The old idea that you can simply permanently change your thinking by deciding to has got to go.

Does re-framing work? Does replacing a “negative” thought with a “positive” thought work? Do affirmations work?

Yes, but…

Not how you may think.

Re-framing, challenging “distortions” in thinking and affirmations have their place, but to get permanent change, we need to go deeper.

You see, every thought, feeling and emotion has a purpose. It’s their for a reason.

And, there isn’t such a thing as a “positive” or “negative” thought or emotion. That context makes it seem like “positive” thoughts or emotions are “good” and “negative” thoughts or emotions are “bad”.

To suggest that “negative” or “distorted” thoughts aren’t accurate depiction of reality totally negates the purpose of these thoughts and feelings.

Why? Because they aren’t negative at all.

They are simply uncomfortable. They aren’t enjoyable. But they have a purpose.

To go beyond trying to modify the thought, we need to discover why the thought is there… and why it actually makes sense that the thought is there, based on your unique history and experience.

We never have a thought that doesn’t have a purpose.

Uncomfortable thoughts and feelings are typically either automatic survival responses based on past experience, or they are wise wake up calls that something needs attention.

So, while re-framing and challenging uncomfortable thoughts is important, we must also honor them and listen to them.

We must find out why they are there in the first place, where’d they come from? And what purpose are they serving? And does that purpose line up with our growth and our goals?

Then we must help the parts of ourselves that think this way start to feel safe to release those uncomfortable thoughts.

This is where Trauma Hacking™ Coaching comes in.

To get to the root cause emotional trauma that created all these thoughts in the first place.

So, to change your thoughts you’ve got to heal your trauma. That’s how you heal your life!

You got this!


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