You may not know it at this exact moment, but if you’re procrastinating, getting easily distracted or trying to have a crystal clear picture and plan of how everything is going to work ahead of time, there’s a lot more at stake then you realize.

You cannot possibly know what tomorrow brings.

You cannot possibly have a perfect plan.

You cannot possibly have clarity before you take action.

None of this is possible upfront.

That’s why discovering your Purpose, bringing it to life and thriving in your Purpose is a daily adventure.

It’s a discovery process.

When you were born, your parents didn’t need to know what you would be doing on this exact day in your life to be able to love you, guide you and encourage you to grow.

Do you know what’s blocking you from making progress?

The fact that you think you need a rock solid plan to bring your Purpose to life… that will ensure a specific return on your investment… that is what is stopping you.

It turns out that all the advice we were told as children was given to us under the assumption that all we are is meant to survive, to get by, to exist.

Yes, survival is important. However, we are meant for more.

You are meant for more.

Which means, you’ve got to cultivate greater resilience and faith.

Survival is not where you are meant to stop.

Survival is a launch pad for your purpose.

And, what’s at stake is that if you do not get started now, then nothing short of your purpose and why you were born is at risk.

Do not look forward in fear, assuming the worst.

Do not bring single focus to your demise.

Do not assume the worst.

Start to cultivate thoughts of success. Of faith. Of resilience and of action.

You are not an entrepreneur because you bought a course on how to build a business, but never finished.

You do not have time/money freedom because you follow someone on Instagram who does.

You are not cultivating a spiritual practice by just wearing Lululemon, mala beads and having a vision board.

Your self-care routine is just polished up narcissism if you are not in service to others.

Your consciousness is not based on how many followers you have, but on how honest and loving you are.

Your maturity as a spiritual being is not about how much wisdom you can share with the world, but about your ability to fall in love with and heal your own wounds.

Trade green juice for compassion.

Trade mala beads for forgiveness.

Trade comparison for just helping other no matter your follower count.

Trade spiritual entertainment for small courageous action steps.

Trade being great for being real.

Trade the life you share on social media to the life you share in private moments.

Trade your “plan” for a daily match off with fear.

Then – you will be on the path of your purpose.

Until then, it’s just living vicariously through others.

But, this is your life. Your adventure.

It’s your time to dive in and do the work. Starting right now…

Remember to get out there, take action and make it real!