This quote will set the tone for the blog today.

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” – ― Rumi

If I asked you to finish this sentence, what would you say?

“The world is…”

What would your honest answer be?

Some might say… going crazy, depressing, stressful, fearful, entering the end times…

Some others might say… exactly as it should be, a playground, at my finger tips, full of abundance.

The key is not to pick an answer that you think sounds the best or makes you feel the most holy.


The key is to answer honestly.

When you answer honestly, then you can also state the same thing about you.


If you would honestly say that the world is fearful. Or entering end times. Or full of abundance.

Well, then we can also state the same thing about you.

I feel fearful. I feel like I am entering the end times. I feel full of abundance.

In fact, most of how you see the world is actually what’s call “projection”.

Which means that how you experience people, places and things “out there” is actually a reflection of what’s going on “in here”.

Everyone is unaware of their unconscious feelings.

And, we tend to experience our unconscious feelings as if it were happening out in the world, instead of within our own beings.

Projection creates all kinds of problems. Blame. Wars. Falling outs. You name it.

And, if you aren’t honest about how you actually feel, well no amount of green juice, colonics, GMO-free food, fancy yoga pants, supplement, hormone balancing diets, probiotics, asanas, breathing techniques, meditations, online courses or self-help books can help you feel emotionally better.

Don’t get me wrong. All that stuff is important.

But it’s just more spiritual entertainment if you aren’t honest and disclose what’s really going on with you and dedicate your life to turning your wounds into power.

What’s true is that you have a natural teacher within you.

You are not seeking anything other than your own, wise, Self.

Great teachers always point you back inside yourself.

And they can help you get there faster, but they cannot do the work for you.

You’ve got to stop looking for Savior or someone to blame and be willing to take responsibility for the circumstances of your life.

Your Savior is within you. You are the CEO and President of your Heart, Mind, and Spirit.

And, you’ve got to get the emotions out. But the way that most people have been trained to get the emotions out is to just express them.

They think that expression is enough.

But, it’s not. In fact, just expressing negative emotions without taking conscious action to improve your life actually makes everything worse.


Because if you express them and don’t take conscious action to feel them, discover the root cause, heal them and then turn them into something positive and useful, then you are just reinforcing how crappy you feel.

And a funny thing happens.

When you like to express your negative emotions without taking action to heal the root cause, you tend to hang with folks who do the same thing.

This is why misery loves company.

You’ve got to feel it, express it, discover the root cause, healing and then let it go. The spiritual path is not meant to be the path of constant complaints about your negative emotions.


The spiritual path is a healing path.

One where you accept how you feel and know that it’s not who you are. One where you know that you have a higher Self that is your natural teacher. One where you discover the root cause of your negative emotions and heal it. And then you let it go.

What happens when you do this?


You heal all the limitations in your life.

And when you do that, you can truly live limitless.

Don’t assume that just because you’ve expressed a negative emotion that that is enough to heal it.

You’ve got to go deeper. And participate in your healing. And make the hurt and transform it into love.

All you need is within you now.

You have the wisdom. You have the ability to ask for help and find a mentor. You have the resilience.

You have the power. Claim it.

That’s how you actually change the world.

Make it a great weekend.

Remember to get out there, take action and make it real!