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Get out of your own way and look to the future

Do you ever wonder why you take two steps forward and two steps back?

Or maybe… three steps forward and four steps back?

And… no matter what you do… you feel like you’ve tried “everything” and yet nothing can really click… you aren’t getting the result… you aren’t getting to the next level.

If you’ve ever wondered why you do that… let me explain in simple terms.

A part of you believes that the next level of your success is dangerous.

In fact… this part of you thinks it’s so dangerous that it could possibly kill you… and even your loved ones.

Now… I know that sounds dramatic… and it is.

But… hear me out for a moment. You see – you have a nervous system that has been evolving for millions of years…so your nervous systems is a very powerful and intelligent system that is designed to keep you alive.

Which… is a good thing.

The problem is… the nervous system tends to generalize and associate danger/death and doom with anything that represents a threat.

And… when you are trying to change or improve your life… part of the deal is that you need to do new things.

Try new habits. Let go of a relationship.

Speak up for what you need. Set boundaries. Open your heart.

All of these things are new… and the are uncertain.

And… because they are uncertain… that means that your nervous system interprets anything that is uncertain or that could be a “risk” as the same thing as death.

So… without conscious awareness… without our attention… without bringing in our higher nature…. our scared and terrified nervous system can run the show.

And… without even consciously knowing it… your nervous system can think that breaking up with your jerk boyfriend is just as dangerous as being cast out and banished from a tribe to live by and fend for yourself in the desert.

Or… the nervous system can think that quitting your job and starting a business that you love will kill you…

Or that losing the weight and being “see” is lethal…

Or that opening your heart up and loving again will result in the same pain or worst from the past… and that you will die if you experience that kind of pain again.

It’s not a bad thing that your nervous system is trying to keep you safe.

The hard part is that while the nervous system thinks that anything that is uncertain or risky will lead to certain death and it will do anything it can to protect you…

This also means that any risk or uncertainty that is required to love again, start a business, lose the weight, forgive someone or change your life is also seen as a threat by your nervous system.

As a result… your nervous system doesn’t want you taking any risks… risks that could hurt you…. and risks that could help you change your life.

So, the practice must be… to bring your conscious awareness to your life… and to work to send messages to your nervous system that you are safe… and that it’s okay for you to take risks that your heart… your soul…. and your Creator is nudging you to take.

Starting your dream business won’t kill you.

Opening your heart again and loving someone won’t kill you.

Letting go of trying to control others won’t kill you.

Living your Purpose won’t kill you.

But, when you deny the yearnings of your heart…. when you deny the yearnings of your soul… when you deny the calling of that greater destiny that you know you are meant to live…

You commit slow/passive suicide every day.

Because while our ancestors were focused on primarily just surviving…. we get the privilege to have our basic needs met and shift our focus to thriving… and living in our Purpose.

You owe it to your children, parents, loved ones…. all those who came before you… all those who died to create freedom for you in the past… all those who laid their life on the line for your freedom and all those who are still not able to have the privilege to live their Purpose to dedicate YOUR life to living your Purpose.

When you discover your Purpose… when you bring it to life… you give others hope through not just your words… but your EXAMPLE that they, too – can be free.

Your Purpose won’t kill you – it will bring your greatest dreams to life.

Call B.S. on the survival fear of your nervous system and get busy taking risks.

Your future self will be glad you did.

Remember to get out there, take action and make it real!

Four Steps To break free from patterns that hold you back

Do you have some habit, pattern or behavior that you do over and over again, and no matter what… it seems like it’s almost impossible to break?

Maybe it’s stuffing your face with ice cream (gluten free, of course).

Maybe it’s another failed romantic relationship attempt.

Maybe it’s an addiction.

Maybe you keep giving your power away.

Maybe you’ve had the same fight over and over again and want to stop.

Whatever it is… most of us have at least one, if not more, old patterns in our life that don’t do us any good.

So, how do we break ’em? It can feel impossible, but let me assure you, it’s not.

You can break free from the patterns that hold you back.

