When you Love someone or something, it’s a glorious thing.

You can love your pet, a friend, your Country, a romantic partner and even all of humanity.

And… there is one thing that is most important in your Love..

To include yourself. When you see the Universe for what it truly is… one Infinite whole… you realize that when you Love yourself, you are Loving others. And when you Love others, you are Loving yourself.

However, it’s vital that you Love yourself first. This is important for a few reasons. Consider cancer in the body.

Cancer is when a group of cells go rogue and start to make the whole body sick.

You could say… from a certain point of view… that cancer cells are akin to self-hate.

These cells grow and grow and grow… with no concern for the whole.

Cancer cells seem to lack the understanding that as they grow out of control, they create a toxic and lethal outcome for the whole body that they are a part of.

You can think of your own self-hate or negative self-talk in a similar way.

When you are in a chronic negative place, your negativity is something that grows and grows… within you and around you.

It rubs off on others… And others who are susceptive to negative energy are attracted to you.

And, in this way… the negativity spreads… and does damage not only to you, but to the whole.

This is why Christ’s top two commandments are:

1. Love God with all your Heart, Mind and Soul.

2. Love your neighbor as yourself.

These commandments are essentially one in and same.

If the Universe is a collective WHOLE… then Loving God is Loving the Whole.

And, you and all your neighbors are also a part of that collective Whole.

So, when you are Loving yourself, you are also Loving your neighbor.

When you are Loving your neighbor, you are Loving yourself.

The quickest way to find this Love is to Love yourself.

Not in a selfish way… selfish focus is not Love.

That is greed… or vanity… However, all the saints have said it in more ways that one… God is within you.

Jesus said that the Kingdom of Heaven is within.

So, contrary to what you may have learned or been told by fundamentalist dogma… with you Love yourself… that is Loving God.

Not only is God within you… God made you.

To Love yourself is to Love God… and God’s effort to create you.

This Self Love… Self-Knowledge… Self Understanding allows you to tap into your inner wisdom.

This inner wisdom resides in your Heart.

When you make peace with the voices of irrational fear and chronic negativity… you stop this cycle within yourself.

As you stop this cycle within yourself… you are like one cell that goes from cancerous to healthy.

A cascade of healthy cells turning from cancerous to healthy is how cancer goes into remission.

And just like with cancer… in order for the cell to stop spreading and growing… we just cut off it’s source of supply.

What supplies cancer cells with fuel to grow?


What supplies your negative mindset with fuel to grow?


So, the answer is not to hate those in the world who you disagree with.

Or to make others wrong.

The great key to life is to seek inwardly for what you blame outwardly.

To Love the parts of yourself that you hate in others.

This brings you the most power.

The most Grace.

The most healing.

Life is a hologram. What is in you is in the world, what is in the world is in you.

When you judge others… it is because you are actually judging yourself.

When you Love others… it is because you are actually Loving yourself.

When you Hate others.. it is because you actually are hating yourself.

As it is within you… so you will see it in the world. As you see it in the world… so it is within you.

So… today… instead of casting blame on others, instead of looking outwardly for what is wrong… seek to remove the sawdust from your own eye… so that you can see clearly.

Be kind to yourself. Be generous to yourself.

Seek the answers within you.

And you will end your search.

The answer to the worldly problems you see is not more blame, more hate or more fear.

It is… Love.

Start with you.

Remember to get out there, take action and make it real!