Love. Romantic love.

Do you crave it? Did you have it and lose it? Do you feel stuck in your relationship where before you felt free? Or maybe you went through a rough breakup and are timid about getting into another relationship.

Here’s the good news – there is a spiritual lesson in every romantic relationship.

If you are single, you can learn the lesson from your previous relationship, or if you are in a relationship, you can learn the lesson and go deeper.

Want to learn the spiritual lesson of your relationship? That’s what this week’s training is all about.

Love and passion in a relationship make our lives come alive. A fulfilling relationship makes your life worth living. It takes you deeper. It heals you. It brings your heart out.

My therapist once told me after I had read hundreds of self-help books, “Congrats Mastin, now if you really want to grow, get into a relationship.”

BOOM – what powerful advice.

There is a spiritual lesson, let’s learn it together by clicking here.

After you’ve watched this week’s coaching video, please leave a comment below the video and let me know the spiritual lesson that is up for you right now in your life.

When you learn this lesson, everything improves. It’s my great honor to share with you how to learn the spiritual lesson in your relationship and bring you closer to fulfilling love, today.

Make it a great day!


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[Begin transcript]

Hey there! I’m Mastin Kipp, best-selling author of the book Daily Love: Growing into Grace and creator of Daily Love TV. Welcome to this week’s episode. This week we’re going to talk about romantic relationships, but a little bit of a different tweak on them.

Did you know that there is a spiritual message in your romantic relationships? When you look at the first three to six months, you fall in love but you don’t really fall in love. What you fall in is chemical soup, right? You fall into dopamine. You fall into oxytocin, epinephrine, norepinephrine, serotonin – all the neuro-chemicals and all the peptides and all the different hormones of the body just kind of flood together in this chemical soup. And you feel that sort of magical, mystical, incredible feeling.

The reason why is two-fold. One, because you’re given an experience of what divine enlightenment or the experience of God consciousness or whatever that might be, you’re getting that experience of what that feels like temporarily. And also the biology is designed to make sure that we’re bonding and having sex so the species continues. But the veil eventually drops on all relationships and you see the person for their flaws, and the things that used to make you really love this person are the things that now really piss you off. And instead of leaving, unless you’re being physically abused – in which case, get out immediately – there is an opportunity for you to learn the spiritual lesson.

Here’s what we’ve learned. We all have childhood wounds that we’ve been through, and what’s fascinating is we tend to draw to us people who are of the opposite energy in many ways. So what that means is that if we are the quiet one, we’re attracted to the loud one. Or if we’re the insensitive one, we’re attracted to the sensitive one. And so if we don’t begin to embody the traits in our partner that we admire, we will start to push them away. The reason why you’re attracted to someone is not just physical, chemical and pheromonal; there’s also a spiritual lesson for you. There are pieces of your childhood that need to be worked out. And you get the opportunity to see this beautiful example of someone in front of you who has the elements that you’re missing.

So, you can make them wrong for it, you can argue and try to change them – that never works – or you could really start to take responsibility for your side of the relationship and go, hmm, what’s my spiritual lesson here? Maybe I’m being asked to be more sensitive or maybe I’m being asked to have a greater sense of self or maybe I’m being asked to have more empathy or maybe I’m being asked to open up and be more vulnerable or maybe I’m learning how to set more boundaries. Because the thing that attracts you to someone will be the thing that pisses you off and will be the reason why you break up, unless you embody it.

And here’s the thing, deal with it now. You can leave the relationship and then go on to another relationship, but the thing is you’re just going to keep having that sort of chemical soup in love over and over and over again. The veil will always drop. You’ll date the same person in different shoes. So if you’re in a relationship now and you feel stuck, use this as an opportunity to learn the spiritual lesson because you’re going to learn it one way or another. You’re going to find yourself in the exact same position in the future that you are in right now. So you get the opportunity to dive deeper and really embody what you’ve learned.