And when you do, you step into a whole new kind of world.

A world of greater learning, greater abundance, greater Love, joy and yes, greater purpose.

Over the past few weeks I’ve received many replies from the community that is asking the same question:

How Do I Break Old Survival Patterns™ (SP’s) that hold me back?

If you’ve been wondering this, today, I’m going to give you the map.

The short answer is this:

To break any old SP, you need a pattern interrupt.

And if you aren’t sure what an SP is – let me define it for you:

A Survival Pattern™ is an unconscious (fancy word for hidden, like you, don’t know you have it) and irrational (meaning, it makes no logical sense) fear that is based on past trauma that prevents you from moving forward.

SP’s can be felt in the body. SP’s are an automatic response to any uncertainty or stress.

We’ve all experienced trauma in our lives, which, essentially is a wound created by emotional isolation and being physical, emotionally or mentally unsafe.

The stereotypical thinking about trauma is that it’s only trauma if it’s extreme – like physical abuse, for example.

However, trauma is not just for those extreme examples.

We all experience trauma on different scales.

And to the brain, trauma is trauma.

So, it’s a common mistake to think that other people’s “trauma” is more significant or valid than yours.

Don’t go there. The way you feel is valid.

So, how do we break a traumatic SP that is almost an automatic and unconscious response in our brain and body?

Pro tip: It’s vital to move through these steps quickly. Otherwise you run the risk of your SP’s running you. The goal is not to indulge your SP, but rather break it… So, make it your intention to keep moving through the steps.

Step 1 – Identify The Pattern

The first step is admitting you have an SP.

Late night binge eating. Overspending. Toxic relationship. Whatever it is, the first thing you must do is say:


It can feel scary to do this because we have been falsely trained to believe that if we admit to our SP’s – then that will make things worse.

Not acknowledging your SP is like putting duct tape over your fuel gauge in your car and pretending you won’t run out of fuel if you don’t see the light. So, admit you have it.

Where is it? What does it feel like in your body? How familiar is this feeling? And then move on to Step 2.

Step 2 – Acknowledge The Pattern.

Pattern’s start to die when they are acknowledged. When you say… “AHA – there you are!” SP’s be like… “Who, me?” And, they tend to lessen.

The difference between acknowledging and identifying is that identification is about becoming aware that you even have an SP…

Acknowledgment is giving it your attention and saying hello.

Give your SP a name, other than your own.

For me, I call one of my SP’s “Rod The Fraud” – when I feel like I’m a fraud and not enough. (Yup, that still happens.)

And, you don’t want to stay in the SP too long, though.

If you find yourself mostly talking about the SP, and seeking out other people to validate it, then you are keeping yourself stuck.

Acknowledgment is essential, but we must also keep moving to the next step to break the pattern.

Remember, SP’s hold you back.

Don’t put them in the driver’s seat, just let them know you see them and love them.

Step 3 – Neutralize The Pattern

Next up, now that we know that you do in fact have an SP and you’ve named it.

Now, it’s time to neutralize it. It’s easy to want to forget this step and just keep going.

The neutralization of the SP means you have to grow.

And, it means you get to “kill” your SP. And your SP will resist this.

This is where the phrase “Old Patterns Die Hard” come from… Or… “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”

Patterns can be strong. And there is only way to neutralize them.

You must override the pattern with an equal or greater emotional experience.

You cannot do this on the level of thinking.

Repeat, you cannot THINK your way out of an SP.

You must feel your way out of it.

There are all kinds of ways to do this.

For me, the SP of wanting to stuff my face with caramel popcorn or cinnamon rolls starts to surface around 7/8pm and lasts til about 9:30 pm.

So, instead of just white knuckling it, I ask my SP… like literally… “What do you need right now?”

Typically, the answer is something like, “To feel safe.”

I know I have a “witching hour” in the evening.

So, I design my day to interrupt that SP with a more powerful positive emotional experience.

It could be a massage, a Kundalini Yoga class, meditation…

Recently I’ve discovered the awesome experience of “Escape Rooms” (OMG!) and have gone during the witching hour.

