“The greatest and most important problems of life are all fundamentally insoluble. They can never be solved but only outgrown.”

– Carl Jung

I love me some green juice.

Especially if it has a low sugar and high fiber content and is mega-alkaline.


Better cholesterol numbers. Reparing muscles. Digestion. Skin glow. Preventing disease.

Green juice can help improve your health in so many other well-documented ways.

I even have a fancy juicer called Juicero (that makes raw, cold-pressed juice at home, with no mess).

And, just this morning at about 5:30 am had my first green juice of the day.

So, I looooove me some green juice.

But, here’s the thing. Green juice is not enough.

Neither is wearing spiritual or religious garb. Or going to yoga. Or eating GMO-free food. Or going to see a healer. Or getting blessed by someone named “Baba” or “Ji” or “Saint,” etc. It’s not enough to use spiritual words.

It’s not enough to meditate. Or change your name to a spiritual name. It’s not enough to have a vision board. And it’s not enough to leave the outcome and destiny of your life up to “whatever happens, happens and is meant to be.”

And for the love of all things Holy… it’s not enough to blame MERCURY IN RETROGRADE!

If you want to make real progress, real growth and experience a life of true freedom… there’s one thing that we must do above all else to get there.

Ready? You aren’t going to like it.

But, it’ll be good for you.

And like Mary Poppins said, “A spoon full of sugar (or stevia) helps to medicine go down.”

So, before I tell you what it is… let me give you some sugar (or stevia).

Everything you really want is on the other side of this.

ALL the good stuff. All of it.

The love. The money. The recognition. The impact. The freedom. All of it.


You’ve got to become aware of emotions you’ve been ignoring, feel them and allow them to pass (without judgment or judgment of your judgment).

Then, they must be witnessed in a productive way by others (not the venting, misery loves company way), no.

They must be witnessed, validated and then released.

The goal is not merely to go from the repression of emotions to letting them out (and making yourself feel better at the cost of hurting others).

The goal is to, like any infestation, identify the root cause and then neutralize them.

And after neutralization, the goal is to turn all that negative energy into creative works of Love.

I am not suggesting you ignore your negative emotions.

No. We must bring them up.

But we must also allow them to pass over and through us without clinging to them. Only then will you be able to step into the life you want.

As much as I love me some alkaline, cold-pressed green juice, that green juice ain’t gunna do this for you.

Neither is your Astrologer. Or your life coach.

They can help you, but they are all guides pointing you within. You’ve got to do the darn work!

Choose mentors who help you get through this process and not linger on negative emotions for too long.

When we waste time repressing and looping negative emotions, we commit a slow form of suicide.

And, this kind of repression and blaming others is “normal”.

The world is where it is today because we are in an epidemic of repressed emotion that does not have a healthy and productive outlet.

So we vent on social media and blame the other side for an emotional reality that is self-created.

You can make the world a better place by doing your work, and then helping others do theirs.

There is a great, big, wide open future ahead for you. Don’t settle for the slow death of normal.

The true nature of the Universe is abundant, full of Love and ready to assist you to step into your unique greatness.

Notice your unfelt feelings. Let them pass without judgment. Share them in a sacred circle of a trusted tribe.

And then start taking action to turn this energy into creative acts of Love.

And remember to start with that Love aimed at you.

You deserve it, too.

You can choose to grow yourself up, mature the wounded (not broken) parts of you and to step into your unlimited potential.

Or, you can join the walking dead who are unconscious of their negative emotions, blame others for why they are there and never experience the AWE of their true Self.

Sound like a judgment?

It’s not.

This is fact.

If that sentence up there hit a nerve, good! It mean’s I’m speaking to the part of you that knows it’s true. Witness that emotion and see what happens when you don’t react to it, but instead let it pass.

What’s underneath it?

You don’t fear life. You fear emotions.

Love your emotions no matter where they are today. Let them pass. Share them with sacred intent. And then turn them into a force for good.

Each experience, each moment is a choice – am I going to heal or am I going to hold on to these negative emotions?

It’s never to late to make a new choice.

If you kind of like (even though you would never admit it) holding on to negative emotions, know this…

The cost of chronically hanging on to negative emotions is nothing short of your best life, your unique purpose and the abundance that you seek. It’s a slow death.

That’s quite a price to pay for an emotion you don’t even like feeling.

Today, let’s play a bigger game and let it go.

Your greatness is waiting.

Remember to get out there, take action and make it real!