So without ego, without needing to be right, without trying to step into the sort of hierarchy of you’re right/they’re wrong – because remember, in a relationship there’s not a sick one and well one. You’re both sick and you’re both well and you’re both going to take responsibility for your side of the street. So really ask yourself, what’s my partner teaching me? Can I be more courteous? Can I be more loving? Do I need to set more boundaries? Do I need to speak up for myself? Do I need to be more sensitive? What attracted you to that person, what’s pissing you off about that person and honestly, how could you embody it? This advice has saved so many relationships. So really think about this. If you know someone who’s in a relationship right now and they’re having some strife, send them this video. It can be very eye-opening for them to get this type of information.

You might be watching this video over on Facebook or over on YouTube. I’m going to invite you to come on over to and really think, what is the spiritual message in my relationship beyond the in-love feelings, beyond the oxytocin? What is the spiritual message? How am I being asked and offered the opportunity to grow here in deeper and deeper ways? Leave a comment below this video and let me know because this is a very powerful lesson. If you don’t learn it now, you’ll learn it in the future, so let’s skip all the heartbreak, let’s skip all that stuff, and help you learn the lesson now so that you can go to the next level in your spiritual life and also in your romantic life. Also, please feel free to subscribe to us over on YouTube so that you can get instant access to whenever we upload a new video. And most importantly, and as always here at Daily Love TV, remember to get out there, take action and make it real. We’ll see you next time!

[End transcript]

56 thoughts on “The spiritual lesson of your romantic relationship.

  1. Dear Mastin,
    Thank you for this great insight. I just broke off a relationship. We had an intense time together, with some big setbacks in both of our lives and we stood strong for each other. But all the time there was a hesitation from his part, which I could no longer deny. This relationship learned me to set boundaries, love myself more in stead of searching it at his part and be more open and myself. We still love each other very deeply, but he doesn’t see me as his future wife, which is sometimes hard for me to understand, if the love is so strong. But giving up on the relationship gives me also power to move on and find someone who is willing to go to the next level with me. Thanks again for all your advice and motivation. Keep up the good work. Love Maria

    1. Thanks for sharing, Maria! We’re sorry to hear about your relationship, but happy to see that you realize what’s going on and what your next steps need to be to get the love that you desire. We are cheering you on! ~Team Daily Love

      1. i,m married for last 33 yrs. it was an arranged.he is nice but very controlling i never really felt the connection. we have two grown kids. how do i turn this around

        1. Hi Anita! If there is a way in which you could sit down and have an honest conversation with him you might be able to work about some of the issues or feelings you’re having. It would also be good to get still and really try to meditate on the situation to hear what your higher wisdom is telling you. Even just taking a small amount of time for you each day will help bring clarification and a fresh outlook. Lots of love to you! ~Team Daily Love

  2. This is maybe a key I was looking for. I knew this on some level but maybe not the ‘bigger picture’. I knew I was attracting what I was putting out – someone closed off emotionally, and not emotionally unavailable, so I have been trying to change that in myself, work on this aspect of myself. And my husband is indeed the opposite in that he is tolerant, accepting, lets everything go, lets people be themselves, is good at including himself and being part of the community, all the things I need to learn. I am more ‘out of the box’, won’t run with the crowd, think of different levels, love hanging out with strangers, in some ways more outgoing and outspoken. But my extrovert qualities have seemed to have shut him down over the years – sort of scared him off, and now I am struggling to remain with someone who I feel totally disconnected from. We are not growing together. I feel I am growing alone. I see the lesson, and maybe my time with this person is up, but I so wish he would learn the lesson and grow with me. 12 years of marriage & 2 children make me resist giving up on it, even though for me it might be the healthy option in the end.

    1. Hi Miranda, each situation is different and you really need to be still and listen to what your inner self is saying. Perhaps the two of you can have an honest talk about your relationship and what you’ve noticed and are now feeling. Maybe he wants to get close again but doesn’t know how, maybe not. Hopefully that will help you to become more clear on your path together. Much love! ~Team Daily Love