It is a pattern interrupt on an emotional level, designed at the time of day that the SP tends to rear it’s head.

Also, I have an old SP that thinks that on the weekends I “deserve” to go to town on “treat meal.”

Especially on Friday and Saturday nights.

So, I am mindful of how I spend those nights.

In fact, a big measure of how healthy I am is based on the quality of my Friday and Saturday nights.

So, I put a BIG focus on those evenings of the week and making sure I design emotional pattern interrupts into my routine.

Other ways to break the pattern on an emotional level are:

Kundalini Yoga, EMDR, Escape Rooms, Massage, Meditation, going to a 12-Step Meeting, being in nature, getting a life coach, a therapist, going on a retreat or attending a seminar.

You want to neutralize the SP on the emotional level. That’s how you override it.

Then, move on to Step 4.

Step 4 – Turn the SP into an act of Love and Purposeful Work

SP’s in the body are basically parts of ourselves that hold trauma and are underdeveloped. It’s as if are bodies are screaming for attention and healing.

One of the best ways to heal your SP’s long term is to serve others.

I started by first blog, The Daily Love, with a ton of anger energy.

I was mad at a former business partner for what I thought and believed at the time was a Soul level betrayal.

Instead of channeling my energy into taking him down or focusing on how “screwed over” I felt… I decided to serve others.

I channeled my anger into purposeful works of Love.

Use the energy of your SP’s and direct it to help others.

Donate your time. Write a blog. Call a friend in need. Forgive your family. Find someone to help.

The old saying goes, “If you’re feeling helpless, help someone.”

Nothing is quite as healing as helping to alleviate the suffering of others.

This is the power of 12-Steps, group coaching courses like Claim Your Power and other community driven programs.

And, you don’t need to wait to have a million followers to help someone.

Literally, help the next person you see.

Offer to buy their groceries, or give them a smile or compliment.

There is no shortage of the need for kindness and being of service today.

And, be unconditionally kind.

Not just to people like you. Be kind to those you would normally judge (yes, I know you judge other people, still… that’s okay… break the pattern).

If you open your eyes, you will see at least ten opportunities right in front of you.

OK – so….

Those are the Four Steps to breaking a Survival Pattern™ – those pesky patterns that hold you back.

Now it’s over to you…


Breaking an SP is a process. So, be kind to yourself, be patient with yourself and strive to make small baby steps each day.

Your mantra today is…. one step at a time.

Baby steps.

Remember to get out there, take action and make it real!

Steps you can take To Never Be Let Down Again

If you ever have that feeling like you don’t matter… there’s a way to change that.

When you have the experience that your needs don’t matter.

When you ask the question… does anyone see me?

Do I matter?

Or perhaps you’ve given and given, and you’re wondering:

Where’s mine?

There’s only one thing you’ve got to do.

What’s that? It’s simple… but not easy.

It’s time to put yourself first.

Now, look. That doesn’t mean being selfish.

And I’m not talking about only focusing on yourself.

But, there needs to be more energy, more life force in your cup. You cannot quench your thirst from an empty cup.

The wise thing to do is to take control and responsibility for getting your needs met.

If you aren’t getting your needs met right now, it’s time to stop blaming others for that.

It’s time to slow down and to ask yourself what you need.

What are your needs? What do you need, exactly?

Maybe it’s something as simple as a hug.

Or perhaps it’s quality time. Or maybe you need support in this new life that is forming in front of your eyes.

Perhaps you need some quality alone time to be with your thoughts.

Maybe all you need is to know that they will be there when you call for them.

You need to know that they got your back.

Whatever it is… whatever you need….

The first step is to make sure that you know what it is.

The second step is to give it to yourself, first.

Then, you’ve got to figure out how to communicate your needs to others in a way that is clear and specific.

If you don’t know what you need, then neither will anyone else.

If you don’t know what you need, then it will be impossible for someone else to give it to you… no matter how much they Love you.

So, if you’re feeling invisible or like you don’t matter…

Take your power back and get to know yourself.

