Do you want to be more prosperous?

Financially? Spiritually? Romantically? Emotionally?

I got an email the other day from Kerry in Maryland;

I had asked her a question which was:

What one thing could I improve that would make you happier within the next 30 days?

Kerry said:

Help the people who struggle with $ to achieve prosperity.

Kerry, I’ve heard you and am here to help today.

If you want to have more money in, to travel, to take care of your family, to live an abundant life – there are six steps you can take to get there.

When you experience lack in your life, there’s a deep seeded sense that there is “something more” for you to be, do, have or achieve.

Perhaps you see others who have abundance, and you feel that it’s impossible for you.

Or, easy for them. Or, maybe you think that those who are living an abundant life are in on some secret that you don’t know about.

Or, perhaps you think that God favors others more than you.

You’ll find out today that that’s not the case.

Abundance is your birthright.

Abundance is the nature of the whole Universe.

No matter what they say on the news, no matter what other people say – there is more than enough to go around.

You see, most of us have bought into the collective story of lack, fear and the idea that something or someone “out there” is going to come save us. And, we’ve turned “God” or “Source” or “The Universe” or “The Divine” into some kind of vending machine that is supposed to give us what we want as soon as we want it.

Oh, and we tend to expect that the process of living our dream life will be:

– Easy. – Have a perfect plan figured out ahead of time.

– Require no real hard work.

– That it should be as easy to do it as it is to talk about doing it.

– Based on how much green juice we drink, quinoa we eat or meditation we do.

– Will be the “path of least” resistance. – Will happen immediately.

– Won’t require us to grow or face our deepest fears.

– A path that everyone in our life agrees with and encourages us to keep going.

– Won’t upset anyone.

– And we will never be rejected.

This is a fairytale.

Call it the Manifestation Fairytale.

Or the gross misinterpretation of the Law of Attraction.

You could also call it something else – entitlement.

The Law of Attraction is real. But so is the Law of Courage, the Law of Hard Work, the Law of Persistence, the Law of Humilty and the Law of Becoming A Person of Value.

The only problem you really have is the expectation that you shouldn’t have any problems.

A vision board is important – but it’s not enough.

Meditation is important – but it’s not enough.

Yoga is important – but it’s not enough.

Reading self-help material is important – but it’s not enough.

Here’s the truth about abundance:

It’s your birthright, but you must earn it.

The easy path, in the end, is the hard path.

So, we need to see abundance with new assumptions about who we must be and what we must do to earn it.

We must change our expectations of ourselves and how we are showing up.

We need a new game plan.

When you are abundant, you can serve others, take care of people that you love, travel, be free and live the life that you dream about.

This is a big deal. No small thing.

That’s why I am sharing my Six Steps to Achieve Prosperity with you today.

Step 1 – Get Your Nervous System on Board (Burn The Boats)

Here’s the deal. We are not built to follow through.

The human brain is great at two things:

1. Coming up with big ideas.

2. Responding to in the moment threats.

Somewhere in between our big ideas and the day-to-day distractions, interruptions and “threats” our good intentions get lost.

Your vision board gets stuffed away in the closet.

Your self-help bookshelf becomes the shelf of wishful thinking.

Your partner starts to question all those courses you bought.

You retract into the expectations of your peer group.

Then you might blame Mercury in retrograde for why it didn’t happen.

The real truth is, you didn’t make a real decision.

You hoped. You wished. You may have even prayed.

But, you didn’t engage your nervous system.

Making a decision that makes your body go “OH SH*T” is what I’m talking about.

It needs to be a threat NOT to follow through on your good intentions.

Think about times in your life when you HAD to follow through whether you wanted to or not.

Your butt was on the line. You had to do it.

You’ve got to design a decision like this into your life.

The first time I ever invested in a big seminar or retreat, my whole nervous system was put on alert.

My nervous system said:

Mastin – you need to show the hell up. You need to move.

My clients tell me regularly that investing with us keeps them motivated and accountable to their good intentions.

It keeps the main thing, the main thing.

When you engage your nervous system, you access a level of creativity, resourcefulness and drive that you didn’t know you had.

In short: you’ve got to burn the boats.

Step 2 – Get A Mentor Who Knows The Road Ahead

Not all mentors are created equally.

Please never hire me to teach you how to do brain surgery. I’m not your guy.

You want to invest in and hire a mentor that has BEEN where you want to go.

They know the map. They know the terrain.

