.

The word is made up of two words “over” and “whelmed.”

The word “Whelm” comes from the Old English word “hwealf” which means “hollow”. Another root word of whelm comes from the Old English term “whelven” which means to “to turn a vessel upside down”.

So, when you look at the actual meaning of “Overwhelmed” – what we are saying is…. our lives are being hollowed out and turned upside down.

And I will add to that… FOR a GOOD PURPOSE.

Overwhelmed is a good thing.

And… if you look at the idea that it means “to turn a vessel upside down” – that points to the idea of an ocean or a wave.

So you can think of “overwhelm” in a new way…

From now on, when you are “overwhelmed” just imagine yourself riding a wave – and instead of fighting against it, hiding or complaining… learn to surf the wave, ride the wave, work with the wave.

A ship can only be capsized if it doesn’t ride the wave correctly. But, when you realize that you CAN ride the wave… and that this is happening FOR you and to TO you… that’s when you take your power back from the feeling of “overwhelm”.

Enjoy – and let me know what you think.

Remember to get out there, take action and make your Purpose real.

Your biggest supporter,