What do you need? How can you give it to yourself? How can you take others off the hook for meeting your needs first? How can you set those people up in your life to give you what you need, too?

Most of the time, not getting your needs meet comes from a lack of understanding of what your needs are, how to identify them… and then how to give them to yourself – and then ask for them from others.

What if the people in your life weren’t bad.

Or what if they weren’t meeting your needs simply because they had no idea what they were?

And what would that say about how you’ve taught them to interact with you?

If you want your needs to be met, know thyself.

If you want to feel seen, see yourself.

If you want to matter, then matter to yourself.

From that place, share with others what you need.

Be kind to them. Be patient. Let them off the hook. Let yourself off the hook.

And, start building a life where you can fill your own cup.

Then, nothing can stop you.

And you won’t be let down ever again.

Remember to get out there, take action and make it real!

Sunday love for you

Yesterday I sent an email coaching you about how to get your needs met.

Be it a relationship, business, in your health, your finances… you name it.

If you feel invisible or resentful that life, the world, your family, friends, partner, etc. aren’t “seeing you” – there’s help.

Today on the podcast I speak with a dear friend of mine, Agapi Stassinopoulos.

Agapi is a Greek goddess in her own right.

She and her sister Arianna Huffington are a power house family that knows how to get things done.

Agapi literally means unconditional Love – it’s no surprise that she is here on the podcast today to teach you how to Wake Up To The Joy of You.

If you want to get your needs met… if you want to ground the “woo woo” stuff with practical steps… if you want to reset your Soul… this podcast is for you.

>Click here to listen on iTunes.

>If you don’t have iTunes, click here to listen.

Agapi has had a powerful impact on my life.

She believed in me when I was couch surfing and always helped me speak victory and support into my dreams.

And now, she will do the same for you.

Here are your next steps:

1. Listen here on iTunes.

2. Or, listen here on any other device.

3. SUBSCRIBE to the podcast on iTunes and leave an honest review.

4. Reply back to me: What’s one step you can take to meet your needs and wake up to the joy of you?

This Sunday, invoke the sacred with Agapi and let’s set you up to get your needs met, the thrive in your life, to have supportive relationships and to have your heart filled with Love.

You’re awesome!

Remember to get out there, take action and make it real!

Never Hate Mondays Again

Reality check moment.

Are you heading to a job today that you hate?

Are you stuck in a business that is draining you?

Are you looking forward to the week, or are you already counting down to the weekend?

This morning, I jumped out of bed and started my typical morning routine:

1. Vitamins and Omegas.

2. Modified Bulletproof Coffee Hot Chocolate

3. AM Cardio for an hour and three liters of water.

4. Meditation

5. Writing this post.

And, after I’m done with this, I’ll head to the gym for my morning weights.

I love Mondays.


Because I am pumped for the week.

A whole week to make my mark, to serve our clients, to create, to earn and to spend with those that I love (most notably, of course, the Love of my life Jenna).

This is a stark contrast to how it used to be.

I used to dread Mondays.

When I was in a soul-sucking job, at rock bottom of addiction or couch surfing – Mondays terrified me.

Another week of… missing out.

Not knowing the right steps to take.

Not knowing what business to start.

Having no clue what my purpose is.

If you’re in a place right now where you’re feeling this Monday contraction about your job or your career – there is help.

As your coach, it’s my duty to hold you to a higher standard and also share with you all the tools I know that can help you get ahead.

That’s why I share quotes, affirmations, blogs, videos and daily coaching emails to encourage and inspire you to bring your purpose tp life each and every day.

Today I want to talk to you about one of the most powerful tools I used to turn Mondays into my favorite day of the week.

It’s probably not what you think.

The best way to turn Monday into your favorite day is to love what you do.

To serve others. To make a real impact. To be in the flow of a Power Greater than you.

And, I love fast change.

Who wants to wait another life time or two to get about the business of living your purpose? Making your mark? Living in abundance?

So, this tool is also something that can bring about rapid change.

Like, fast…

What is this tool?

