From time to time we all feel stuck.

It’s normal.

Life is a series of expansions and contractions.

Life is a series of trying, making mistakes, learning from your mistakes and trying again.

For you to get to that next level in your life… one of the skills it’s vital to learn is how to be patient with yourself.

It’s common to think “I should be further along by now…”

No matter how far along you are, the feeling that you “should” be further can be familiar.

So, what do we do with the idea or feeling that you “should” be somewhere else?

What do we do with the feeling that you feel stuck where you are?

The first step is compassion and patience with yourself.

What you’ve got to understand about being stuck is that it’s not all bad.

In fact, there are some upsides to being stuck.

Consider that when you are stuck… you’ve also stopped going in the “wrong” direction.

This is to be celebrated!

Also consider that you may actually not be stuck… you may actually be going in the right direction after all… but it’s just not going as fast as you want.

And, one of the ways you slow down your progress is by reaffirming that you feel stuck, even though… perhaps you aren’t.

Do not confuse speed with progress.

You can be going very fast in the wrong direction.

It’s far better to be stuck than going quickly in the wrong direction.

And – it’s far better to be going slowly in the right direction than to be stuck.

So, perhaps you’ll see that you aren’t stuck at all.

You are actually making meaningful progress in a new direction in your life.

But… it’s just going a little slower… and that’s okay.

Do not confuse going slowly with thinking you will never arrive at your ultimate destination.

Many times… one act of Grace… one act of courage…. one act of Faith in the direction of your Purpose can create more positive change than thousands of attempts to stressfully go fast in the wrong direction.

Choose progress over perfection.

Choose patience over impatience.

Choose to see this is a delay, not a denial.

Choose to decide you are exactly where you should be.

Choose to see the support that is literally at your finger tips.

Choose to be kind to yourself as you are learning new things.

Choose courage every day.

What if you aren’t stuck? What if you’ve stopped going in the wrong direction?

What if that is a good thing? What if you are on the edge of a massive breakthrough?

Keep going… you have no idea what tomorrow will bring.

Remember to get out there, take action and make it real!