Chances are you love to help other people. Chances are when there’s an opportunity to help others you’re one of the first people to jump in and try to lend a hand.

I love this about you. I do.

Being of service to others is extremely valuable… spiritually important and just a kind thing to do.

BUT – there is an underbelly of helping others that goes undiagnosed… and can cause long-term, unintended harm.

And that underbelly is resentment… anger and frustration.

Many times… the dark side of the “giver” explodes after a period of time not feeling heard/seen or like they matter.

This isn’t a good look. When you give, and give and give… and don’t get anything in return… this can be the end of relationships… and turn what was a good idea/love affair or friendship into bitter endings.

Of course… there’s two sides to every situation, but for today… I want to speak to YOU.

I want you, dear giver, to understand… that many times you don’t get your needs met because….

Well… you don’t make them known.

And, chances are you don’t make your needs known… because you don’t know what they are or how to ask for them.

So, the first thing you’ve got to do is take ownership that you’ve played a role in not getting your needs met.

Then… there’s good news.

When you get frustrated… when you feel like this… there’s hope.

The bigger opportunity is that your life’s purpose is knocking on the door.

You’re being asked to find out what you need… and give it to yourself.

And then… have the courage to ask others for it as well.

And create relationships that bring you energy, rather than drain your energy.

If you want to get your needs met…. find your purpose.

And then dedicate yourself to bringing it to life.

When you know your purpose… when you bring it life… that is when you will get your needs met.

At first, it can feel selfish to ask for what you want… it might feel strange… it might feel out of place.

But, over time… as you embrace your purpose and begin to get your needs met in your relationships… this will become the new norm.

The truth is… the people in your life want to give to you… they want to support you… they want to help you… they want to pour the love on.

BUT – they can only do it if you let them in… if you make your needs known and ask for them.

Choose healthy people to open up to.

Ask for what you need… and then open up and let them in.

It is in giving that we receive… it is also in receiving that we give.

Your purpose will free you…

Open up a little today and let life support you.

Remember to get out there, take action and make it real!