Love. Romantic love.

Do you crave it? Did you have it and lose it? Do you feel stuck in your relationship where before you felt free? Or maybe you went through a rough breakup and are timid about getting into another relationship.

Here’s the good news – there is a spiritual lesson in every romantic relationship.

If you are single, you can learn the lesson from your previous relationship, or if you are in a relationship, you can learn the lesson and go deeper.

Want to learn the spiritual lesson of your relationship? That’s what this week’s training is all about.

Love and passion in a relationship make our lives come alive. A fulfilling relationship makes your life worth living. It takes you deeper. It heals you. It brings your heart out.

My therapist once told me after I had read hundreds of self-help books, “Congrats Mastin, now if you really want to grow, get into a relationship.”

BOOM – what powerful advice.

There is a spiritual lesson, let’s learn it together by clicking here.

After you’ve watched this week’s coaching video, please leave a comment below the video and let me know the spiritual lesson that is up for you right now in your life.

When you learn this lesson, everything improves. It’s my great honor to share with you how to learn the spiritual lesson in your relationship and bring you closer to fulfilling love, today.

Make it a great day!


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[Begin transcript]

Hey there! I’m Mastin Kipp, best-selling author of the book Daily Love: Growing into Grace and creator of Daily Love TV. Welcome to this week’s episode. This week we’re going to talk about romantic relationships, but a little bit of a different tweak on them.

Did you know that there is a spiritual message in your romantic relationships? When you look at the first three to six months, you fall in love but you don’t really fall in love. What you fall in is chemical soup, right? You fall into dopamine. You fall into oxytocin, epinephrine, norepinephrine, serotonin – all the neuro-chemicals and all the peptides and all the different hormones of the body just kind of flood together in this chemical soup. And you feel that sort of magical, mystical, incredible feeling.

The reason why is two-fold. One, because you’re given an experience of what divine enlightenment or the experience of God consciousness or whatever that might be, you’re getting that experience of what that feels like temporarily. And also the biology is designed to make sure that we’re bonding and having sex so the species continues. But the veil eventually drops on all relationships and you see the person for their flaws, and the things that used to make you really love this person are the things that now really piss you off. And instead of leaving, unless you’re being physically abused – in which case, get out immediately – there is an opportunity for you to learn the spiritual lesson.

Here’s what we’ve learned. We all have childhood wounds that we’ve been through, and what’s fascinating is we tend to draw to us people who are of the opposite energy in many ways. So what that means is that if we are the quiet one, we’re attracted to the loud one. Or if we’re the insensitive one, we’re attracted to the sensitive one. And so if we don’t begin to embody the traits in our partner that we admire, we will start to push them away. The reason why you’re attracted to someone is not just physical, chemical and pheromonal; there’s also a spiritual lesson for you. There are pieces of your childhood that need to be worked out. And you get the opportunity to see this beautiful example of someone in front of you who has the elements that you’re missing.

So, you can make them wrong for it, you can argue and try to change them – that never works – or you could really start to take responsibility for your side of the relationship and go, hmm, what’s my spiritual lesson here? Maybe I’m being asked to be more sensitive or maybe I’m being asked to have a greater sense of self or maybe I’m being asked to have more empathy or maybe I’m being asked to open up and be more vulnerable or maybe I’m learning how to set more boundaries. Because the thing that attracts you to someone will be the thing that pisses you off and will be the reason why you break up, unless you embody it.

And here’s the thing, deal with it now. You can leave the relationship and then go on to another relationship, but the thing is you’re just going to keep having that sort of chemical soup in love over and over and over again. The veil will always drop. You’ll date the same person in different shoes. So if you’re in a relationship now and you feel stuck, use this as an opportunity to learn the spiritual lesson because you’re going to learn it one way or another. You’re going to find yourself in the exact same position in the future that you are in right now. So you get the opportunity to dive deeper and really embody what you’ve learned.

So without ego, without needing to be right, without trying to step into the sort of hierarchy of you’re right/they’re wrong – because remember, in a relationship there’s not a sick one and well one. You’re both sick and you’re both well and you’re both going to take responsibility for your side of the street. So really ask yourself, what’s my partner teaching me? Can I be more courteous? Can I be more loving? Do I need to set more boundaries? Do I need to speak up for myself? Do I need to be more sensitive? What attracted you to that person, what’s pissing you off about that person and honestly, how could you embody it? This advice has saved so many relationships. So really think about this. If you know someone who’s in a relationship right now and they’re having some strife, send them this video. It can be very eye-opening for them to get this type of information.

You might be watching this video over on Facebook or over on YouTube. I’m going to invite you to come on over to and really think, what is the spiritual message in my relationship beyond the in-love feelings, beyond the oxytocin? What is the spiritual message? How am I being asked and offered the opportunity to grow here in deeper and deeper ways? Leave a comment below this video and let me know because this is a very powerful lesson. If you don’t learn it now, you’ll learn it in the future, so let’s skip all the heartbreak, let’s skip all that stuff, and help you learn the lesson now so that you can go to the next level in your spiritual life and also in your romantic life. Also, please feel free to subscribe to us over on YouTube so that you can get instant access to whenever we upload a new video. And most importantly, and as always here at Daily Love TV, remember to get out there, take action and make it real. We’ll see you next time!

[End transcript]