I remember in my early days I had so many ideas. So many dreams. So many wishes that I wanted to come true.

I had a thousand ideas and nothing to show for it.

And deep down, I was angry Because I knew I had something that I could give to the world. And not just one thing, lots of things.

Teachings. Inspirations. Stories. Experiences. Love. Ideas. Innovation. Connection.

These are the ideas that boiled within me. But nothing came through. It was like I was creatively clogged up.

I can remember living in Los Feliz, a neighborhood east of Hollywood, CA. It was a spot full of all kinds of artists. Visual artists, musicians, designers.

My business partner was a designer and musician. I envied his ability to create when I was too scared to.

We made a great team because I was so good at the business side and he rocked the creative side.

But my life came crashing down and it forced me to make a choice – embrace my own creativity or die. And I think, in the end, that is why my life fell apart – my soul wanted to create, but I wasn’t taking action on that deep desire.

Enter: CRISIS (aka a Divine Storm)

It all came crashing down. Who would have thought that just a few years later it would all come back and more – not by the efforts of someone else’s creativity, but by my own?

There was a time in my life when I would have said I’m not creative. I’m not a writer, a storyteller or an entrepreneur.

But, the truth is, that I am, and I was scared to death to admit it. And not being able to admit it ruined my life for a period of time.

Life brought me to my knees so that I got a chance to wake up to an undeveloped part of myself that was dormant.

An unexpressed artist is a sad and angry sight. But I got a chance to express myself and turn it around. It wasn’t easy or pretty, but I (by the Grace of The Divine) made it happen.

Are you an unexpressed artist? Are you holding back? Are you scared to death to be creative?  What are you ready to admit today?

Remember to get out there, take action and make it real!

Talk soon,