I want to give you a tip today that will allow you to achieve success with faster results.

Simple… yet powerful idea… ready?

For the past few months, I got caught up in one area of my life with a little bout of complaining. It was in my health. I was travelling and was having a hard time keeping up with my diet and sleep on the road. And… I knew it. And, I complained about it.

But wait, let me clarify before I go any further…

What’s the difference between a complaint and a declaration? Does not complaining mean turning a blind eye to the problem and being a “pollyanna”?

According to Webster’s there are three complaint definitions:

1. Expression of grief, pain, or dissatisfaction.

2. Something that is the cause or subject of protest or outcry.

3. A formal allegation against a party.

So – how do we make the leap from complaint to declaration?

Ken Blanchard, from his famous “One Minute Manager” sums it up nicely:

“If you can’t tell me what you’d like to be happening, you don’t have a problem yet. You’re just complaining. A problem only exists if there is a difference between what is actually happening and what you desire to be happening.”

And that’s the difference… right… there.

Webster’s defines a “declaring” as:

1. To make known as a determination.

2. To make clear

If you look at the word and it’s latin roots… delcare breaks down into “de” which translates into “thoroughly” and “clarus” which translates into “clear”.

So, to delcare something is to make your outcome thoroughly clear. 

The problem is… most of us aren’t sure what our outcome is and so we aren’t clear.

Here’s the bottomline. If all you do is look a the problem and make it bigger, you will always have something to complain about it.

I know that I did. I was complaining about the smallest and silliest things. About how airports didn’thave healthy food, and it was impossible to sleep on red-eyes, or that the mini-bar in the hotel fridge was always packed with sugar or that it was just “too” hard to eat cleanly on the road.

I wasn’t focused on outcome. And I forgot a core truth… there’s no such thing as a rich, wealthy, healthy and happy complainer.

There is so much to complain about in the world today. We can complain about the Government, Trump, the cold ass weather, going to our job that we hate or the state of the world. 

And when all we do is complain… well… we add to the very thing we dislike.

To switch is to go from simply complaining… to declaring how you desire it to be and then making that so. In your declaration, you do not discount what is wrong. You simply foocus on closing the gap between what is happening and how you desire it to be. 

So – here is my challenge for you. Should you choose to accept it, you will get faster results (you might also anger people you know… intimately). So, I want to warn you that this challenge is not for the faint of heart.

Join me in a 2 week (14 day) “no complaint” challenge. For two weeks, stop all complaining in what you say and what you think… when you find yourself complaining… bring it back and re-focus on closing the gap between what’s happening and how you desire it to be.

Make your outcomes thoroughly clear and then speak them into existence and align your actions with your words.

Let me know if you’re going to take me up on this challenge and tell me how it’s going. I’m going to want to hear about and see your progress for the next two weeks. And… notice, who in your life will easily complain with you? Might be time to take a step back and surround yourself with declarers, not complainers.

For me, my delcaration is that I am healthy, fit and strong. I exercise daily and eat foods that are aligned with my highest health and support my microbiome and that travelling is an opportunity for me to double down on my self-love and self-care. 

What’s yours?

Get out there, take action & make your purpose real!

It’s that time of year… the Holidays are winding down and the New Year isn’t quite here yet. It’s the in between.

And it’s natural this time of year to be reflective and start thinking about your goals and what you want to create in 2018. I know that’s what I’ve been doing.

2017 was a year of massive transformation for me, personally. It’s been about three years in the making… changing from “The Daily Love” guy… to doing what I do now, and I’ll tell you, it wasn’t easy to make the switch. Deep down, I always knew that I had something I wanted to contribute to the world, but it was scary to declare that, to own that… and then to claim it in the real world.

After The Daily Love blog became so successful, even mention by Oprah on Super Soul Sunday, I found it hard to let go of. But… the success wasn’t the real reason why it was hard to let go. The real reason was… it was easier to hide behind other people than to be the teacher, the coach and the person I was becoming.

