We’ve got fear all wrong.

We think that fear is the opposite of love.

This belief is stopping you from unlocking your unlived potential and holding you back from living your purpose.

For us to live our purpose, for us to get unstuck, for us to live the life we know deep in our guts that we’re meant to be living – we must conquer fear.

However, conquering fear doesn’t mean getting rid of fear. We must learn to see fear in a new way.

Did you know that there are two types of fear?

There’s a good kind of fear and a bad kind of fear.

I break it all down in this week’s episode of Claim Your Power TV.

The good fear means we are coming closer to living our purpose.
The bad fear means that we are holding back our unlimited potential.

I’m here to assist you to bring to life all the dormant potential within you and help be a voice of encouragement for you to take the leap and find courage.

When you learn the difference between these two types of fear (good vs bad) – you take massive control over your life. And you have powerful clarity that will help you understand the exact next steps you can take to get unstuck and get about the business of living your purpose.

Not knowing the difference will keep you stuck on the hamster wheel while life just passes you right on by.

Let’s learn the difference between good fear and bad fear.

Knowing this one key distinction could be the exact thing you’ve been looking for to create a true and lasting breakthrough in your life.

And after you’ve discovered the difference between these two types of fear, leave a comment and let me know:

1. What kind of fear bas been stopping you up until now
2. Now that you know this, what is your next action step?
3. How will taking this courageous step move you forward in your life and create positive ripple effects.

I love hearing from you. Your stories about the new decisions and directions you’re taking inspire me. I’m here to help you get unstuck and start thriving.

Let’s do it.

Oh, and if there’s anyone else you know that’s stuck and could use a good “pep talk” – send them to this blog. You might just change their life. And it might be easier fo them to digest when it comes from me instead of you.

Make it a great day.

And remember to get out there, take action & make it real!

All my love,


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[Begin transcript]

Hi and welcome to Claim Your Power TV! I’m your host Mastin Kipp, where each week I will guide you to live your purpose with passion! This week we’re going to talk about how to conquer fear.

So I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news for you.

The good news is you certainly can conquer fear. The bad news is fear is never going to go away. And in fact, it’s recognizing that fear is never going to go away that helps you conquer it.

There’s this idea in the spiritual community that fear is this dark force that we must avoid like Darth Vader or Voldemort. But the truth is, if you look at the way our brains are wired in the limbic system, fear is an automatic, nervous system response to uncertainty. And the strange dichotomy and joke, the divine joke here is that to live your purpose, to step out and to be big and to grow and to expand and to grow beyond what you currently are as far as circumstance requires that on a daily basis you face your fears.

So the way in which you conquer your fear is to stop expecting yourself to not be afraid.

You’re going to be afraid. That’s the reality. I can tell you that before I step on a stage, before I write a book, before I travel, before I do anything that brings me closer to my purpose, there is fear. So the way we must learn to conquer fear is to refrain fear and recognize that there’s actually two types of fear.

The first type of fear is survival fear. Survival fear looks like this: I’m walking down an alleyway and there’s a person with a weapon. In survival fear, it’s necessary to run. Or if I’m in the military in a combat zone, it’s necessary to be afraid to stay alive. So there are moments where when our survival is on the line, fear keeps us alive. The problem is our brain is binary and cannot tell the difference between survival fear and what we call irrational fear.

Irrational fear is if I live my purpose then I’ll die or if I speak up and become my authentic self no one will approve of me or if I decide to finally lose the weight no one will love me because I show my true self, or whatever the irrational fear is. And what I spend most of my time doing is helping my clients distinguish between survival fear, which is necessary, and irrational fear, which is just the brain doing what the brain does which is trying to keep you alive. So the brain, the limbic system, is challenged by your spiritual growth because it’s scary to grow spiritually. When you have new spiritual insight, when you have new spiritual awareness, all of a sudden there is new stuff you’ve got to do. Maybe you’ve got to break up with someone. Maybe you’ve got to disagree with someone. Maybe you have to redefine your power with your family of origin. Or maybe it’s time to start a business. Or maybe it’s time to finally stop saying you’re big boned and realize that you’ve got to stop binging on Netflix and eating pizza at night. Whatever it is, you can certainly live your purpose. You can certainly grow into who you’re meant to become.

But you’ve got to look at the difference between survival fear and irrational fear.

