If you’re like me, then there is a part of you that knows on a deep level that you are an Infinite Soul contained in a temporary human body.

That means that who you are is Infinite.

And it can be so frustrated to be constrained by the limits of the physical world.

When I was couch surfing (for two years), I used to hear teachers like Wayne Dyer talk about abundance and get so confused.

If abundance is the natural state of the Universe, why am I not experiencing it?

When you are in that state of lack, life closes down.

Your stress limits the options you see.

You miss out on playing a bigger game.

Resources tend to run from you.

And, you don’t live your unique purpose.

Lack is an internal emotional state of being, it’s not the nature of the Universe.

When you step away from lack and open up into greater possibility, that is when everything changes for the better.

But how do you do it? How to make the leap from lack to plenty?

One answer:

Cultivate A Rock Solid Abundance Mindset

Here’s Seven Steps to take to do it:

1. Live for today.

Make peace with the past and do not fear the future. Cultivate a present moment mindset and see that all your needs are met. The best way to create a bright future is to bring all you focus, love, enthusiasm and energy to doing your best TODAY.

2. Be of service, now.

There are an infinite number of ways for you to help someone else. Reach out and do it. Don’t wait to impact others, find someone, anyone to help now. Remember, life supports what supports life.

3. Open up and receive.

Many times we don’t get what we desire because we are sending the Universe mixed signals. Part of us is saying, “come here” and another part is saying “go away”. Remove any blocks you have to receive and let in all that love that you so freely give to others. You’re worth it.

4. Turn statements of limits into questions of possibility.

Instead of proclaiming, “I can’t start my business”, “I’ll never find love” or “lose the weight” or “I don’t have enough time/money/whatever”. Turn those statements into QUESTIONS. How can I start my business, now?What is the most effective way to find love?How can I create enough time/money/etc?When you change the question you change the answer. When you change the answer, you change your life.

5. Take daily CIA.

You are in the CIA now baby. Courageous. Imperfect. Action.Be scared every day. Do it while make lots of mistakes to learn from. And turn this philosophy into action. Scary, mistake laiden action. You will be happy you did.

6. Burn The Freakin’ Boats Baby!

Make a decision you can’t come back from. Part of the reason you are procrastinating is because you haven’t made a real decision. Why haven’t your circumstances changed? Truth: because a part of you likes them how they are… and is comfortable with the status quo. Crush the status quo by making a decision you can’t come back from.Burn the boats baby!

7. Know that you are always guided

This is a receipe to shake things up. And it can be scary. Tune into your Higher Power. Know that you are guided. See that everything is happening FOR you and not TO you. Ask, “What’s the spiritual lesson in this?” then get still and listen. Then turn that answer into action.If you want to see how much faith you really have, look at the action you’re taking, not your vision board.

It’s time to ACT:

How are you going to apply today’s lessons and cultivate an abundance mindset?

Remember to get out there, take action and make it real!