The Daily Love blog had turned into high level coping and high level hiding. But, I had something else coming through me. It was what would become the Claim Your Power book and the process of Functional Life Coaching.

2017 was the year that both Claim Your Power and Functional Life Coaching were born, and me along with it. And that process has been a massive transformation.

I’ve come to believe that success isn’t about what I thought it was about. I used to think that success was doing what I wanted, when I wanted, where I wanted, as much as I wanted with whomever I wanted…

The big lesson for me in 2017 was that the true measure of success is how well you can heal your core trauma’s and then dedicate your life to being of service. Learning how to heal all the parts of myself that were still scared to be seen, still scared to be recognized, still scared to be rejected. While, at the same time, falling in love with the difference I was making and making my life more about helping others than it was about what I wanted.

What I wanted was to hide. To keep playing it safe. But what needed to happen was… I needed to step up, speak out and focus on serving other people with what my unique gifts were.

There was never a moment more sobering than that moment when Donal Trump became elected President. Not because of politics. But because I saw that Trump was a reflection of us. A reflection of our fear. A reflection of all the unhealed trauma’s of our country and our people.

My mission is to end emotional trauma in my lifetime. I don’t know if I’ll get there, but 2017 was the year that I delcared to myself, my Creator and life that I would not hide my gifts. I would not stay silent and I would not allow unhealed trauma to run amok without doing something about it.

That’s what Trump represents… he is the face of unhealed trauma. The unhealed trauma of the African Americans who ancestors were slaves that built this country and made a lot of rich white men… even richer. The unhealed trauma of the “Me, too” movement… where countless women and men have been assualted sexually and otherwise by people in power (a lot of them white men). The unhealed trauma of the Indigious People of the Americas who were pushed backed, killed and stole the land from as settlers.

And… the unhealed Truama that many white people still carry with them, which is the embedded shame they carry for our actions against so many marginalized people and the total fear that if a white person (ideally man) isn’t in charge, that we will fade into oblivion.

Trump is a sign of the times. A sign of the divide. A sign of the pain that we must heal as individual people, as familes, cities, states, a country and the world.

Trump is a wake up call. A call to listen to each other. To find common ground. To see how more alike we are than different. We must start to learn that we can only influence people that we listen to and try to understand… and dare I say LOVE.

All the pressures of the world, the unhealed trauma’s that are making their ways to the surface… demanded that I go all in. And that’s what I’ve done and what I will keep doing.

The reason why I’ve been silent on email and with the podcast is because I wasn’t sure what to do in today’s world.

Simply putting out more of the same content, without recognizing marginalized voices, without recognizing the struggle of so many today, without being able to talk about the elephan in the room… I wasn’t sure how to do it.

It’s taken some time, but I think I’m clear. You see, I am not “for” Republicans or Democrats. I am not for men or women. Black or white. All those things are just words we use to discuss and label our diffences.

What I’m “for” is one thing – the progress of the human spirit that dwellls within all of us. It’s in Democrats. Republicans. Men. Women. Black, white. We all have the same Spirit and the same Heart. And for all of us, that Spirit and that Heart is covered in unhealed trauma’s.

And we’ve gotten lost in the noise, forgetting who we are.

I had to find a way to reconcile in my mind how fast the landscape of our lives has changed and how to talk about it in a way that gets to the heart of the matters I care about, without choosing a side.

The only side I choose is truth. The only side I choose is freedom. The only side I choose to equality for all. The only side I choose is prosperity for all.

It took a lot of reflection and contemplation to get to this point. I’ve not been consistent because I haven’t had the words… I know that’s ironic for someone who is a professional speaker and author by trade.

But, these times are different. It’s a different context now. The same old stuff won’t work. And not talking about it… that won’t work either.

So, welcome back. I’m looking forward sharing more podcasts with you.

And… I am also looking forward to helping 2018 be the most abundant year of your life (so far). More on that later.