Here’s a tip for today, a coaching tip for you. Make a list of all the things you’re afraid of. Make a whole list. It could be “I’m scared of spiders” and “I’m scare that if I start my blog no one will open my email” or whatever the fear is. It doesn’t matter. Make an entire list and ask yourself is this irrational fear or is this a survival fear? So if you’re afraid that you’re not going to make your rent every month, well that’s a necessary fear because we obviously have to make our rent every single month. And before you can live an abundant life on your own business, you’ve got to figure out how to make money doing that. So of course there might be a job you keep until you start to live your own business. But make a list and start to understand is this irrational fear or is this survival fear?

And here’s what I want you to do: If it’s survival fear, understood. No worries. All good. Make sure to really address those so that you stay alive. And then on your irrational fear side, I want you to go straight into them. Call bullshit. That’s what I want you to do. Sorry for the language, but call bullshit on your fear and go straight into them because the truth is, not everyone is going to approve of you, not everyone is going to be happy by your individuation, not everyone is going to celebrate your new spiritual awareness. Do not let that stop you. It is an irrational fear. If you knew who walked beside you at all times, if you knew how supported you were spiritually, if you knew that there was a Divine presence, a Divine creator urging you to live your purpose, urging you outside of your irrational fear you would never question yourself again. But my friend, the journey is about knowing that for yourself. It’s easy for me to say.

And the other thing is you might be thinking, easy for you, Mastin. You have this blog and your wrote a book and you’ve been on SuperSoul Sunday, etc. but the thing is, the way in which those things happened were by following the advice I’m giving you right now. You see the master. Someone who’s further ahead of you who has faced those fears, has gone through it. And it was just as difficult for me when I was couch surfing. It was  just as difficult for me when I was in corporate America and wanted to switch as it is for you before you switch. And so I’m here with this beacon on the other side saying, “Come on over. It’s okay. Lean on faith. Lean on your Creator. Lean on the Divine.” There is a way for you. And the way that you conquer fear is to anticipate it and then to tell the difference between survival fear and irrational fear. And here’s what you’ll find – 99% of what you’re afraid of is irrational fear.

So my deep wish for you is that if you’re watching this video over on YouTube or over on Facebook, come on over to TheDailyLove.com and leave a comment below this video and let me know have you been afraid of survival fears or irrational fears and what are they? What specifically are your irrational fears? And here’s the most important thing: what is your plan of action to go straight into those irrational fears and eradicate them? And to anticipate that every time you grow, there are going to be more irrational fears. The quality of your success, the quality of your ability to live your purpose is directly related with your ability to conquer and understand your irrational fears because most of your fears are irrational.

Also, remember you can subscribe to our video over at YouTube and please come on over to TheDailyLove.com, enter your name and email address so that you can get your weekly updates that I don’t share anywhere else. My deepest wish here at Claim Your Power TV is that you take all this information, you get out there, take action and make it real. We’ll see you next week!

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84 thoughts on “How to conquer fear.

  1. I needed to hear this today. I have an irrational fear of “getting in trouble” and there are ways in my life where that comes up because I can’t do anything about what others think about me. Today I noticed a situation where I was afraid to get in trouble for doing absolutely nothing wrong… And I just sat in it… No apology or need to modify my behavior to make someone else feel better about themselves… And no need to get angry either (which is a typical response).
    Thank you for this reminder!

  2. I also needed to hear this today. I can relate to Ani’s fear of “getting into trouble”, I constantly leave in irrational fear of what others think, if I make a mistake will they hate me. I also fear if people knew the real me would they still like me. Today I am going to work on calling BS on that fear and let my Higher Power do for me what I am unable to do for myself by releasing the fear every time in comes into my thoughts. Thank you so much for the message.

    1. you are welcome Twila. Let the opinion you hold of yourself be of the utmost esteem and allow yourself to freely be whomever you want.

  3. This is great food for thought. I think that one thing that holds me back is the worry of what people will think of me after I try something new. For example, I am now training to be a fitness instructor and have to learn choreography for 11 songs. I am so worried that I cannot learn the choreo, or that when I get up in front of the class I am going to screw up and people will think I do not know what I am doing and their opinions of me will change. I suppose that I just need to be kind to myself and realize that I will screw up, and that by doing it over and over, I will get better with time. And, I have to not care as much about what other people think and about my reputation. (Right now, my reputation is based on when I take classes that others teach. People see me as strong. I worry that if I teach and mess up, they will no longer see me that way.) I definitely need to start to change my frame of mind.