It’s called IMMERSION.

You’ve got to get out of your comfort zone.

You’ve got to make a radical decision to change it up.

Even if you’ve tried before and it didn’t work.

Even if you think that it’s too late.

Even if you aren’t sure where to start.

Even if you think it’s impossible.

You’ve got to get out of your normal routine.

To see a broader perspective.

IMMERSION has been one of the most powerful tools I’ve used to break free from the trap of a soul-sucking job.

* It’s a time to be distraction free…

* To be focused on the outcome you want to produce…

* To be surrounded by people who lift you up.

* To get expert mentorship to assist you to go further, faster.

* It’s almost impossible to change in a vacuum all by yourself in the same routine that you;ve had forever.

Everyone has help.

IMMERSION with a mentor can change things up fast.

So, decide today that you are going to create an IMMERSION experience ASAP.

PRO TIP: there is no perfect time to do this. It will always be “inconvenient”…

But, it will only be an inconvenience to the life you don’t want to live anymore.

Break free from your habits. Find perspective. Get help. Find support.


You don’t have to hate Monday’s.

Let’s turn Monday into your favorite day of the week.



Cut off all digital distraction. Find perspective.

The solution, the life, the abundance that you’re looking for is available right now… all it takes is a change in perspective to find it.

Let’s make Monday the new Saturday.

Make it a great week and may this be the last Monday where you wake up and wish it were the weekend.

No matter what’s happened in the past, all it takes is a change in perspective for your life to change.

Remember to get out there, take action and make it real!

What To Do When You Don’t Feel Good Enough

The feeling of “not being enough” can stop us dead in our tracks.

Maybe you’re thinking:

Who am I to start this business?

Can I really be a good parent?

Do I really deserve to get paid abundantly?

Am I special enough to have a unique purpose?

Who am I to be great?

These questions do not produce quality answers.

When you are tapped into your confidence, when you know with certainty that you can and will thrive in your life’s unique purpose… when you believe in your heart of hearts that the life you desire IS possible…

That’s when you are unstoppable.

But, the problem is clear. Not feeling enough is a hard feeling to overcome, especially if you’ve been stuck in feeling that way for a while.

And – you can break free from this feeling.

But, it’s not how you might think.

You see… in order to dissolve the feeling of “not enough” the first thing we must do is…

Admit that we are not enough.

Now – wait for a moment and let me explain.

That might sound like bad advice and perhaps not what you thought I would say.

But, hear me out.

I want you to think of yourself as a raindrop.

And, you dream of being a massive wave.

A raindrop, all by itself… can’t be a massive wave.

But, when it connects to a Power Greater than itself, the Ocean, it can fulfill it’s dream of being a wave.

You are the same.

By yourself, disconnected from a Power Greater than you, in isolation – you are not enough.

But, you can choose, in every moment, to surrender and connect to a Power Greater than you.

Be it a Higher Power or Higher Calling or Higher Purpose… when you connect to a Power Greater than you, you align yourself with a larger energy.

When you join that larger energy, you are more than enough.

So, when you’re feeling “not enough” – from this moment forward, choose to see that as an opportunity to connect back to a Power Greater than you.

And, you’ll see… that the “not enough” feeling will dissipate.

With God, all things are possible.

With Purpose, all things are possible.

With Love, all things are possible.

Tap into that Greater Power, today.

When you do, you’ll feel more than enough.

Remember to get out there, take action and make it real!

How I Overcame My Toughest Cravings (and you can, too)

Want to know why you haven’t quite been able to reach that goal?

You might want to lose weight.

Or have better family relationships.

Or leave a toxic relationship.

Or find your Soulmate.

Or have more abundance in your life.

Many times, the goals we set can feel so far away that we falsely believe that they are impossible to achieve.

But, that’s not the case.

If you can imagine it, you can create it.

So, it’s not a matter of imagination that stops you.

Then, what does stop you?

In his groundbreaking book “The Power of Habit,” Charles Duhigg explains that there are three parts of any habit…

They are:

1. Cue

2. Action

3. Reward

About two years ago, I had a massive habit change with my health.