  3. WHAT vs. HOW
    I completely agree with the assessment. If we don’t take the lesson, we’ll keep repeating the course.
    What I find missing often in these “lectures” is compassion and instructions for those in need. “Go out there and embody your opposite” is obvious on paper. And in the shallowest levels, we all already know that. The hard part is how. How do I get past anger, guilt for missed opportunities, hurt, doubt, and plain and simple ignorance of what to do next?
    How about compassion for oneself and the other? Meditation on clarity for what the lesson is? Writing exercises listing what you like and dislike in myself and the other? And sharing it with someone else to help me see what correlates and what I need to learn in the first place? How about prayer for willingness? How about surrender to what is? Remembering my first “soup” feelings and trying to bring those back as the backdrop to what anything I am trying to change/become? After all the other person is not my coach or therapist. If I forget for a second that I’m supposed to be in love in order to do this work from within the relationship, I am simply using the other person. I am not living an honest spiritual life.
    What is often missing here are SOLUTIONS. Orders are given plenty. For most of us, what we need are instructions on what to do, baby steps on how to get to the places where most of us, spiritual seekers, already know we want to go.
    I appreciate Mastin’s passion but it often lacks tools to help us achieve what is demanded of us.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, Gil! I’m sorry you don’t feel that you were given the actual steps needed to apply this in your life. Mastin doesn’t encourage you in any way to use the other person. Instead, he is suggesting that if you’re having a tough time in the relationship or things aren’t going as they used to, rather than blaming the other person or getting upset with all their flaws, look to yourself to see what maybe you could be doing to be a better partner in the relationship. And if you’re not in one, reflect on your past relationship to see what qualities you both had and where maybe things really went wrong and how you could have done things differently – and therefore can do next time. And looking at those traits can be useful as it will expose areas that you can work on for yourself. It’s all about helping ourselves and our relationships grow. I hope this helps to explain Mastin’s intention with the lesson this week. ~Team Daily Love

      1. I do not disagree with WHAT Mastin says in any way, shape or form. I hope that was clear. What I expressed was the lack of solutions on to HOW to achieve what he suggests. Neither on how to create clarity on what we need to look at and “embody,” nor on how to do this embodying. Both incredible things to accomplish, I agree with Mastin. But how does one do it? “Just do it” is a slogan from another label, not the Daily Love. I offered some suggestions which work for my relationship. What does Mastin recommend as a way to get there? I hear his experience and strength. Where is the hope? What are the steps? Please take it as constructive criticism. I’m on this site because I appreciate the message.

        1. We definitely can see what you are saying, and are really happy that you are part of the community!! It’s great to question things and look for answers. If you can get still and practice your meditating, that can often bring need answers or clarification to the surface. As far as embodying traits, what Mastin is suggesting is you look at those traits that are bothering you or upsetting you (or even the traits that you love most!) about the other person, then try and work on those within yourself. So if you’re mad your partner isn’t listening, practice being a more intent listener; if you’re partner is super caring, try showing that level of caring in your life too. I hope this helps just a little. This is a certainly a big subject! ~Team Daily Love

          1. I completely agree with this… We are all a reflection of each other after all…

        2. I think Gil that as we say : It takes two to tango… If your partner is not aligned with that same way of thinking then chances are you will be doing all the work alone. There are no real “rules” on how to do it. It is up to both persons to want to stick with the lesson to learn… Not an easy one. The Man I am with helps me see (not always at first) what reactions I have towards certain situations. I don’t always see it right away… I have first to decide that what He is telling me or trying to show me is valid and has a reason. So it is up to me to do the “homework” per se… And vice versa. In the meantime, we go through the Ego, and every other feeling including anger and who knows what else. But We never stay away from each other for too long because making up is also the reward to all that turmoil. Lessons learnt all the time…

  4. Maybe there’s also a spiritual lesson when you find it hard to enter in a relationship due to long term issues such as fear of rejection, fear of intimacy, and also in my case I don’t want children which narrows the pool of potential partners significantly .. or should I go with it if I find myself attracted to someone who does want children? This on its own has produced a lot of conflict in my head.
    I suppose all one can do is do their best and sit with the emotions when they come up – as it’s not necessarily the situation that’s the problem, it’s the emotions that come with it – which can be intense at times. There does need to be more help for people in my kind of situation, particularly men – maybe I will one day be someone to provide it.
    I also do think Gil’s comment has some substance.

    1. Hi Andy! Yes, there could certainly be a spiritual lesson in that for you – why do you have these fears and what can you take from that and learn. And it really is best to be honest, with yourself and other people. This previous guest post might help you a little: It talks about the fear of rejection and being loved for who you truly are. And love the idea of sharing your knowledge and thoughts and questions with a community of men in your same situation – you might really be able to help yourself and others out with the conversations that will come up! ~Team Daily Love

  5. Wow, really eye opening. I don’t usually take the time to watch videos but something about this caught my eye. Thank you!

