Before we get to this week’s coaching video “The five core elements of spiritual growth” – I want to share big news with you.


Daily Love TV is now – Claim Your Power TV.

You may have noticed that I am winding down “The Daily Love” as you’ve known it. We’ve stopped sending daily emails. We’ve stopped featuring other bloggers. And now, emails come from me, rather than “The Daily Love” or “Daily Love with Mastin Kipp”.

I want to thank you for being a special and important part of my life. For opening my emails. For reading my blogs and watching my videos. And then taking what you’ve learned and applying it to your life.

I do what I do for you.

Over a year ago, a mentor of mine who I respect in a big way told me, “Mastin, I want you to pick up your staff and comfort me as a teacher.”

Her words have resonated deep in my Soul ever since. I knew that meant that I had to change things up. And, to be honest, I’ve been terrified.

I didn’t want to let you down. I had gotten so used to sending daily emails. I love our bloggers. I love the Daily Love brand. And I thought that if I quit doing it the way that I was doing it, everything would end.

But, deep within my Soul I knew it was time for evolution and transformation. And I’ve been making these changes slowly and timidly this year.

Another small step in that direction is renaming Daily Love TV to Claim Your Power TV. Our new tag line is “Weekly guidance to live your purpose with passion.”

When I got still and asked myself what I do and who I am…

I realized I am a teacher and a guide.

And what I love most is bringing people home to themselves and their version of The Divine.

And, truth be told, I was terrified to own this fact. I shunned calling myself a teacher. I shunned calling myself a guide. I hid. I didn’t want to go too “woo woo”.

Until my mentor called me out and told me, it was time to up my game.

So, I’m declaring it here – I am a Spiritual Teacher.

I made the decision to make this change on August 30th, 2015 when I heard that Wayne Dyer had passed away. He was gone too soon. And I realized I didn’t have another moment to waste.

As this transition continues, I will be shutting down and moving everything over to my site (details coming soon).

My intention moving forward is: to bring mentorship, guidance and compassion to a community of people who value love, growth, courage, empathy, and spirituality. To continue to share my experience – the ups and downs, and to be a Light on your path and a fellow student by your side.

This is not an ego move. This is a deep call from my Soul.

I realize that not everyone will agree with or like this new direction. And that’s okay. What’s true is what we either grow together, or we grow apart.

My hope is that we can grow together because I feel like we are just getting started.

There are five core elements to spiritual growth that helped me come to this decision and all important decisions I’ve ever made.

If you feel stuck, if you feel static, if nothing is moving in your life, these core principles will get you on the fast track to living a life of purpose.

When you apply these five core spiritual principles in your life, it will require that you make courage your new normal.

And, what’s so cool – you don’t have to do it alone. I’m here for you and so is our entire community.

Remember to leave a comment and let me know how you are going to bring courage into your life today.

Here’s to claim your power.
Here’s to following your gut.
Here’s do doing it afraid.
Here’s to staying close to your Soul.

I’ll see you soon.

All my love,


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[Begin transcript]

Hey there and welcome to the new Claim Your Power TV with your host Mastin Kipp, where each week I will guide you to live your purpose with passion! This is a great, exciting re-brand for us. Claim Your Power is our new brand moving forward. Something that I’m so passionate about is teaching you how to live your purpose, and there are so many facets and so many elements of living your purpose that I thought it was vital to change the name of this offering to you so that we could go even deeper on helping you live your purpose.

This week I’m going to help you uncover the five core elements of spiritual growth. There are many elements to spiritual growth, but there are five core elements that I want to share with you today.

The first core element of spiritual growth is vision. You have to have a vision for where you’re going. The vision for where you’re going comes from that still, quiet place inside of you. You don’t want to get your vision from comparing yourself to others. You don’t want to get your vision from what your family or friends think you should do or what magazines or news say you should do. Vision comes from within. So you have a vision, you have imagination, you have something that you want to create in life. The first core element of spiritual growth is tapping into your vision.

Which brings me to the second core element of spiritual growth, which is listening. But who and what do you want to listen to? Here we want you listen to your heart, to your soul, to your higher wisdom, and that requires getting still. They say that meditation is listening to God or the divine and prayer is talking to God or the divine. In order to have a vision, you have to listen to your heart and to your soul. Without listening, you’re going to be misdirected and misguided all over the place. You’re going to say, well where should I go? Should I listen to this person or that person? A lot of times we see clients who have to go to 10, 20, 30 other people to get permission before they actually make a decision. So what we want you to do is have a vision that comes from listening to your heart.