    1. great irrational fear. you and I both know that it doesn’t matter what other people think. stay true to you Metrowest Mom.

  4. *Perfect love case out all fear* is what came to my mind when I listened today. When that *perfect love* takes full control, you can walk fearlessly in this world, where you are guided by a higher power knowing that this higher power is Perfect Love. The ticket is knowing this Perfect Love can live inside you, and being still WHERE you listen to that Perfect Love! Respect and fear go hand and hand. I am respectful of a king cobra. I do NOT play with it. Taking a different route in life does not mean you have to be afraid, it just means you have to be GUIDED! Being guided is where you walk by FAITH, not knowing what tomorrow may bring; trusting the PERFECT LOVE that lives inside you will hold tomorrow and will give you teaching today for WHAT your tomorrow holds! If I have any fear, it would be…. NOT learning today. If I do not learn today, I may not be prepared for the GREATNESS of my tomorrow! Just my two cents….

  5. I am afraid of intimate relationships of others seeing my true self. I have been in a battle with my emotional and mental challenges for as long as I can remember – depression, anxiety, OCD, addiction, eating disorder, paranoia, self harm and suicidal ideation – I sometimes feel that whatever insanity there is I’ve been there.. I have made a mess of my life for sure, but I’d like to think not of myself. I’ve grown so much spiritually, mentally and emotionally from getting through these difficulties that I do actually feel I have something to give from the place I am at now. Nevertheless, the scars of the past remain and if I like someone I want to run a mile because I am so afraid they would see me as damaged, faulty or a burden.. 😟

    1. IrisJ, Recognizing that you would not be the person you are today without your past is a start. Those scars are there to remind you that you have been HEALED. The ticket is NOT to reopen the wound related with THAT scar. Trust starts with loving the person you are, then TRUST allows you to let other people to do the same. Again, just my two cents.

    2. yes, I feel for you Iris. This is an irrational fear. The truth is, when you become and show your true self, and pick a partner who helps you feel safe and that you can trust you can open up and be your real self and they will love you in ways that you don’t love yourself.

  6. My fears:
    1) If I leave my job and become a psychotherapist, I will need to deal with the reality of having a business to make money – survival – I need to pay my mortgage!

    2) If I stay in government, I won’t be able to fulfill my purpose – Irrational – I can fulfill my purpose of supporting people in their growth and healing in everything I do, regardless of what role I’m in

    Lately I’ve been struggling with whether I need to leave my government job to fulfill my purpose. Although I used to think that I did have to, I am seeing that there are so many opportunities to help here, while keeping the salary and security that I love.

    It is possible to change nothing on the outside, and still transform myself, and those I come into contact with. It is about being crystal clear about my intentions, and treating each person and task I come into contact with as Divine.

    For me, it is about feeling that I’m already enough, my job is enough, my life is enough. All I have to do is tap in to Love, and share it with others. What a relief!

    1. I think that #1 isn’t survival fear. you won’t die if you follow your passion to become a psychotherapist. take the leap Paula! #2 is powerful, it’s time for courageous action.

  7. Spiders all the way. I know it’s irrational because the thought of spiders are enough to creep me out. I want to face it. I don’t kill spiders anymore I try to look at them whenever there is one visible. But I still have that flight reaction whenever taken off guard by seeing a spider. Any advice much appreciated.

    I uploaded two photos not on purpose haha

  8. My greatest fear now is that how do I push my 23 year old son to get a full time job, get an apartment, and move out and start living his own life?
    After 1-1/2 years after graduating from college, he had not found any jobs. At the beginning of Oct., I got him in contact with a temp. agency, within 2 days, he had an interview and he was offered a job on the spot (in spite of long hair and a full beard that he refuses to cut and shave). It is a temporary/seasonal job that will only last through Dec. But finally, he has to get up each and every day, take a shower, and go to work (whereas before, he was at home all day, on the laptop looking, and then working on his own music, with no friends around even in the evenings). This is a good first step, and I don’t want him to trip and fall backwards. I’ve told him to continue to contact the acct. exec. at the temp. agency to keep him in mind for other jobs, more in his field, for after this temporary assignment. In summary, my fear is how do I basically tell my son, you need to find a way to support yourself and move out by such and such a date…… And, I don’t want to start a war zone at home, I have extreme anxiety, and going home has to have some relief in it (though this issue with my son is always like a worm in my brain).

