Freedom is something we all dream of.

Financial freedom. The freedom to live how we see fit. The freedom to go on the epic journey of discovering our life’s purpose and helping others.

The freedom to be who we really are, without holding back, hiding or needing to change to fit in or accepted.

These days, it seems that our yearning for this freedom has been dimmed by negative news, violence, divided view points and pessimism about the direction the world is heading.

But – there is a cure. For you… and for anyone who wants it.

Do you want to know what it is?

We must choose to participate joyfully in the sorrows of the world.

Said another way: you are allowed to be happy, even if others around you are not.

Said another way: stop being over-responsible for other people’s lives and start being responsible for yours.

Said another way: resign as the general manager of the world, the universe, and the multiverse.

You see – nowhere is it written that for you to be happy, everyone else needs to be happy first.

Further… nowhere is it written that you will be able to juggle all the responsibilities of everyone in your life for them.

There is a BIG difference between being responsible and OVER-responsible.

If you are over-responsible in your business, you will get stuck… fall short… and never have actual freedom.

If you are over-responsible in your business, you don’t own a business… you own a job. And when you stop, the business stops.

When you are over-responsible in your romantic life, you keep changing yourself to please others… but you are never pleased, and resentment builds up.

When you are over-responsible in your relationships… you do not set the example for others to follow, but instead… set aside your dreams to support the dreams of others (the problem is… you are teaching those around you by your example not to follow their dreams, but to set them aside).

When you are over-responsible in your spirit life, you try to control everything and can’t surrender to a Higher Order of things.

You see – trauma, fear… these things are like a cancer in our lives.

And, when you allow your trauma and fear to stop you… you are like a cancerous cell that helps to kill the very body it inhabits.

So…. you must decide to get healthy. To heal your trauma, to doubt your fear and to love the part of you that lived in that for so long… just getting by… just surviving.

As you get healthy… you will promote health in those around you.

Waiting to be happy until others are happy makes about as much sense as waiting to not be a cancerous cell until other cells around you are not cancerous.

What’s ironic, is that by not allowing yourself to be happy, healthy and purposeful… you perpetuate and support the very thing you want to change.

By being over-responsible for others… you never allow them the gift of discovering who they really are… and you also deny yourself that same gift.

The cure?

Let it all go… focus on your happiness… focus on your Purpose… and focus on serving others from a place of healthy boundaries and faith in their ability to figure things out.

The paradox of life is this: you must be self-ish so that you can be self-less. You must be less responsible… so that you can be more responsible.

Get my drift?

Make it a great day and as always…

Remember to get out there, take action and make your Purpose real.

Your biggest supporter,