For now… Let me re-introduce myself.

My name is Mastin Kipp and I’m here to help you cut through the BS, get to the heart of the matter. Together, I’ll help you choose truth, choose freedom, choose quality for all and choose prosperity (this includes yourself). Together, we’ll work as a team to help you speak up for what matters most to you, to learn how to listen to those you disagree with and how to cut out all the distractions and heal all the unhealed traumas of your life that are keeping you stuck… and live a life of Purpose.

It’s nice to meet you.

Learning has been hard for me my whole life.

Right now, it’s fall and we are in full swing of school.

This time of year was always hard for me, because I immediately felt behind in school.

I didn’t learn as fast or the same way as the other kids, I thought I was dumb, slow or just not smart.

I had undiagnosed ADHD, dyslexia and multiple traumatic brain injuries at the time.

It was until much later (and dropping out of college) that I learned about my brain and why it was so hard for me to get through school, and part of the reason why I dropped out of college.

Today, I want to take the first step and share a little bit about my experience with ADHD/dyslexia and TBI’s.

And, I want to make you aware of an amazing resource that can help you or your child learn better and turn this disability into a gift.

If you are a parent or student or anyone who has learning disabilities, this is a must have resource.

>Click here to access this resource + hear my story about my learning disability.

This is not an ad or some kind of affiliate promotion.

I am thinking of all the parents and children who may not have the tools they need to identify and overcome a learning disability.

While I now see my ADHD/dyslexia and TBI’s as a gift, it sure didn’t feel that way back then.

Leave a comment here and let me know.

Do you or someone you know have a learning disability? How has it hurt you/them? How was it been a blessing and a gift?

Let me know in the comments.

I hope my story inspires you to take action, to have compassion and to use the tools.

Remember to get out there, take action and make it real.

The world is changing. And feminine power is on the rise.

I get it, I’m a 6’5 white guy from Kansas who grew up in the upper middle class.

Who am I to be talking about this? Well… I am the most unlikely person, but I’ve literally worked with tens of thousands of women and have a unique perspective as a man and a coach to offer up advice in this area.

One of the biggest breakthroughs women have when they work with me is being able to claim their feminine and make peace with a lot of guilt/shame/hurt/harm that has been associated with their inner beauty/sexuality/creativity and worthiness.

I get asked all the time… “Mastin, how can I live in my feminine from now on?”

That’s exactly what me and my friend (and Mama Glow rockstar/doula and fellow Super Soul 100 member) Latham Thomas discussed on the podcast.

>Click here to listen and check out it.


>Click here to grab her new book: Own Your Glow.

Latham is real, soulful and as a doula has an amazing perspective on how to operate from the feminine in a seemingly masculine world.

NOTE: Feminine/Masculine are energies, not gender. We talk more about this in the podcast.

With every life change comes fear.

And a big fear is that of having enough funds. We ask questions like..

How can I make a change in my life without going through a period of financial insecurity?

Given my current commitments, can I even find enough time to do this life changing stuff?

There is a pay gap between men and women, why do I get paid less for the same job?

I just can’t recklessly stop what I’m doing now… so…

How will I take care of my family/loved ones?

One of the biggest questions is…

How can I access enough money to be able to pursue my dreams?

I’ve seen thousands of people go though this cycle. And, there is a step-by-step process you can follow to make sure your dreams are funded and your loved ones are safe.

There’s five steps you can take to make sure your dreams are funded:

1. Go from an “employee” mindset to an “entrepreneur” mindset.

Instead of needing permission or thinking that your “time is money”. Realize that you don’t need a job… you just have to find a way to get financial resources to flow to you. Key to this? Look at a problem in the world you would love to solve and then start solving it. One of the big secrets of the entrepreneur mindset is that we know where there are problems, there is a business opportunity.

Look at your current expenses with a “bootstrap” mindset. Cut costs that don’t serve your new direction and invest in trainings and tools to help you get to your goals faster.

