It’s simple: life is rigged in your favor.

I know that sounds like it might be BS. Especially if you’ve been through hard times. Or if you’ve been hurt. Or if life seems unfair.

But stay with me. There is a redemptive quality to the Uni-verse. There are lessons to learn. And once you learn them, everything changes.

If you want to learn how life is actually rigged in your favor – today’s coaching video for you.

I know that you may have been through very hard times. I honor your courage for getting through what you’ve been through. I also know that you’ve come a long way and made many efforts to get past what or who has hurt you.

Now it’s time to take a huge quantum leap forward in your healing.

You may feel that holding on to the past is what will keep you safe, but actually holding on is the riskiest choice you can make. Because when you hold on to the past – you erase any chance that you can change.

Your soul works in the present moment. You are being asked to let go. You are being asked to forgive. You are being asked to find the lesson, change your behaviour and let the incredible blessings that this life has in store for you to find you.

It’s time to see how life is rigged in your favor. Click here to watch.

And remember – leave a comment below about how you are going to see that everything you’ve been through in some weird way – has been rigged in your favor.

Here’s some quotes that describe what I’m talkin’ about:

“Live life as if everything is rigged in your favor.”

– Rumi

“True understanding is to see the events of life in this way: "You are here for my benefit, though rumor paints you otherwise.” And everything is turned to one’s advantage when he greets a situation like this: You are the very thing I was looking for. Truly whatever arises in life is the right material to bring about your growth and the growth of those around you. This, in a word, is art – and this art called “life” is a practice suitable to both men and gods. Everything contains some special purpose and a hidden blessing; what then could be strange or arduous when all of life is here to greet you like an old and faithful friend?“

– Marcus Aurelius

Make it a great week,