I was diagnosed with prediabetes. I looked at my habit loops around food, and I knew they had to change.


Because they weren’t working any more.

My old habit was:

1. Cue: get cravings around 6/7pm, see food I want, or crave food I can order.

2. Action: Order or eat the food and imagine that it had no bearing on my health.

3. Reward: temporarily satisfy my craving.

But, this head-in-the-sand approach to food wasn’t working.

My body was sending me signals. I had to change.

I had to up my standards and go for a different reward.

So, I needed to change the “reward” of satisfying a craving to living in a healthy body without prediabetes.

I changed the reward and thought that that was all I had to do. But, I also had to change my action (step 2).

You see, I didn’t want to pretend I didn’t have cravings.

But, I did set out to satisfy my cravings in a different way.

Instead of eating during the witching hour, I would get a massage, go for a walk, connect with people I love, do a Kundalini Yoga class. I would still satisfy the craving, but in a way that didn’t involve eating bad food late at night.

Now, this is still a work in progress for me, but this one shift has changed my life.

The take away is this…

If you up the level of expectation you have of yourself… meaning that you want a better reward in your life… you MUST change your behavior, you MUST that new, imperfect and courageous action.

This is what Einstein meant when he said that you couldn’t solve a problem on the same level of thinking that created it.

You also can’t get a better reward if you are taking the same action.


Look at one habit that you want to change… and keep a journal for seven says.

Write down the following questions from The Power of Habit when you have a craving come up that you want to overcome:

1. Where are you?

2. What time is it?

3. What’s your emotional state?

4. Who else is around?

5. What action preceded the urge?

After one week, you will see the deeper root of this craving.

Maybe your environment needs to change.

Maybe it’s a time of day.

Maybe it’s an emotional craving.

Maybe someone in your life is the trigger, or maybe it’s something else that causes it.

See the common patterns in the answers to these questions and then start getting ahead of the craving.

If you know that at 7 pm each night you crave watching Netflix or having a bottle of wine and that’s holding you back – set yourself to meet your emotional needs in a different way.

It’s far better to work with your cravings than to deny them.

Not accepting your cravings and what they need is one major reason why you aren’t getting that goal just yet.

Become aware of your cravings and turn unhealthy habits into healthy ones.

Comment on this post and let me know what you found out about yourself.

You are power. Keep it up!

Don’t delay… you only live once (YOLO)… make the most of today!

Remember to get out there, take action and make it real!

About Addiction

I opened my email this morning to read the daily questions I get from my Tribe (ahem, YOU).

This morning, there were two back-to-back emails asking about how to quit an addiction.

One was smoking. The other was drinking.

I’ve had my own battle with addiction: cocaine, sugar, codependency, etc. Addiction almost killed me.

There are so many things you and I could be addicted to, like: Distraction, sex, drugs, alcohol, shopping, social media, drama, technology, etc., etc., etc. The list goes on and on.

The question becomes…. how in the WORLD do you, and I break an addiction?

First, we must define addiction.

Perhaps the best definition I know is from my friend Tommy Rosen, who writes:

“I define addiction as any behavior, substance-related or not, that is socially creating and temporarily pleasurable but has long-term negative consequences and the inability to give it up. So basically it’s pleasure-creating negative consequences and loss of control. That’s what an addiction is.”

So, addiction is a short-term payoff that produces a long-term net negative.

Through that lens, we can see that our definition of addiction was widened.

So, through that lens..

What do you see in your own life? What are you addicted to?

One of the best ways to stop addiction is first to admit that you have an addiction.

If you are in denial, then you can’t change anything.

If you can admit that there is in fact something or someone that you are addicted to, then we can work to make it better.

So, how do you “cure” an addiction?

Well, I won’t go so far as to say that it can be 1000% cured, but we can help you achieve full recovery.

Here’s how:

1. Admit It

You have to admit that you have an addiction first and foremost. Once you admit it, things start to move.