2. Set a first version realistic new income goal.

Most people don’t even have this, which makes the rest impossible. Know your first version goal. Sure, you want to make millions perhaps. But, what if you could start with $5 or $10k a month? Even an extra $2k a month, how would that change your life? If you don’t have a goal, you won’t hit it. You’ve got to get to $5,000 before you get to one million.

3. Build your Tribe by adding value (and sharing inspiration) consistently online.

It really is that simple. When you consistently share and help online, you are seen as an authority. It’s no different that what you’re already doing, except you share it online. You’re already good at helping others, now let’s put that to work in a new and more profitable way.

4. Small Numbers Create Big Profits – Apply the 99/1 rule to your income.

99% of the income you want to create will come from 1% (or less) of your “Tribe”. I applied the 99/1 rule when I was couch surfing and actually learned how to make $10,000 from just 15 – 20 people. You don’t need a lot of people to replace your income.

5. Invite your tribe to work with you.

The biggest barrier to most of our clients financial security is that they don’t invite their tribe to work with them. I know, crazy. Learn how to invite your tribe to work with you in a way that feels in integrity, that feels aligned with who you are and also feel really exciting and heartfelt to those you are extending an invitation to.

There are usually a bunch of mindset mistakes people make when they are just getting started.

– The think they can’t add value or inspire anyone.

– They think they have to have some big audience before they can make a dime.

– They think that these kinds of systems only apply to others, but not them.

– They think they have to have it perfectly figured out ahead of time.

– The think that they have to have some big fancy website that looks flashy, perfect and has all the bells and whistles.

– They think that their tribe and working with people will drain their energy.

– They don’t think it will last.

Know this…

– You have no idea how inspiring you already are.

– I made my first $10,000 from 15 people. We’ve had clients make $50,000 from less than that.

– You can apply this system to work for you…. it’s best not to do it alone.

– You can still be confused and not 100% clear and replace your income at the same time.

– I didn’t have a website when I started. And my first one was super ugly (major website shame).

– Working with others to improve their lives won’t drain you, it will give you energy.

– This can be your new life, for good.

Now… all you’ve got to do is put this plan into action.

You’ve got this. I’ve got you.

Together, we can make this a reality.

Remember to get out there, take action and make it real!

Life is a process of creation… whether or not you are aware of that fact does not matter.

And, because life IS creation and YOU are a part of LIFE, you are also a part of that creation… which means that you must be like what you came from… which means that YOU are creative.

Now, before you tell me why you think I’m wrong… pause for a moment and settle into the idea that YOU are a creative being.

It doesn’t mean that you are Basquiat or van Gogh… don’t think of it in a such an extreme way.

More it’s like this… Right now… you are creating your day.

Your beliefs form your emotions; your emotions form your thoughts and your thoughts form your behaviors.

Your beliefs, emotions, thoughts, and behaviors are filters through which you see the world.

When you hear a news report that you don’t like, when someone says something that you don’t like on social media… when you feel inspired, jealous, happy, sad, joyful or otherwise… here’s the big secret.

You are not experiencing LIFE in those moments… the thoughts, stories, emotions, and beliefs you are experiencing are YOU.

So, right now… what you are feeling is YOU.

And… you ARE creating your experience at this moment… and you are doing it consciously (meaning that you are aware of what you are creating) or unconsciously (meaning that you are unaware that you are creating this moment).

The goal of your life is to discover and reveal all the ways you are unaware of that add to your current experience of life.

This includes the stories, emotions, beliefs, etc. that are in you right now… forming this very moment.

If you have a pain in your body, doctors like to do Xrays or other forms of research to see what’s going on inside.

When this happens, they can determine the best next course of action.

And – doctors who are on the cutting edge, Functional Medicine doctors, not only look for “what’s wrong” but they are also focused on getting to the root cause of what’s wrong and fixing that.

You cannot fix an internal health problem with a symptoms-based approach alone.

You must take a root cause based approach so that you can get to the source of the problem.

