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I’ve been talking a lot lately about living your purpose and how important it is.


Because discovering your purpose and bringing it to life is the most important work of your life.

Abundance follows your purpose.

Love follows your purpose.

Success follows your purpose.

Financial security for your loved ones follows your purpose.

When you discover your purpose, you connect to a power and an idea larger than you… and your Purpose is the one thing that improves everything.

BUT – there’s one important distinction.

Bringing your purpose to life is not a logical process.

And, it’s not a process that you can 100% plan ahead for.

It’s a mystery. It’s a discovery process.

And, it’s a journey.

When you start to feel the stirring of your purpose calling you forward into your life, you are being called by an undiscovered part of yourself.

You are being asked to grow, to mature, to take responsibility for how you use your power and you are being asked to have even more faith in your Creator.

Perhaps the greatest leap you will need to take in your mindset is that as you bring your purpose to life… as you start to serve others and solve problems… you will be provided for.

If you just focus on serving others… falling in love with solving a problem you see in the world…

Then you will be provided for.

The greatest leap of faith your purpose is asking you to take is to surrender the neurotic desire to survive and place your survival into the hands of your Creator.

And… for YOU to keep your focus firmly on how you can help others.

Simply put… if you make it your focus to take care of God’s children… then God will take care of you.

Another way of saying this is… life supports what supports life.

You knew this was the true nature of reality when you were born… perhaps you didn’t have words for it.

Perhaps you didn’t know exactly how to phrase it… but a part of you knew that when you bring your purpose to life and focus on serving others… that you have earned effortless survival.

This isn’t to say that you don’t need to be mindful, smart and strategic.

But, I am saying that you can be confident that all your needs will be met – as you focus on serving others.

Also, remember… YOU are also a child of God… and so make sure to include taking care of yourself as you focus on taking care of God’s children.

You know you are close to the path of your purpose when your ideas for the next phase of your life don’t make logical sense… when you are being called to do something that you’ve never done before… when you have no idea what to do next.

Why are you called to a purpose that is outside of what you believe is your current skill set?

Caroline Myss has the perfect answer.

She says that we are called into new territory because it’s a pathway that does not have any scar tissue from the past on it.

Meaning… you do not have to do a significant amount of healing in the direction that you are being called in before you can be of service… you can get to work right away.

The more emotional weight you have… the longer you have to wait to get going.

So… trust your visions.. know that you are being called to a bright and beautiful new purpose and do your best to calm and surrender your fears each day… and focus on taking simple/small courageous action steps each day.

Surrender your fear…. and defend your intuition.

That’s the goal. Instead of surrendering your intuition and defending your fear.

God doesn’t call the qualified… all are called… but God does qualify the called… and that includes YOU.

YOU are being called to live your purpose, to make this world a better place and to step into a larger level of being that you are currently living.

The reward for taking this leap is abundance, love, success and taking care of your loved ones.

The price you must pay is the surrendering of your fear of survival and a focus on falling in love with solving the problems of the world.

From that place… no one… and nothing can touch you.

Remember to get out there, take action and make it real!