(BTW – the map NEVER matches the terrain).

So, you don’t want just a mapmaker.

You want someone who has been there/done that.

Mentors do not do the work for you.

They guide you. Give you tools. Help illuminate blind spots. Challenge you. Hold you accountable to who your dreams require you to become.

Finding a mentor is vital.

Don’t go cheap on this.

Mentorship is not a commodity or something to under value.

Finding and investing in the right Mentor is a game changer.

You might be thinking, “But what if I don’t have enough money to invest in a Mentor?”

That’s the exact thought that is stopping you.

I just told you that you are in an abundant universe.

That thought must change to a question, “How can I create the resources to invest in a Mentor?”

And, if you have no idea… here’s a good exercise.

It’s a little violent… it’s a little shocking… but it’s effective. And it works 100% of the time.


Think of the person in your life that you love most (other than yourself, lol).

Now, if there were a gun to this person’s head and you had to find a way to come up with the money or resources, what would you do?

If you didn’t – then this person would die.

Make this a real consideration and scenario for a moment. Go there.

What ideas are coming to mind?

I told you… that’s an intense image… but… your brain will all of a sudden come with SO many ways to make it happen that it never thought of before.

You see, it’s not a lack of resources, it’s a lack of resourcefulness.

Get curious. Get hungry. Take action.

You have no idea how capable you really are.

Step 3 – Become The Person It Takes To Create Abundance

Who you’ve been showing up as has to change. It’s time to raise your expectations of yourself.

It’s time to ask:

Who must I become to create real abundance? How much I act? What must I believe? What limiting beliefs must I let go of?

Perhaps the most important part of becoming the person it takes to create real abundance is this:

To declare that, no matter what you’ve been through, you are not powerless over your circumstances.

You are not a victim. You are stronger than you’ve allowed yourself to be.

Yes, painful things have happened in the past.

There is healing that must be done.

But, if you are blaming your circumstances, your family, someone who hurt you, the government, the economy or anything else for why you aren’t where you want to be, you are shutting off abundance in your life.

Abundance is not created by what you’ve been through, but rather how you choose to respond to what you’ve been through.

People who live an abundant life know how to find the diamond in the pain, the rainbow in the storm, the lesson and power in the trauma.

Abundant people know that they must take their power back and that no excuse is valid.

Excuses are simply limitations of the survival mind.

But, every excuse has a workaround. Every limit has a way to overcome it.

The buck starts and stops with you. It’s time to mature the wounded parts of you that like to blame everything and everyone else.

Trade victim thinking for accountability.

Trade declarations of lack into statements of curiosity.

Take meaningful action to heal your wounds.

When you do this, you become an abundant person.

And, things start to really change – and fast.

And, here’s the deeper truth (it might hurt, but it needs to be said):

If you don’t heal, if you don’t take your power back, if you don’t pick up your staff and declare that the buck stops with you…

The people who hurt you, the people who doubted you, the people who said it couldn’t be done:


Screw that!

Take your power back – prove them wrong.

Success is sexy. And success is the best revenge.

Step 4 – Lower Your Expectations And Finally Embody Your Self-Help Bookshelf

Every day, make it a point to consume inspirational material.

And, every day, set aside time to IMPLEMENT it.

This will require you to lower certain expectations.

What… what?

Mastin you just told me to raise my expectations.

I know – hear me out for a moment.

You must raise your expectations of yourself and lower your expectations of how much you can get done in a week or month.


Lemme ‘splain.

There is a fatal by-product of “thinking big” that needs to be addressed.

This fatal by-product is the big thinking trap.

It goes like this:

1. I’m going to set a massive goal.

2. I start taking action.

3. But the goal is so far out of reach, I get frustrated and give up.

4. Then, I feel guilt and shame for giving up.

5. Then, I stop and go back to normal life.

6. But, I’m overwhelmed, stressed and feel out of place.

7. So, I go for the big goal again.

8. And the same thing happens.

9. I repeat this cycle until I finally resign myself that my dreams are impossible.

What’s the remedy for this maddening cycle?

Lower your expectations (in the short term).

Instead of going for a massive goal, go for a small win.

I actually look at my productivity and goal setting one week at a time.

I ask myself, “What’s one thing I can accomplish this week that will really move the needle forward?”

And, then I focus on that one thing.

This needs to be really practical.


– Publish my website.

– Post daily on social media.

– Actually… ask for help.