As it is for your physical health, the same is true for your mental, emotional and spiritual health.

You don’t know if your body being overweight is because of a fatty liver or because you are in a soul-sucking job that keeps you stressed out going to town on sugary foods.

Or – maybe it’s both.

You are in a soul-sucking job, which causes stress, which causes you to eat sugary foods, which causes fatty liver.

So, the question becomes – why are you still in the job if it’s killing you?

If you aren’t in a soul-sucking job, then view what I am saying metaphorically.

Many times, we are in situations that we think are just related to our physical health, but as we are learning more and more each day, mental/emotional/physical and spiritual health are one in the same.

There is no separation.

So, consider today… that perhaps the deeper root cause of your stress, your stuckness, your tiredness, your problem… isn’t just physical/mental or emotional… maybe it’s also spiritual.

If you are not creating what you are meant to create each day… that is a spiritual crisis… which leads to repression… which leads to depression… which leads to all kinds of other issues.

So, today… I’m asking you are very simple question as a “second opinion”…

Are there any gifts, creations, ideas, inspirations or projects that you’ve been wanting to do for a long while now that you aren’t expressing?

If so, let me know what they are.

And… when would NOW be the right time to get started on this project? (ahem…. NOW).

What would be your first action step to get going?

Let me know.

You are a creative being, born from creation itself… who has come here to give us something special, unique and that can only come through you.

Don’t give up to the project… give in to your vision and get busy bringing it forward….

And – if you aren’t 100% sure what it is… that’s okay… just take the next step… and the next step after that… Just focus on today… and your next step…

How do you eat a whole field of Kale?

One bite at a time.. Take one step… one bite today.

Remember to get out there, take action and make it real!

I must say, I am very concerned that Mercury went into Retrograde today.

And you should be, too.

Why? Because until Mercury goes “direct” on December 23rd millions of people are going to give their power away to a planet that is 48 million miles away and completely ignore the power they have right here, not only on Earth, but within themselves to live an awesome life.

Just look at some off the news headlines getting you ready for a scary and traumatizing December… like this one getting you ready to “cope” with it…

Or these two talking about how it will “mess” something “up” or that you should get your shopping done before hand…

Here’s the thing – worrying is a wasted emotion for the most part.

Why? Because we worry about things we cannot control causing negative consequences in our lives.

Here are some things you cannot control: Donal Trump’s Twitter account, Mercury going into Retrograde, your family, other people’s emotions/thoughts about you, the Stock Market, the price of Bitcoin, the Russian Investigation… your cat.

Heck… you can’t even control your hair.

Human beings are very susceptible to superstitions…

Rare is it someone who will say “Mercury is in Retrograde… but I AM NOT”.

Frankly, it doesn’t matter.

How are you responding?

It doesn’t matter what the President is doing….

How are you responding?

It doesn’t matter what Bitcoin is doing…

How are you responding?

I am sending you a warning today to decide NOT to buy into the collective superstition that Mercury in Retrograde will mess up your life or break your tech.

My tech breaks all the time, not just during Mercury in Retrograde.

Don’t give your power away to something outside yourself.

In my book, Claim Your Power, I write about the Anatomy of Transformation… 5 internal layers that you can control that determines that quality of your life…

Behavior, Thoughts, Emotions, Beliefs and your OI.

YOU and only YOU decide what this life means and how you will interpret the eventsof your life.

There is no meaning to life or Mercury in Retrograde unless YOU give it meaning.

That’s how powerful you are.

Be less concerned with a planet 48 millions miles away and more concerned with your own ability to choose right here in your own body.

So…. say it with me loud and proud…

Mercury is in Retrograde… BUT I AM NOT!

Make it a great day!

Big topic today.

(And a few cuss words, so be warned…)

I read an email from Tonya W. who said:

“I’ve been following you for a while now, and your messages & content have always been super real & resonated with me on a deep level. But the thought of actually emailing you never crossed my mind.

