Are you confused about what next step to take?

That is AWESOME. Here’s why.

Confusion is a symptom of three things:

1. The fear of trusting yourself

2. The lack of clarity about the road ahead.

3. New momentum in your life that was self-initiated.

If you’re not moving forward, you are in your comfort zone and won’t be confused.

So, if your confused, what does this mean?

It means YOU have decided to change your life (#3 above), and there is new forward momentum!

HOWEVER, moving forward means you are looking ahead into an unknown cloud of foggy uncertainty.

Because none of us know what’s next.

And, that would be FINE, but you probably don’t have a long history of trusting yourself.


Here’s the thing.

Your intuition has always been there. Always.

It’s just that the fear voice has been louder. And you’ve followed that fear voice before.

When you follow that fear voice, not your intuition… well… things just don’t work out.

So, you probably have a history of things not working out.

And thus, you may be assuming that if you try something *again*, that it won’t work out.

You’d be right… if you followed your fear voice.

But, that’s not what you’re going to do this time, is it?

This time… you are going to follow your still, small… intuitive voice.


Get still. Get very still. And listen until you hear it. Kundalini Yoga helps me hear my intuition. So does meditation. And… weirdly… getting a massage.

Anything you can do to relax that monkey mind of yours for a little while can help that intuitive voice speak through you.

You’ll feel it. In your body. It will feel “right.”

It’ll also be scary. But it will also be *correct*.

Now, when you follow that voice… things won’t go according to plan. Which is awesome.

Remember your mantra… Always for me… never to me.

Follow your intuitive voice this time. And stick with it 2x longer than you normally would.

Don’t give up. Surround yourself with positive people who can cheer you on.

Take a risk. Follow your intuition.

And pretty soon, that confusion will inevitably turn to rock solid clarity.

But, you’ve got to earn clarity with courageous, imperfect action.

Confusion precedes clarity.

The secret sauce that turns confusion into clarity is persistence and never-ending courageous imperfect action in the direction of your intuitive voice.

Trust yourself.

This time, things will work out greater than you could ever imagine.


Remember to get out there, take action and make it real!