– Say, “I love you.”

– Say, “It’s over.”

– Finish the #1 item on your to-do list.

– Give notice at your job.

– Wake up at 5am.

– Don’t eat carbs at night.

– Walk for 30 min a day.

Just one thing.

What’s one thing you can do this week that moves the needle forward?

Ask yourself this question weekly and focus on that one thing, and you will be amazed how much momentum will be created – and fast.

Step 5 – Find Your Soul Tribe Here’s the deal – you cannot do this alone.

Who you spend time with is who you become.

You will embody the expectations of your peer group.

You mold your environment and then your environment molds you.

If you have a bunch of naysayers in your life (many who even Love you) – then you won’t create an abundant life.

It’s time to set new boundaries with anyone in your life who drains your energy.

It’s time to protect your confidence.

This is not easy. But it’s VITAL.

Then, find a group of people who will support you.

Many times, the group of people who will support you can be found through your Mentor.

When someone comes to a seminar or retreat or an online program with us – they get an instant Soul Tribe.

These are people who see who you are now.

Who believe in who you are becoming. When you find your Soul Tribe.

Don’t just take. Add value. Help others. Serve them.

The fastest way to get someone to help you is to help them first.

You need a squad. You need a Soul Tribe. No one is successful in a vacuum.

No one does it alone.

Cut the chords with negative people.

Send them Love.

And hang out with people who speak victory into your life.

And speak victory into theirs, too.

Step 6 – Be Patient & Make This A Lifestyle

Abundance is the reward of patience.

Lack is the result of impatience.

Your desire to live an abundant life is the precursor to that life happening.

But, young padawan, you must be patient.

It’s an oxymoron, actually.

Because you must be hungry for change.

And at the same thing, you must be patient in how it all happens.

Wayne Dyer said it best:

Infinite patience brings immediate results.

Do not worry that your time has passed by.

Do not worry that you are missing out.

Do not worry that it’s too late.

Do not fret over the idea that you “should” be somewhere else by now, or further along.

Make peace with your rate of progress.

Make peace with where you are right now.

Remember that everything happens in Divine time.

Even if you aren’t 100% sure of it, decide that you are exactly where you’re supposed to be.

Dedicate your life to this path.

Stop seeking quick fixes, magic bullets and any get rich quick ideas.

Become a person of value.

Add value to others.

Dedicate your life to being a servant. To being of service.

Abundance flows to those who serve.

Humble yourself.

And, like water, abundance will flow down to you.

Do not turn God into a vending machine.

Recognize that you have been given this precious life.

You have been given the gift of a body you didn’t create, that is kept alive by a beating heart you did not create, you breathe air you did not create and are kept warm by a Sun you did not create.

Realize that you’re a miracle.

Realize that it’s a gift to become the person it takes to create abundance.

See everything in your life as something that is FOR YOU, not against you.

Remember that you never walk alone.

Know that every setback is a lesson you must learn.

Decide that abundance is who you are.

Be hungry to make it happen, and don’t be in a rush for how long it takes to happen.

Just show up every day with a renewed spirit, a curious mind, and an open heart.

Decide – RIGHT NOW – in this moment to BURN THE BOATS and see how creative and resourceful you really are.

At this moment, whether you see it or not, everything you need is at your fingertips.

Don’t ask for the world to change, decide to change how you see the world.

Resources are there, right now. Look for them.

And know this: GRATITUDE is the bedrock of an abundant life.

When you focus on what you’re grateful for, you will be given more to be grateful for.

Now – this is your CALL TO ABUNDANCE, take ACTION NOW:

Reply to this email and let me know:

(HINT: if you find yourself saying… “I don’t know” – then… STILL answer these questions and imagine I asked you: “I know you don’t know, but if you did know what would you say?” Saying you “don’t know” or any derivative of this statement must be banned from your vocabulary.)

1. How will you finally get hungry burn the boats today?

2. Who is your mentor going to be? How can you find the resources to make it happen?

3. Who or what are you ready to stop blaming? And how will you take responsibility for your life from now on?

4. What is one step you can take this week to move the needle?

5. What negative influences are you letting go of, now? And, where will you find your Soul Tribe?

6. What can you be patient with today? How is what’s happening right now all in Divine order?

I am looking forward to reading your response.

You’ve got this, Kerry. I’m so proud of you.

May you live long, and prosper.

Remember to get out there, take action and make it real!