A simple message today:

Get back up.

If you’ve been feeling like now might be the right time to quit….

DON’T Most people give up right before a massive breakthrough.

You’ve got to keep going just a little bit longer than you normally would have in the past.

Push yourself to go further.

Keep the faith.

You have no idea what’s on the other side of staying the course.

Any normal person would have given up by now, but you are far from normal.

You are on the path to discover, live and thrive in your life’s unique purpose.

You are growing into something and something amazing.

And, even if you can’t see it just yet, you are on the edge of a powerful breakthrough.

You’ve just got to keep going a little longer.

Just take one more step today.

You don’t have to get it perfect.

And, you don’t have to do it all at once.

Remember that this life is a journey and a marathon.

It can feel overwhelming and impossible to do everything all at once.

So, don’t even go there.

Just take one step today.

And, if you want to give up… do it.

Give up…

But just for an hour, and then get back to it.

You are allowed to give up for an hour or two.

Just don’t give up all together.

That would be a big mistake.

I promise you that soon you will look back on what’s happening right now and realize that this was the start of something amazing.

And, the greatest gift of what’s happening right now is who you are becoming.

Did you consider that going through this… this is exactly what has to happenĀ for you to step into purpose.

Don’t judge it as good or bad.

Don’t judge yourself.

Have patience.

Keep the faith.

Keep going.

You are doing an amazing job.

Just focus on taking one simple step today.

I’m proud of you.

Today: just keep going.

Remember to get out there, take action and make it real!