  6. I love love love this. My friend sent me the newsletter and this is exactly the message I needed to hear. I especially love – My therapist once told me after I had read hundreds of self-help books, “Congrats Mastin, now if you really want to grow, get into a relationship.”

  7. Wow Mastin what a great lesson to learn. I miss my ex and still live him so much. He chose to move on without me chasing his Choice if Christian faith. He is very strong in his Bible teachings from childhood and so am I. But the difference in us is with my NDE in 2007 where God showed me His UNCONDITIONAL LOVE FOR US and told me to return and tell others. Which I try to show it and tell it everyday.
    We were together in just about every way for 11 years. I still love him so much it hurts even after being separated now for 2 years. He was everything I ever wanted in a partner with the exception of lies he told constantly. Most were little lies about things that were so stupid to lie about. Nonetheless he kept this up the whole relationship. A habitual liar.
    Me on the other hand have always been very truthful and hate that people lie to me. I was in an abi dive marriage prior to meeting my experience boyfriend. He was very good to me and I really needed that from a partner.
    We are still friends and live each other but even as much as I am in love with him I told him after he left and hurt me the way he did that I could never trust him enough to be in a relationship again. But I dont want to move on. I want to keep the love I have for him in my heart. I feel as if I am betraying him and my true feelings if I even talk to another man about dating them. How long can you love some one and be without them completely in your life? I

    1. Hi Kathy, we can hear how much you truly love your ex and it’s always hard after we have to end such a powerful relationship. Maybe this post on letting go will give you some things to think about: Also, in a recent post ( Mastin reminds us to practice mediation and self-care, really focusing on ourselves.. This helps us to begin to heal and learn what it is that we really need – and want. Sending much love and compassion your way! ~Team Daily Love

  8. I actually thought that his directions were pretty clear. First start asking yourself the question, “What are the qualities in my significant other that I most admire?” Then start to make those qualities real in your own life. Keep the focus on your development, not your partners. This is a useful tool in all areas of life. Often times we start to look at others and ask what’s wrong with them. Instead, we need to be open to the spiritual lesson that presents itself. For me, if I am feeling agitated, annoyed, upset or frustrated, then these are clues that there is a lesson present and I need to take some time looking at myself rather than the other person.

  9. I agree with you Mastin. I have been trying to stop focusing on the negative and look at my part or lack thereof. Often times, I see that compassion comes into play. I need to be more understandiing, compassionate and forgiving. Thanks for the wonderful advice!

    1. It’s great that you are able to notice this for yourself, Robin, and that you’re willing to work on those areas to better yourself and your relationships. Way to go! ~Team Daily Love

  10. Great topic, I am going thru a break up and trying to have a clear head by mediating and good self care.
    I like the spiritual lesson and for me I need to open up and be more vulnerable..Thanks Mastin and Team

    1. Sorry to hear about the breakup that you’re going through, Deb! What an amazing step for you though to be remembering yourself and taking time out to meditate and get clear on the situation. We’re glad you have been able to find the lesson and are ready to work on yourself! Sending hugs to you! ~Team Daily Love

  11. Loves this video! Currently in a new relationship with an age gap of 19 years…what I’m waking up to is that being younger doesn’t mean I don’t have “as much” to give and teach my partner…there’s always an equilibrium which is why we’ve found each other.
    I think a key is to always be sure of myself and know who I am so I can identify both where I can grow and what I can share!

  12. I’m such a firm believer that the lesson will present itself over and over until it is learned and that has never been more true than in my attempts to find romantic love. Recognizing the lesson is important, but it’s not the same as learning it – I can see the lesson from a thousand miles, but I have to chose to do something different. My go to responses have either been “duck and cover” or “abandon ship”; both are fairly ineffective in the search for a lasting relationship with someone. Oddly…..
    But maybe, even though it terrifies me, I’m ready to do something different. I’ve never been willing to admit that I’m terrified, that my unwillingness to learn the lesson has been a great safety plan that is no longer keeping me safe (and hasn’t for years, but has been damn familiar which can be mistaken for safety), but that’s the truth. Childhood, so short but such lasting effects. Thankfully, I’m also a firm believer in someone’s (my) ability to change and grow.