I suppose I have an inferiority issue (he’s so busy & well-known he’ll never reply), but I decided to say fuck it today.

Emails from you have literally been exactly what I’ve been dealing with.

My deadly 3:

1) Opioid addiction

2) Abuse

3) Comparison & not good enough.

I just decided to surrender & take the synchronicity & run with it!”

Tonya goes on to ask a really powerful question:

“Is it possible to help others while YOU, yourself are still healing? I’d love to coach. Help others with addiction & empowerment. I’ve had coaches, but it was difficult when none could ‘relate’ or sometimes even empathize with what I’ve been through. I guess really; I’d just love to hear your thoughts. I really value your opinion!”

So, first things first, Tonya… this is really me… I really read your email, and this is NOT an April Fool’s joke.

This email is for you.

I should also share that Tonya mentioned she is clean and sober and our of a toxic relationship now for five years.

And second – congrats! Sobriety is the #1 most important thing.

Keep working your program and keep doing all the things that got you here, still one day at a time.

I’m so happy you’re sober Tonya.

And, let’s dive into your question.

What I love about this question is that it is full of integrity.

The idea that I must be healed before I heal others is true.

However, we must define “healed.”

My hunch is that what you meant was…

“Must I be FULLY healed before I can help others…? Is there a perfect amount of healing where I will be “enough” to actually coach?”

The answer is… no.

I would suggest banning the thoughts of “fully,” “totally” and “completely” from your mind.

This thinking seems like it’s a high standard, but it’s actually perfectionism in disguise.

I think it’s a very righteous thing that you want to do a great job for your future clients and make sure that you do right by them.

However, the arrival point you are asking about does not exist.

When you are one day sober, you have one day more than the addict who is still suffering. Part of the 12 Step Program is to help others and be of service.

And, I would much rather you extend a helping hand to someone who needs it, who isn’t sober yet, but needs that hope, than to wait.

You see, as you make progress, think of yourself on a continuum. The people “ahead” of you are your mentors, and the people “behind” you are your clients.

What I mean is this…

You always have a chance to serve.

There is always an opportunity to help others.

Don’t wait until you feel “enough” because we never quite get there.

In fact, when you serve others, that is how you expedite your own healing.

One of the most amazing things about doing what I do is that I get to learn from my clients, I get to grow.

When you step into serving others in the way that you are asking about… your work, your business is also your therapy.

I think it’s amazing that you’ve sought out mentors Tonya.

No one does it alone.

When you mentioned that you didn’t feel like you could relate to certain coaches, that’s okay.

There are plenty of teachers and plenty of clients.

There is more than enough to go around.

You are getting clearer and clearer on the values you have as a client, and this is helping you get clear on the values you will have as a coach.

The trauma that you’ve been through is a big deal.

And, what’s an even bigger deal and super powerful is that you are choosing to turn that trauma into power, that hurt into service and you have a strong desire to serve others.

What’s even more powerful is that the trauma that you’ve been through has given you empathy and a certain understanding about what it feels like to go through what you went through.

This makes you especially qualified to serve others who have been through what you’ve been through.

Your experience, your strength, your resilience and your results are enough to help someone else right now.

Don’t wait. People are in pain. People need your help.

And it’s not always obvious.

Many times the people who are in the most pain suffer quietly and never share what’s going on on the inside.

I recently had a colleague of mine take her life. It shook our community.

You never know what people are going through, even someone who you think has it all together.

Your desire to be a coach is rooted in the desire to serve others.

Follow that desire and keep your eyes peeled for who God sends you each day to serve.

When you focus on serving others, you will have more than enough confidence to help them.

And… keep your education going. Invest in yourself.

The best coaches have a coach. The best coaches have a mentor.

Keep sober. Keep doing the work. Keep serving others.

Education is important.

But you don’t need any more education to start making your difference right now.

So, start now. And keep growing.

The world needs you, Tonya.

I’m so proud of you.