And then the most important thing, the third stage of spiritual growth – and this is a big one, this is huge – is taking courageous action, which is action in the face of fear. A client recently asked me, “Mastin, how can I tell the difference between a loving choice and fearful choice because I’m scared?” And here’s the truth. When you’re listening to your soul, when you’re listening to your heart, you WILL be afraid because you will be stepping out into uncertainty. So it’s not a question of love versus fear, but of expansion versus contraction. So when you’re making a decision and ask ‘is this my heart, is this my soul?’ get still. Go inside and ask myself, am I going to feel expanded by this choice or contracted by this choice? And there’s the thing – if you feel expanded and scared, you know that that is your heart and your soul talking to you. It’s a vital piece of spiritual growth.

And then after we take courageous action, this is the fourth core element of spiritual growth – faith. Faith in yourself. Faith in the divine. Faith in God. Faith that you never walk alone. And faith that the challenges that come, the setbacks that come are not failures; they are temporary defeat. There’s a massive difference between permanent defeat and failure and temporary defeat. The truth is that if you’re going to live your purpose, if you’re going to grow spiritually, you will certainly come up against temporary defeat. That is absolutely something that you will experience. But it’s only failure if you decide to stop and quit. Otherwise it’s temporary defeat and it requires the faith to recognize that within that temporary defeat is an opportunity of equal or greater measure than the temporary defeat that you’re going through and that requires faith.

I personally believe that what we want, what’s put in our heart and soul to desire to create in life is purposely placed out of reach in this lifetime so that we may become the person it takes to realize our purpose and to realize our goal. And so, when you have setbacks, when you’re terrified, when you feel like there’s no way, it’s vital to have faith because you need faith to go with your courageous action because there will be fear and fear is calm with faith and knowing that no matter what comes your way there is a spiritual lesson. And when you learn the lesson you can progress and move on and it is inevitable that you will reach your goal.

And then the final core element of spiritual growth is service. If you’re growing just for yourself, if you’re growing just for your own satisfaction and approval and ego you are not growing spiritually. There’s a massive difference between being rich and having lots of money and being wealthy where you feel fulfilled and abundant every single day. And chances are if you’re watching this program, you’re interested in wealth. You’re interested in feeling abundant. You’re interested in feeling fulfilled. And when you make your life about dedicating yourself and your purpose, not just to yourself but to a larger cause greater than yourself that is what produces spiritual growth.

So to recap, the five elements of spiritual growth are vision, listening to your higher wisdom and to your heart, taking courageous action, living in faith and serving other people. If you can focus on these five core elements of spiritual growth and make your life a dedication to embody these core elements, your life will change massively and dramatically and quickly.

It is my great wish that you take this information and embody it and not just watch this video and then go, “That was nice,” and scroll on down Facebook or YouTube or wherever you like to be, but to really stop and ask yourself, what is my vision? When can I schedule time to get still and listen? And what specific courageous action could I take, what thing could I do that I’m scared to do? And how could I have the faith to know that as I take this action and I hit that temporary defeat that’s sure to come, how can I have faith in the middle of that knowing that there’s a spiritual lesson there? And then finally, how can I make my mission about being selflessly of service to other people? Really think about this. Take this to heart. Don’t make this just another couple minutes that you’re watching on the internet. Really allow yourself to take this in and apply it. I promise you that if you do, your life will change in miraculous ways.

Now you might be watching this video over on Facebook or over on YouTube. I’m going to encourage you to come on over to and below this video leave your comment. Let me know what has happened when you’ve stepped out on faith? What has happened when you’ve got still and listened? What has happened when you got that vision and you were dedicated to it? Or if you’re scared, let us know how and why. The comments below are an incredible place to get support. Also, remember you can subscribe to this video on YouTube so that you can get immediate updates when I post new Claim Your Power videos. And also remember to subscribe to our weekly email so that you can get updates that I don’t send out anywhere else. My most important wish here at Claim Your Power TV is that you get out there, take action and make it real. We’ll see you next week!

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