    1. That is great, Tracey, how you recognized that although the lesson is important, it’s what you do with that lesson that counts. It sounds like you ready to start making some changes, leap through that fear, and move on to find love. Awesome! ~Team Daily Love

  13. Great video, it really made me think. I have listened to it 3 times…….so what Mastin is saying is you need to deal with the negative of your partner not just run. BUT what if you can’t get past the negative traits? Does that mean I am not dealing with those issues within myself. Little confused!

    1. Hey KB – yes this can get a little confusing at times! You are correct in that Mastin is trying to help us from not just running away from relationships every time we’re not liking these traits in our partners. So I would definitely give it a good try first to take a look at those traits within yourself and and dig deep to see how you could improve on those things. Now if you can’t get past them, and you’ve really given some effort on working on them for yourself, then maybe it is time to move on in that relationship because remember as Mastin says, you can’t change other people. I hope that helps clear things up a bit for you! Much love! ~Team Daily Love

  14. I’ve given up on relationships. They are just too difficult. I know what my lesson is from the last one, but I just can’t find the energy or the care factor to try again. Surely there has to be a point where you just stop caring like I have. Is it okay to abandon your lifelong pursuit of love and romance out of sheer defeat? I’m enjoying being single – finally but I worry sometimes that I will feel like that for the rest of my life and when I’m at the end of my life, I’ll regret not trying again. All this thinking has made me tired, so I think I’ll go lie down on the sofa for a bit…

    1. We’re sorry to hear you’ve gotten to that point, Michelle. It might be great for you to just take some time, like you have been, to rest and really focus on yourself. Try meditating to help clear your mind and get at ease again with the thought of love and relationships. By focusing on yourself and getting clear on where you’re at and what you want, love might just find you. Sending much love and light your way! ~Team Daily Love

  15. Thus makes so much sense. Wish I had read it before ruining my relationship by unintentionally putting pressure on him. When I asked him what he needs from me, he answered “whatever I’m doing, just mirror that.” I didn’t get it. I wanted specifics. I wanted him to stop withdrawing periodically and always let me in. partly because I felt insecure and distrustful when he gave me no reason to be. I knew from the beginning that I was having a spiritual relationship with him. I dreamed of him before meeting. It’s been a week since we talked. No official breakup from him after he told me he was at a crossroads concerning the relationship. I started therapy to deal with my fear and trust issues. It hurts that it may be too late for us. Unsure what to do besides try to work thru my issues. He says he’s thought about working thru his but not to the point of taking action.

    1. This can really be some tough stuff! I’m glad you’ve made this realization and are looking to see ways you might learn and grow. Just keep up that great self-care and work and hopefully he can reflect inward as well. You’ve got this. Sending much love! ~Team Mastin

    2. I feel your painful acceptance of realization. It’s a shock, but please don’t be hard on yourself here. You are the important one. Sometimes we go overboard because we can see it play out in our minds. I knew from the first syllable that he and I were meant to meet. He has taught me well. I think they are unsure about the relationship because they can’t trust us to be calm and secure we always apologize every time we freaking out but then we do the same behavior over and over I don’t know if that’s your situation but that’s how it is with me I am getting better I have tools in place so that I can let him go I think they are unsure about the relationship because they can’t trust us to be calm and secure we always apologize every time we freaking out but then we do the same behavior over and over I don’t know if that’s your situation but that’s how it is with me I am getting better I have tools in place so that I can let him go…because it might problems are his problems he shouldn’t have to fix me he shouldn’t have to make me feel safe and secure I need to do that for myself and I’m trying my best but I knew him before I have a feeling like you dreamt …I have seen him often in my life. Don’t be sad have come looking for friends and you have found some…

  16. Having just returned to a love that I can’t seem to let go of, I get it…my problem child (my error) is I’m serene when we’re together. We are wonderful lovers ( we prefer and agree on submissive/dominant) we laugh, we talk about current affairs, his job, my job. He has a way of controlling me without lifting a finger and when we are apart, though he gives me no reason, I am anxiety driven to become a crazy person. I wish I could overcome this. As a child I was abused in all categories. I don’t blame my circumstances for who I am today. I raised two college grads on my own, bought my house by myself. I’m productive in every area, but relationships seem to cause craziness in me. I’m 50. Cute, little , go to the gym, I love me but hate the insecurity that I must own and I do, but how do I overcome?

