We’ve got fear all wrong.

We think that fear is the opposite of love.

This belief is stopping you from unlocking your unlived potential and holding you back from living your purpose.

For us to live our purpose, for us to get unstuck, for us to live the life we know deep in our guts that we’re meant to be living – we must conquer fear.

However, conquering fear doesn’t mean getting rid of fear. We must learn to see fear in a new way.

Did you know that there are two types of fear?

There’s a good kind of fear and a bad kind of fear.

I break it all down in this week’s episode of Claim Your Power TV.

The good fear means we are coming closer to living our purpose.
The bad fear means that we are holding back our unlimited potential.

I’m here to assist you to bring to life all the dormant potential within you and help be a voice of encouragement for you to take the leap and find courage.

When you learn the difference between these two types of fear (good vs bad) – you take massive control over your life. And you have powerful clarity that will help you understand the exact next steps you can take to get unstuck and get about the business of living your purpose.

Not knowing the difference will keep you stuck on the hamster wheel while life just passes you right on by.

Let’s learn the difference between good fear and bad fear.

Knowing this one key distinction could be the exact thing you’ve been looking for to create a true and lasting breakthrough in your life.

And after you’ve discovered the difference between these two types of fear, leave a comment and let me know:

1. What kind of fear bas been stopping you up until now
2. Now that you know this, what is your next action step?
3. How will taking this courageous step move you forward in your life and create positive ripple effects.

I love hearing from you. Your stories about the new decisions and directions you’re taking inspire me. I’m here to help you get unstuck and start thriving.

Let’s do it.

Oh, and if there’s anyone else you know that’s stuck and could use a good “pep talk” – send them to this blog. You might just change their life. And it might be easier fo them to digest when it comes from me instead of you.

Make it a great day.

And remember to get out there, take action & make it real!

All my love,


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[Begin transcript]

Hi and welcome to Claim Your Power TV! I’m your host Mastin Kipp, where each week I will guide you to live your purpose with passion! This week we’re going to talk about how to conquer fear.

So I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news for you.

The good news is you certainly can conquer fear. The bad news is fear is never going to go away. And in fact, it’s recognizing that fear is never going to go away that helps you conquer it.

There’s this idea in the spiritual community that fear is this dark force that we must avoid like Darth Vader or Voldemort. But the truth is, if you look at the way our brains are wired in the limbic system, fear is an automatic, nervous system response to uncertainty. And the strange dichotomy and joke, the divine joke here is that to live your purpose, to step out and to be big and to grow and to expand and to grow beyond what you currently are as far as circumstance requires that on a daily basis you face your fears.

So the way in which you conquer your fear is to stop expecting yourself to not be afraid.

You’re going to be afraid. That’s the reality. I can tell you that before I step on a stage, before I write a book, before I travel, before I do anything that brings me closer to my purpose, there is fear. So the way we must learn to conquer fear is to refrain fear and recognize that there’s actually two types of fear.

The first type of fear is survival fear. Survival fear looks like this: I’m walking down an alleyway and there’s a person with a weapon. In survival fear, it’s necessary to run. Or if I’m in the military in a combat zone, it’s necessary to be afraid to stay alive. So there are moments where when our survival is on the line, fear keeps us alive. The problem is our brain is binary and cannot tell the difference between survival fear and what we call irrational fear.

Irrational fear is if I live my purpose then I’ll die or if I speak up and become my authentic self no one will approve of me or if I decide to finally lose the weight no one will love me because I show my true self, or whatever the irrational fear is. And what I spend most of my time doing is helping my clients distinguish between survival fear, which is necessary, and irrational fear, which is just the brain doing what the brain does which is trying to keep you alive. So the brain, the limbic system, is challenged by your spiritual growth because it’s scary to grow spiritually. When you have new spiritual insight, when you have new spiritual awareness, all of a sudden there is new stuff you’ve got to do. Maybe you’ve got to break up with someone. Maybe you’ve got to disagree with someone. Maybe you have to redefine your power with your family of origin. Or maybe it’s time to start a business. Or maybe it’s time to finally stop saying you’re big boned and realize that you’ve got to stop binging on Netflix and eating pizza at night. Whatever it is, you can certainly live your purpose. You can certainly grow into who you’re meant to become.

But you’ve got to look at the difference between survival fear and irrational fear.

Here’s a tip for today, a coaching tip for you. Make a list of all the things you’re afraid of. Make a whole list. It could be “I’m scared of spiders” and “I’m scare that if I start my blog no one will open my email” or whatever the fear is. It doesn’t matter. Make an entire list and ask yourself is this irrational fear or is this a survival fear? So if you’re afraid that you’re not going to make your rent every month, well that’s a necessary fear because we obviously have to make our rent every single month. And before you can live an abundant life on your own business, you’ve got to figure out how to make money doing that. So of course there might be a job you keep until you start to live your own business. But make a list and start to understand is this irrational fear or is this survival fear?

And here’s what I want you to do: If it’s survival fear, understood. No worries. All good. Make sure to really address those so that you stay alive. And then on your irrational fear side, I want you to go straight into them. Call bullshit. That’s what I want you to do. Sorry for the language, but call bullshit on your fear and go straight into them because the truth is, not everyone is going to approve of you, not everyone is going to be happy by your individuation, not everyone is going to celebrate your new spiritual awareness. Do not let that stop you. It is an irrational fear. If you knew who walked beside you at all times, if you knew how supported you were spiritually, if you knew that there was a Divine presence, a Divine creator urging you to live your purpose, urging you outside of your irrational fear you would never question yourself again. But my friend, the journey is about knowing that for yourself. It’s easy for me to say.

And the other thing is you might be thinking, easy for you, Mastin. You have this blog and your wrote a book and you’ve been on SuperSoul Sunday, etc. but the thing is, the way in which those things happened were by following the advice I’m giving you right now. You see the master. Someone who’s further ahead of you who has faced those fears, has gone through it. And it was just as difficult for me when I was couch surfing. It was  just as difficult for me when I was in corporate America and wanted to switch as it is for you before you switch. And so I’m here with this beacon on the other side saying, “Come on over. It’s okay. Lean on faith. Lean on your Creator. Lean on the Divine.” There is a way for you. And the way that you conquer fear is to anticipate it and then to tell the difference between survival fear and irrational fear. And here’s what you’ll find – 99% of what you’re afraid of is irrational fear.

So my deep wish for you is that if you’re watching this video over on YouTube or over on Facebook, come on over to TheDailyLove.com and leave a comment below this video and let me know have you been afraid of survival fears or irrational fears and what are they? What specifically are your irrational fears? And here’s the most important thing: what is your plan of action to go straight into those irrational fears and eradicate them? And to anticipate that every time you grow, there are going to be more irrational fears. The quality of your success, the quality of your ability to live your purpose is directly related with your ability to conquer and understand your irrational fears because most of your fears are irrational.

Also, remember you can subscribe to our video over at YouTube and please come on over to TheDailyLove.com, enter your name and email address so that you can get your weekly updates that I don’t share anywhere else. My deepest wish here at Claim Your Power TV is that you take all this information, you get out there, take action and make it real. We’ll see you next week!

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