Recently I was coaching a woman who shared that she wanted to live her purpose by starting her own business, but she was procrastinating on it.

She came to me to find out why.

After a couple of questions, it became clear why: she viewed moving forward in her business as a threat.

I had to find out why a part of her believed that her success was a threat.

After a couple more questions it became clear why: a part of her didn’t believe that her husband would support her in her purpose.

When she found this out, she was shocked and at the same time not surprised.

She “knew” in her mind that he would support her.

But her body, her unconscious mind, and her Survival Patterns™ were telling a different story.

Her SP’s told her that she made a promise to take care of her husband and that if she lived her purpose, she would be abandoning him.

So, the deeper truth was revealed. She wasn’t “procrastinating” on her purpose… she was trying to protect her husband.

Her big AHA moment came when she realized that, under good intentions, she was making her husband small… and she was not allowing herself to be supported.

All this because she was scared to allow her “real self” to be seen.

She admitted that she was, in fact, hiding behind the “good intention” of taking care of her husband.

Her SP’s had tricked her to believe that the only way for her to survive and to be loved was to put herself and her purpose on the back burner and only focus on taking care of her husband.

And while this seems like good intentions, not living your Purpose has massive consequences.

Resentment builds. Anger builds. You feel invisible.

You feel stuck, frustrated and you blame others for it.

Here’s the truth: it’s time that you allowed yourself to be supported.

And – the only way to do that is to identify what YOU need and then ASK for it.

And, when you ASK for it, you will see who in your life truly cares for you.

This can be a scary moment of truth, but it’s one that you must create in order to bring your purpose to life.

If you didn’t get support as a child, if you weren’t made to feel like your needs matter, if you are unsure of what you need… that’s okay.

Take some time to be still and ask yourself what you need.

What do you need today?

What do you need in your romantic relationship?

What do you need in your finances?

What do you need in your business?

It is a wonderful thing to take care of others, but it’s utter betrayal to your Soul to take care of and try to control others at the expense of your own purpose.

Take your hands off the wheel a little bit and recognize that you don’t have to hold everything together – that’s God’s job.

Your job is to discover your Purpose and bring it to life.

Nothing is more important than that.

Trust that as you bring your Purpose to life, you will be supported, that you do matter and that at this moment all your needs are met.

Do not hide behind the good intentions of taking care of someone else… you own them your happiness and that happiness can only come from your Purpose.

If you really want to love those around you… become who you’re meant to be and give them the space and encouragement to do the same.

Honesty time: have you been putting your Purpose on the back burner?

Be rigorously honest with yourself… and then reply back to this email and let me know… how are you putting your Purpose on the back burner and what are you going to do right now to turn it around?

I can’t wait to hear from you.

Let’s take your Purpose off the back burner and make it a priority…

That’s how to magic happens!

Remember to get out there, take action and make it real!