I want to share something with you.

Lend me your ear and let me whisper this truth into your heart…

Your needs… wants and desires are valid.

Your success is not a burden to others.

In fact, your success only adds to the lives of others.

It’s possible that you grew up needing to be the “responsible” one… it’s possible that you had to parent your parents, instead of being the child.

It’s possible that you thought… or still think… that if you express your thoughts, ideas or needs that it will be a burden to other people.


Because it’s possible that when you were growing up the adults or family in your life would shame you or guilt you or make an effort to wrong you for having needs.

They would ask… “What about me?”

And, then you may have caved in. And… in doing so abandoned yourself to please them.

And….this may have become a habit that you practice to this very day.

Let’s make a deal… today that pattern is over.

Your needs… Your wants… Your desires… Your wants… Matter.

Could you allow yourself to be taken care of?

Could you allow yourself to receive?

Could you allow yourself to raise your standards with who you allow into your life and only allow in people who… over time… bring you energy… not drain it?

Could you decide to set a boundary with anyone who is chronically draining you?

Could you ask qualified and trusted people for help?

Could you be open to the idea that the best way to find qualified and trusted people is first to start trusting intuitive yourself?

Would you be willing to… instead of trusting your fear and doubting your intuition…

Would you be willing to trust your intuition and doubt your fear?

What if… today… you started to ASK for what you want… and speak up.

Use your voice.

Still love others.

Still, take care of the people you care about.

But… just add a dash of YOU to the equation.

What movie would YOU want to see?

Where would YOU like to go for dinner?

What time would YOU like to go to bed and wake up?

What is YOUR favorite vacation spot?

What show would YOU like to watch?

What do YOU think is the best way forward?

Feel free to share yourself. Feel free to speak up. Feel free to surround yourself with people who will consider and incorporate your preferences and desires into the equation.

You are not a burden.

You’re a gift.

But, you can only be the gift when you speak up.

Speak up with love. Speak up with courage. Speak up with faith. Speak up… now.

Remember to get out there, take action and make it real!