    1. Kimberly I so relate to this…..the anxiety driven and insecurity that keeps me in relationships. Though I can’t say I love me, but owning the insecurity and what I feel is the incessant need to be needed. I keep going back to someone that we have all the good things, but he wants no relationship and I’m stuck….I raised two kids 28 and 31 on my own, have a good job, financially okay but wanting to be loved and have someone causes total sadness right now in my life. I will be 55 this year having been divorced now 25 years and just struggling….

      1. MJ …wow..thank you so much for reaching out. I struggle with emotional pain over this. I to have been divorced for over ten years. I don’t know why I can’t let go. I compartmentalize much like when I was a kid. I put the bad side in a “box” and only acknowledge the good. I find myself in this boat cos who wants an insecure emotional wreck? Where are you my soul sister?

        1. Kimberly as I say, once they get to know me they will leave. The imposter syndrome of people who say I am so confident and strong and underneath, I feel its crumbling. If they saw that (which you eventually do) then they wouldn’t want the real me 🙂 I’m in San Diego, CA where I am physically, but not sure this is where I want to stay.

          1. In Los Angeles, but I feel you. Funny how you are typecast as confident and strong because people say that about me. It’s true on some level because we were able to raise kids and hold a job, manage a household and deal. I tell people that I don’t want to be any more stronger. I despise the “you’re strong” comment…I do know how that is..just wish we knew where the turn in the road is..I’m Kimberly Neal..oh I’m Kimberly Ann on Facebook…look me up if you ever want to forge a friendship. I’ve met some great people on line on accident. I think because we bare our souls, risking all to step out of pain and that resonates….freely. Much love..hey your guy isn’t a lawyer by any chance?!

          2. It’s great to see how friendships can be born right within these comments. We’re so happy that you are able to relate to one another and offer each other perspectives. Meditation might really be helpful in clearing your head and digging deep to really deal with the bad stuff that you’ve pushed to the side. It’s hard and it can hurt to relive those things, but we often have to in order to move on and be open to love and relationships. We’re sending much love to both of you! ~Team Mastin

  17. Hi Daily Lovers! Thank you so much for this piece of wisdom, it really resonates with me and what I’m going through right now, I definetely agree that relationships are the best way to grow and learn the lessons our hearts need. Personally, I need to learn the lesson of finding my self value inside of me instead of outside or the attention of a partner, I’m struggling with accepting that peaking my heart out and communicating what I really want is the best way to go. This is because I recently told the person I was dating that I’m looking for a serious relationship and that I felt that he wasn’t so it was better to continue as just friends, that madr him dissapear. It hurt in my heart because I really liked this person, and it makes me question if I made the right choice, but my heart knows it was the right thing to do!


    My name is Stacey Castili, I’m from south Africa, currently base in Massillon Lowa usa. This is how God used Prophet Abuvia to broke the chains of barrenness in my life after 15 years of marriage.

    My husband and I have been praying to God for the fruit of the womb after our marriage. We went to several hospitals looking for solution but the doctors said my womb is damaged. My husband’s family started threatening me, calling me all sorts of name, even my mother in law brought a lady from the village to give to my husband but I was steadfast in prayers with tears that God must prove himself in my life.

    Last year, I saw a testimony post of how this great man heal someone from HIV/AIDS virus, i was so confident about this man and i visited his website , and i narrated everything I’m passing through to him, after few hours, I got a response from him saying YOUR TIME IS NOW! START BUYING YOUR BABY CLOTHES!. I keyed into the declaration. He told me what i was going to do, my faith was so high , i did what he ask me to do without wasting time.