2. Be Willing To Change

You don’t have to actually change just yet, but simply the willingness to try is what counts. Great things are possible for those who are willing.

3. Find Support From A Sober Mentor and Soul Tribe

You see, many times healthy habits aren’t “taught” they are “caught.” Just hanging around with sober people has a positive effect because they are demonstrating for you what success looks like.

4. Find A Healthier Substitute For Your Addictive Cravings

I’ve found it best to work with cravings than against them. Yesterday I wrote about how to change your habits around to satisfy your addictive craving in a healthier way. For me, Friday and Saturday night’s are the hardest nights of the week for my sugar cravings. So I get out in front of them and book a massage, a yoga class or go to an Escape Room. The other activity helps to soothe the craving instead of just white knuckling it at home trying to resist the craving without helping it get soothed.

5. Take A Holistic Approach To Your Heath

Addiction is not just about the substance or object of your addiction. There’s a lot more to it.

Addiction impacts the brain.

Addiction impacts the gut.

Addiction impacts your nervous system.

Addiction impacts your mindset and psychology.

Addiction impacts your personal relationships.

Addiction impacts the environment that you’re in.

Addiction impacts your hormones.

Addiction impacts your Spirit.

Addiction is covering up unhealed trauma from your past.

So, when getting clean – you must address these issue, here’s how:

– Make sure you get your brain healthy. The Amen Clinics is the best brain health center in the world, get there.

– Make sure you have a healthy gut. Go see a functional medicine doctor, do a microbiome test. Work with the doctor to make your gut better.

– Make sure you have a healthy nervous system. Exercise is key. Kundalini Yoga is massive. Daily movement.

– Make sure you have a good mindset. Get into therapy or hire a life coach. Fill your mind with inspirational material. Get your mind right. Find a sponsor and hang out. Go to 40 meetings in 40 days.

– Make sure you have good relationships. You must separate from people who enable your addiction. Hang with sober folks. Hang with positive people. Also, make amends to your friends and family.

– Make sure you are in a clean environment, a sober environment. Don’t have anything in your home that triggers you.

Make sure that you have a Soul Tribe. Get positive people around you, ASAP.

– Make sure you have balanced hormones. Your functional medicine doctor can help. Also, your diet has a MASSIVE influence on your hormones. Find a nutritionist who can help you figure out the right foods for you; your functional doctor will know one for sure.

– Make sure to get your Spirit right. This means to connect to a Power Greater than you. And it also means help others. Addiction makes us focus on ourselves, being of service to others can help us stay sober. When we make a positive impact on others, we feel better.

– Make sure you are aware that addiction is covering up past trauma. Get trauma support from a life coach, therapist or someone who specializes in healing trauma. This also means be kind to those wounded parts of you. We all have ’em.

Addiction is a killer. It’s complicated. It takes time. Be patient with yourself and the process.

I wish I had had the information I just shared with you when I was first getting sober; it would have saved me years of time.

You don’t need to have a perfect plan. You just need to get started.

And, the most powerful quality that can help you get and stay sober and thrive in your life is the power of being willing to change.

If you are willing, God can work miracles in your life.

Remember to get out there, take action and make it real!

How To Overcome Comparison And Stand Out

Comparison online is at an epidemic level today.

There have been so many studies and an incredible amount of data to come out about how comparing yourself to others online has incredibly negative results in your life.

Extreme examples like teenage suicide rates climbing, to chronic depression to feeling not enough…

The list of the net negative effects of comparison online are staggering, yet we still do it.

There can be so many limiting beliefs that this comparison creates that it can stop you dead in your tracks.

Chronic comparison can crush your purpose.

It can kill your business, and it can drive you to the depths of depression.

What’s ironic is that you are uniquely made. There is no one like you.

The reason why chronic comparison is so debilitating is because deep down you know that you are unique and that you are meant to do great things.

I am a champion of your greatness, your uniqueness, and your success.

Recently, I was scrolling my Facebook newsfeed and saw an amazing ad for a webinar.

I see ads for webinars all the time, but this time something made me take notice.