      1. Mastin, thank you, but the book you suggested is The Dance of Anger, A Woman’s Guide to Changing the Patterns of Intimate Relationships. Is this by mistake? I don’t think this fits the situation??

  9. In the last couple of years, I’ve been trying to anticipate my fear so I could be better prepared to confront it (for example, I’ve been a teacher for two years, and I was really nervous about the beginning of the school year since I knew it had been really challenging the year before). What ends up happening though, is that my fear takes up all the space and creates anxiety instead of helping me find ways to cope with the fear. Has anybody else ever felt like they were walking into the fear with their eyes open, only to realize that the fear had taken over, and that what seemed like awareness is actually just an illusion? How do you deal with these situations?

    1. Great question Soleil! I feel for you. The most important thing is to ask yourself “Why do I feel afraid?” And there is deep wisdom there. And usually there is an action that you are not taking. Also, using meditation and yoga to calm you down is great. Also, try taking a Kundalini Yoga class.

  10. I fear my sister, because I never know, what she is going to say or do next. We have had a strained relationship, since my childhood. I am 52, and she is 56. Recently her daughter told me her mother (my sister) is Passive-aggressive. I believe she is right, but I don’t know what I can do about our relationship, except to detach myself from her as much as possible to protect myself mentally. Our mother is 86, and I don’t want her upset, so I suit up and show up. I doubt I will, after she passes though. My sister is just So Cruel to me! Do you have any suggestions?

  11. I wake up every morning afraid of one kind of catastrophe or another. One low-grade example would be what if our air conditioner breaks again and we can’t fix it this time because we don’t have enough money. Or, what if our car gets a flat tire on the freeway and I can’t control the car. On the much darker side, I fear that someone will come in and kill me or my family while we are sleeping. These fears don’t go away and so I lie there with my heart beating wildly and unable to get back to sleep. Are these irrational fears? It’s confusing because they also seem like survival fears.

    1. Hi Laura! You are correct in that those would be irrational fears as someone isn’t really there trying to kill you all. But, we agree – those are definitely scary!! Remember to lean on faith and remind yourself at those times that this is an irrational fear and no harm to will actually occur to you or your family. You could even use meditating to help you calm down, and that might even be able to help you dig deep to figure out what’s actually causing that fear for you. Lots of love! ~Team Mastin

  12. I have spent most of my life being terrified to let myself be who I really am, to step into my power. I know my calling and why I’m here, but because of my fear in the past I’ve ended up in a career that is helping me make ends meet while I achieve my dreams. I’m a hairstylist with aspirations of becoming a world traveling yoga teacher and healer. this dream sometimes seems down right outrageous to me, and impossible. And honestly, the fear that I hold with it is that I’m terrified that I’ll never actually achieve it. But I’m working through the fear and trying to take courageous actions every day to get me closer to living the life of my dreams while enjoying the journey. I refuse to let myself settle and watch life pass me by while holding on to regrets. Marianne Williamson’s most popular quote is constantly ringing through my ears: “our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our greatest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure…”

  13. Mastin you are the best!! this is a great lesson today…..so helpful and so encouraging…I love what you do and I look forward to your videos each and every week.

  14. I’ve been wanting to do stand up comedy ever since I was a kid but wimped out as I told myself it’s not in my nature to be the centre of attention. I finally gave it a go a couple of years back and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I felt quite comfortable up there but in the last year I’ve booked and dropped out of a few open mic spots as the fear gets the better of me. The only difference between now and then is that I want to make a career out of it and the thought of me actually enjoying it has made me even more anxious. I know it’s all in my head and that it’s completely irrational, I’ve been meditating now and again and occasionally attend a bikram class to help ease my anxiety. Do you have any advice for relaxation just before a stressful moment you know is coming? All the way from the UK 🙂

    1. Hey Michael! Loving that you are living your dream and your purpose – even though it can sometimes be scary! You might want to choose a mantra that feels good to you and gets you calm and inspired. Put aside five minutes if you can before the shows, get quite and repeat that mantra. Wishing you the best! ~Team Mastin

  15. Mastin! Love the call BS! I faced some fears this week and I was like “Right Maddy, you are gonna DO OR DIE, thats literally how I conquered them. Short and sweet!
    I thought, no analysis, just get on with it!
    P.S. I never comment on anything but I literally signed up so I can comment on your stuff as you are inspiring.

