“Our lives are not shaped by our conditions, but by our decisions.” – Tony Robbins

Last week I sent an you an email and asked you a question, which was..

“The world is…?”

And I got some incredible responses.

No doubt, the world seems more uncertain today than it ever has.

There is volatility and uncertainty out there; there is also limitless possibility.

The difference between what you experience is based on where you focus your attention.

The Survival Mind, if left unchecked, loves to focus on and obsess over problems.

If you want to, you can find all kinds of problems and make them real big.

If you want the recipe for chronic stress here it is:

Focus on what you can’t control and make it big, important and significant.

When you focus on what you can’t control and make it big, don’t be surprised if you find yourself restless, anxious and full of stress.

One thing I can control is to continuously learn and educate myself.

I try to read about 2-3 books a week (thanks 2x speed audiobooks!).

It’s my consistent education that is what keeps me informed and focused on what matters most. And helps me navigate uncertainty with Grace.

There is a book that I just read that I am JUMPING WITH JOY to tell you about.

I’ve read 21 books so far this year, and this one is worth your attention . (And it comes out in a few days.)

If you are feeling financial stress right now, you wouldn’t be alone in that struggle.

If you are thinking about starting a business, own a business or are working your butt off at a job, we all are working to create financial certainty.

But, the best practices of creating financial wealth are confusing.

There isn’t a playbook for how to create the financial certainty you need. And with all the uncertainty in the world, it’s so easy to feel powerless over our financial situation.

So, how do you produce certainty in uncertain times?

One word: anticipation.

My friend and Mentor Tony Robbins has a new book that I cannot recommend enough.

Think of it as your financial freedom playbook that will help you create peace of mind in a world of volatility.

If you are looking to produce more financial certainty in your life, this is the book for you.

This is your chance to improve your life, feed people in need and take care of those you love.

The ultimate success is financial freedom and emotional wealth, in his book UNSHAKEABLE – my friend Tony Robbins shows you how you can have both.

In the pages of UNSHAKEABLE, through plain English and inspiring stores, you’ll discover:

– How to put together a simple, actionable plan that will deliver true financial freedom.

– How a few simple steps can add a decade or more of additional retirement income by discovering what your 401(k) provider doesn’t want you to know.

– Strategies from the world’s top investors on how to protect yourself and your family and maximize profit from the inevitable crashes and corrections to come.

– The fastest way to put money back in your pocket: uncover the hidden fees and half truths of Wall Street—how the biggest firms keep you overpaying for underperformance.

– The core four principles that most of the world’s greatest financial minds utilize so that you can maximize upside and minimize the downside.

– Master the mind-set of true wealth and experience the fulfillment you deserve today.

UNSHAKEABLE is a must.

Read it. Implement it. Set yourself (and those you love) free.

Remember to get out there, take action and make it real!