    My people, I am writing this testimony with four babies because I got pregnant last year and gave birth to four children! Three girls, one boy! It was the lords doing because I already gave up. My husband’s friends and families who already mocked me gathered to celebrate me and my news traveled across the country. God lifted me up from shame to glory…. please everyone that is reading this post, join me to thank prophet Abuvia. his email is [email protected]

  19. Such perfect timing and what a great reminder. I have just reached this point in my new relationship and was wondering why I kept getting triggered by a few things when everything has been going so great (we are literally just at the 6 months mark). And then I stopped and I thought, this about me, I’m feeling insecure and emotional, I need to look at my own self-care and love. And that I have done and man, even in a couple of weeks, I am feeling so great and the relationship is moving in a great direction. Thank you Thank you Thank you, for hitting the nail on the head. xo

  20. This makes so much sense. I have a few hang ups and insecurities that I’m working on which I know are causing me problems in relationship. I’m ready to finally let the issues go and move forward. Thank you for the video X

  21. You know, Mastin, we really need people like you – and Gabrielle and Marie – in the Netherlands! Or, it’s more like we need the modern and hip way in which you guys are expressing yourselves when it comes to spiritual matters!
    Love it!
    Karin – the Netherlands

  22. Heyya…. I am a relationship junkie. I have been consistently in a relationship since I was 15 years old…. I am 36. With approx a maximum of three months in between which has only happened once. I always have the next guy lined up before I end it fully withe one I am in a relationship with. This last time I ended my 5 year relationship I had the INTENTION TO STAY SINGLE!!! I began a fwb (friends with bennies) relationship with a dear friend of mine and well long story short he moved into my house. I recently broke up with him- even though he is currently in my bed at the moment. 😫 I feel I ultimately need to be one my own as I keep ending up with men who I am not satisfied with. Largely this is a reflection of where I am at– I get that. I am frustrated with myself as the guy I am currently ending it with is a sweet and lovely man and I am truly breaking his heart. He wants to continue to be fwb- the selfish part of me wants to as well. I know this will hold me back but I SUCK AT BOUNDARIES. HELP??!!
    Much love ❤️

    1. I had the same issue for a very long time – I started dating at 15 years old as well, and I’m 30 now. The way I ended the ongoing “serial monogamist” trend was by ending a relationship when it needed to be ended and after that making the decision to actively spending time alone (i.e. refusing to date anyone else until I felt ready to and only planning to eventually date the kind of person that was exactly what I wanted). So I went on long bike rides, I meditated in the park, I laid on the beach, I went out to dinner – all alone (and sometimes with a girl friend, but never on a “date”). It took time, but I fell madly in love with myself (a huge must!) and then I wrote down everything I wanted in a soul mate. No one out there is perfect, but someone out there is perfect for you. I also wrote down some notes about myself – all of the things that I wanted to give/grow in a relationship, and all of the things that I wanted to not do/stop in a relationship (because we all have our issues that we can get better from). I wrote everything down and put it in a drawer next to my bed. Fast forward to when I felt ready to date and find my perfect person (not just date someone to fill the void). A co-worker swore that she had met the guy for me – she just “felt it” (as she put it). I ignored the idea (for a while) and then I finally said to myself “Why not go on a date? It’s been a long time, I’m happy with where I am mentally and emotionally, and I don’t have any dependencies to men – so I can walk away if I choose to.” This was when I went on my first date with my now-husband-to-be. Before we went out on our date, I read the notes I wrote ages before! I said to myself, “If this is the right person, it will fall into place and I will know. If it’s not, then I won’t stick around. I am happy alone, so I will only stay if it’s the real thing.” The first date went great because I didn’t put any expectations on myself (or him), and I just went with it. I finally wanted to be a “serial monogamist” again, but just for one last time – and two years later we’re engaged. The time I spent alone (about a year) was absolutely priceless. It was the time where I found my own personal happiness and I really explored what I wanted in life. Time is your friend, and no matter what age, time is on your side. Whether it’s 3 months, 6 months, a year, or more – try only focusing on you, spend time with yourself, shut down anyone that comes into your “dating” realm, and just ignore the opposite sex (in a romantic way) until you’re clear on what you want. (I mean REALLY clear on what you want!) Hopefully, then, you will be ready for your “last” relationship, which should keep you happy till you’re old and gray. At least, that’s what us hopeless romantics plan on!

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