  16. Thank you for sharing this video, Mastin! I’ve consulted with clients on this subject in sessions past and now I find myself experiencing my own irrational fears around stepping into the next project at my business and voicing my work online. As you said, fears are not going to go away, but recognizing and calling BS on the irrational fears is so helpful! I watched this video at the perfect time today as some unexpected irrational fears rose to the surface when I didn’t hear feedback from some people I thought I would regarding my online work. ‘Did I sound like a fool?’ ‘Do they not like it?’ ‘Is my work a waste of time?’ These are some thoughts that came to mind. Watching your video, talking with a trusted confidant, calling BS on these fears and recognizing that what drew me to share my work online in the first place, came from an inspired place are helping me move through them. Thank you again for the work you share with others!

  17. I fear that if I promote myself and my services, peopIe will not look up to me as an expert or someone that they would want to take advice from. As I am working on my health coaching practice I want to promote a program and also fear that people will not need the program/products that I want to share with them. I know that this an irrational fear but am having an issue of taking action.

    1. We hear you, Fran! It can be really scary taking that step. Just remember that if you believe in yourself and stay true to you, others will will be drawn to that and to you and what you have to offer. And if things don’t work out just as you had hoped, that’s okay too. You’ll be much better off at least trying! You can do this! ~Team Mastin

  18. My fear relates to my relationship…my fiancé and I have 5 kids between us (me 1, him 4). We’re merging lives and houses and dinners, etc and it’s proving to be quite a challenge, a many matters require compromise. I’m scared that my voice will be lost again. I’m scared my that I’ll stop making and feeding my daughter the healthy meals that I think are important. I’m scared that I’ll give up too much and he won’t give anything. I’m scared that I’ll marry someone that doesn’t have the same views as me on important matters and therefore will end up unhappy or divorced.

    1. Hi Erin! That’s right, they are irrational and with some work and looking deeply within you’ll be able to knock those fears down. We’re really glad this video helped bring some clarity to your situation! Much love! ~Team Mastin

  19. Most of my fears revolve around getting up and speaking and although I am a member of toastmasters for 2 years now it still exists. So I am determined to raise my hand and do my next talk next week!!!

  20. I can say I am afraid of playing full out in my business/purpose…or I am lazy and undisciplined? How do I know?

    1. Hey Khamee, by meditating and looking within you should be able to tell. You will find deep down what the real issue is. And once you discover that, you can decide how you want to overcome it – by pushing past your irrational fears or by laying out a plan to get into action! ~Team Mastin

  21. I have a fear of money. My whole career I have been underpaid and privileged to have support when needed. My fiancée and I moved to the most expensive place in the world, the Bay Area, and I found a quick job in SF for peanuts. We are struggling but we both can’t stand working in SF and commuting from the East Bay everyday. Determined to find our purpose we want to take the leap of faith and start our own business. We have the frame work, but I know money will become more scarce, putting us at risk of not having enough for our bills. Mastin inspired us in a Chicago talk to take action, and we made the move out here with confidence. I know we can be successful with all my heart, and I am learning to take baby steps and trust the universe will provide for us as long as we stay true to our purpose and treat others with kindness. Just have to beat the fear which seems so rational to me still.

    1. It can be scary, Ryan. You really need to look within and decide what’s best for you at the moment. If you feel now is really the time to start your business and live your purpose, and you’ll be able to cut down on things to save some money, then go for it! We’re wishing you the best! ~Team Mastin

  22. Brand new to Mastin Kipp. I love what I’m hearing.
    Quick question: does every video have multiple references to weight loss? As an eating disorder survivor, even those little references are triggers. I definitely can’t stick around if that’s a recurring theme. But the video had some compelling truths otherwise, so I thought I’d check.

