After 10,000+ hours of client work and diving into the research, here are the 5 Stages of Healing Emotional Trauma:

1. Create a safe connection

2. Validate the emotional experience.

3. Empathize with those emotions.

4. Repaid the wound & set limits.

5. Transcend the trauma.

Safe relationships are containers for healing trauma.

Studies show that what is most traumatizing is not just what happened, but how we hold what happened afterwards.

In trauma-informed care we know that one of the automatic defenses to trauma is an isolation and immobilization response from the nervous system.

This is why so many survivors don’t come forward, or come forward decades later.

The body goes into a freeze and isolation response and automatically defends itself through remaining withdrawn and immobilized.

This is where trauma really takes it’s hold on survivors, when it is not shared and held alone for years or decades.

Safety and connection in relationship with others is how we heal.

It takes courage to bring your trauma into the light, on your timeframe, as you choose with whom you choose (a partner, therapist, friend, etc).

You are not alone.

You got this,


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