Chances are… when it comes to your dreams, you’re most likely getting in your own way. The right mindset changes everything.


Cuz’ when you have the right success mindset – that means your behaviors line up with your goals.

But, even high performers get their mindset messed up.

Why is this a bad thing?

Your life doesn’t flow. Dreams get put on hold. Doors close. Opportunity stops knocking. And – worst of all…

The limitations of your past become the possibilities for your future.

Not good.

So, if you want to end financial fear, if you want to quit the soul sucking job… or grow your business… you be in a soulmate relationship…

Get your` mind right.

Here’s five awesomely simple ays to turn failure into success:

1. Get Curious

Old thought: I can’t do this because…

New thought: I wonder what it takes to create…?

2. Start Small

Old thought: I have to do this all at once and don’t know where to start…

New thought: I can do this one small step at at time…

3. Be Specific

Old thought: I am going to love my body… (vague)

New thought: I am going to work out 5x a week, cut refined carbs and drink 1/2 an oz. of water per pound of body weight (specific)

4. Focus On Outcome

Old thought: I always self-sabotage because…. (discussing only the problem)

New thought: For this project to be done, it would look like… (with specific outcomes)

5. Dedicate Yourself to Life Time Mastery

Old thought: I’ve been doing this social media thing for a couple weeks and it’s not working. I’m not reaching enough people.

New thought: I’m going to master social media, always learn and it’s an honor to reach the people that I do now.

My advice to you is this:

Trade your limiting beliefs for curiosity…Turn major projects into micro steps…Turn unclear behaviours into clear action items…Turn vague visions into clear outcomes…Turn dabbling into a dedication to mastery…

When you do this – anything is possible.

Your purpose is counting on you to do this.

And when you apply what I’ve taught you here… you turn any failure into success.

And that’s awesome.

And you’re awesome.

Remember to get out there, take action and make it real!

Are you confused about what next step to take?

That is AWESOME. Here’s why.

Confusion is a symptom of three things:

1. The fear of trusting yourself

2. The lack of clarity about the road ahead.

3. New momentum in your life that was self-initiated.

If you’re not moving forward, you are in your comfort zone and won’t be confused.

So, if your confused, what does this mean?

It means YOU have decided to change your life (#3 above), and there is new forward momentum!

HOWEVER, moving forward means you are looking ahead into an unknown cloud of foggy uncertainty.

Because none of us know what’s next.

And, that would be FINE, but you probably don’t have a long history of trusting yourself.


Here’s the thing.

Your intuition has always been there. Always.

It’s just that the fear voice has been louder. And you’ve followed that fear voice before.

When you follow that fear voice, not your intuition… well… things just don’t work out.

So, you probably have a history of things not working out.

And thus, you may be assuming that if you try something *again*, that it won’t work out.

You’d be right… if you followed your fear voice.

But, that’s not what you’re going to do this time, is it?

This time… you are going to follow your still, small… intuitive voice.


Get still. Get very still. And listen until you hear it. Kundalini Yoga helps me hear my intuition. So does meditation. And… weirdly… getting a massage.

Anything you can do to relax that monkey mind of yours for a little while can help that intuitive voice speak through you.

You’ll feel it. In your body. It will feel “right.”

It’ll also be scary. But it will also be *correct*.

Now, when you follow that voice… things won’t go according to plan. Which is awesome.

Remember your mantra… Always for me… never to me.

Follow your intuitive voice this time. And stick with it 2x longer than you normally would.

Don’t give up. Surround yourself with positive people who can cheer you on.

Take a risk. Follow your intuition.

And pretty soon, that confusion will inevitably turn to rock solid clarity.

But, you’ve got to earn clarity with courageous, imperfect action.

Confusion precedes clarity.

The secret sauce that turns confusion into clarity is persistence and never-ending courageous imperfect action in the direction of your intuitive voice.

Trust yourself.

This time, things will work out greater than you could ever imagine.


Remember to get out there, take action and make it real!