Happy New Year! 2018 is here! And… let’s make sure this is your best year yet!

There seems to be a big anti-Resolutions movement happening. Seeing people saying that “Resolutions” don’t work… or that they are just gunna stay the same.

I think that is all a bumch of malarkey. It doesn’t matter if you call them Resolutons, goals… intentions. They work… but only when you do.

And… if you’ve fallen off the wagon, or are quite getting the results you want. That’s okay. This is a the perfect time to get back up.

But – there’s the key to making it stick.

Why will you set your Resolution or intention? If the answer is all about you… or you don’t know… well… then all this positive movement won’t last. You’ve got to have an idea about why you’re doing this bigger than just you.

Maybe it’s time to prove the naysayers wrong? Or maybe it’s time to prove the people that believe in you right?

Maybe it’s time to show your family how to really do this… by setting the example. For your children or loved ones. Or… maybe you have a mission to change the world.

What is your “WHY”? Why are you doing to stay consistently aligned in 2018? Why are you going to double down and give 2018 your all?

And… why is NOW the right time to start?

I’d love to know. Comment and share with me why NOW is the right time. Why are you getting back up? Why are you going to stay consistently aligned?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Get out there, take action & make your purpose real!