I clicked through and was impressed by the website and the topic of the webinar, so I signed up.

Then, I signed up and watched the webinar and loved the presentation.

And I learned a lot. I was so impressed that I then enrolled in the course offered at the end of the webinar.

When I got into the course, I was equally impressed.

This person had 100% stood out in a crowded market place, expressed their different style and had created something totally unique to offer as a course.

I was so impressed with the whole process that I reached out and asked them to be on the podcast because I wanted to know the mindset and the story of someone who produced such an outstanding result.

And, I’m happy to say they said YES. I was also happy to find out that they were a fan of my work. It’s always awesome to be in the mutual admiration society.

Who is this person?

I’d like to introduce you to Sunny Lenarduzzi.

I predict big things for Sunny in the future, and this podcast is ON POINT.

>Listen here on iTunes.

>If you don’t have iTunes, listen here.

Sunny was remarkably real and vulnerable in this podcast.

And, she shares all kinds of powerful mindset shifts and strategies for standing out in a crowded market place.

I also love how Sunny used a heartbreaking relationship betrayal to fuel her success, instead of preventing it.

If you are wondering how to find your gifts, what makes you unique and how to turn heartbreak into success… in other words… if you want to be your own boss… you’ve got to check out this podcast.

>Listen here on iTunes.

>Listen here everywhere else.

And, if you haven’t already, please make sure to:

>SUBSCRIBE to my podcast by clicking here.

So that you don’t miss any of these amazing podcasts and that you are the first to know when a new episode comes out.


1. Listen to the podcast with Sunny.

2. Take notes.

3. Take action and make it happen.

This is a powerful podcast from a new voice.


Remember to get out there, take action and make it real!

A Monday Prayer for you

Happy Monday – here’s a prayer for you today:

May you feel blessed in the middle of all the challenges of your list, for they are how you grow.

May you choose to have compassion for anyone who is a negative force in their life, for these people are doing the best they can from their point of view.

May you see beyond any criticism they experience from others and choose to see that beneath the surface of whoever is criticizing you, is just a scared child in a grown up body.

May you remember that at you core, you are only Love.

May you be that Love today.

May you remember where you came from.

May you remember that you cannot fix a spiritual problem with blame, envy, stress or hard work.

May you let go a little today and trust that all is unfolding perfectly in your life.

Please be patient with yourself and all that you messed up and get wrong.

Please allow yourself to see that every mistake, every setback, every heart ache and every stressful experience is an opportunity for you to find the blessing instead of what’s wrong.

May you see that everything is unfolding in perfect Divine order in your life.

May you know that every resource that you need is right at your fingertips.

All you have to do is look with the eyes of faith and forgiveness and you will see that all is being provided for you in perfect order.

May you lay down any insecurities that you might be feeling.

May you let go of any comparison to others that you might be doing.

May you choose to put you first this week and remember that the only way to truly help others is from your place of happiness and fulfillment.

May you remember that what’s for you will never miss you and what isn’t for you will miss you.

May you let go of any feelings of missing out, or any thoughts about it being too late.

May you decide that this week, you are in control of what you think, feel and believe.

May you release any limiting beliefs that is holding you back.

May you heal any wounds that are asking for healing. May you forgive yourself and anyone who hurt you in the past.

May you remember that forgiveness doesn’t make right what happened, but it does set you free from the past.

May you remember that when you forgives yourself and others and is set free from the past, that that is how you create the future that you are dreaming of.

Finally, may you remember that you never walk alone and that YOU are always with you.

Please be blessed with a sign that you are with you today.

Please send confirmation that you are on the right path.

Please help with whatever is being praying for and may you know that the moment you ask YOU for a blessing that it is immediately delivered.

May you see everything that happens today as an answer to yours deepest prayer, even if it makes no logical sense to you.

May you heal quickly from whatever is up for you to heal this week.

Bless you.

Bless your family.

Bless your finances.

Bless your health.

Bless your purpose.

Bless your journey.


Remember to get out there, take action and make it real!