    1. I follow mastin on instagram as well, i think that he is working on creating a healthy body for himself. That’s the impression I get from his social media presence. I can’t speak for him, but I think he mentioned the weight part because it was a fear he had to work with, a struggle maybe he can relate to .
      His videos are quite inspiring, but I think your feed back is great. Being aware of the language and how it can resonate with certain disorders is quite astounding. Give him a chance though 🙂 this is a great weekly program in my opinion. Hopefully it works for you too. Light & love

      1. Thanks, K8 and Team Mastin. I appreciate the insight.
        K8, your point is so valuable, about being aware of language and how it can resonate with certain disorders. Focusing narrowly on “weight,” when the issue you ultimately care about it actually “health,” is just a habit we are all in, but it can be easily course corrected.
        Maybe that’s something that could be considered as Team Mastin shifts from The Daily Love to the new program.
        With gratitude, h

    2. Hi Heather! Welcome to Mastin’s community – we’re so happy you found us 🙂 K8 below is really spot on! Weight isn’t always brought up, but Mastin has had issues with it himself and so it definitely was a fear he had to overcome. And he is still continuing to work on getting healthy and be the best version of himself he can be so it will come up from time to time in his videos. We’d love for you to stick around and see for yourself! Much love! ~Team Mastin

  23. Thank you Mastin for sharing your insights and strategies to understand and overcome fear.

    1. What kind of fear has been stopping you up until now?
    Irrational. Irrational. Irrational (and sometimes survival but as you said, 99% of the time is irrational)

    2. Now that you know this, what is your next action step?
    – Write a list of all fears that I can think of, identify it as ‘survival’ or ‘irrational, and acknowledge the survival ones and call bullshit on the irrational.
    – Take one courageous action today and for the next 21 days that will build confidence and strength in overcoming one or more irrational fears.

    3. How will taking this courageous step move you forward in your life and create positive ripple effects.
    Taking these steps brings AWARENESS and NEW POSSIBILITIES along my journey towards living a purposeful life with passion. It brings new CHOICES to being able to take RESPONSIBILITY to be courageous.

    I will update on this again to check in.

    Light and love 🙂

  24. Righteous Mastin, I thank you for your obedience in the Spirit. I have dealt with ptsd for many years due to experiencing trauma in a major way experiencing terrifying things that can not be put into words. In the light of this throughout the years I have been overcoming my fear to the best of my ability conquering them one at a time for quite some time now. The most profound thing and fear that you have made me aware of however through this message is that that I think most of us if not all of us face if not have faced at least once or more I am sure in all of our lives and that is the spirit of rejection. I can relate very well to the story of Joseph in the bible who when he being good hearted and overly trusting of other because of this went with his dream to share it with his brothers thinking that they would rejoice with him when in return they did the opposite and through him in a pit. Most people throughout my life have rejected me and this has been very hurtful to say the least, but now I have learned that truly when people reject you it is really God positioning you. Think about it Jesus was the most rejected and despised person who did nothing wrong whatsoever but actually died and suffered taking the punishment for us for our wrong doings being perfect so that through this exchange with Him in our faith In Him and what He did in this for us we can receive His righteousness and forgiveness through faith in His love for us personally taking the penalty for our shortcomings and freeing us from the law of sin and death so that we may have life and that more abundantly. A great example of this is found in the Bible in John 15:18 which states this: If the world hates you, you know that it has hated Me before it hated you. 19″If you were of the world, the world would love its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, because of this the world hates you.

    In this regard it is easier for me to endure all of the hate and rejection that I have experienced (with forgiveness) from man in this world all my life because I have Gods true Word which Jesus specifically spoke to me warning me concerning this as well as why this is. Therefore in getting back to what I originally was talking about having to do with this blog, I have feared being my authentic self causing me to hide being who I truly am up until now, because of feeling hurt from this rejection from everyone all of my life thinking that this hiding of my authentic self was somehow protecting me (unconsciously thinking) when come to find out it has only hurt me and left me feeling trapped behind my own fear. Facing this truth has helped me to see that I am much happier NOW living my authentic self without fear of what man can do to me (God Word says “What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who is against us? Romans 8:31) In actuality what is the worst that can happen when someone rejects you, either your feelings will be hurt and you might cave because of feeling insecure which might lead to anger and retaliation as a sense of false protection, or from what I have learned through all of this is that you as I am will learn to believe in yourself more and more increasing the faith in yourself regardless of what others think of you, and when you think about it what they think is not ever even true any way, and even if it was, if they are not being constructive about it to you but rather destructive, there is no good reason to listen to them in the first place. Always go with #1! 🙂 Thanks Mastin and God Bless. Oh also because I care I recommend you to do more research on the kundalini spirit as well to protect yourself, according to what I believe this is actually and evil entity (no really) disguising it self as something positive (which is the way evil works) (remember satan disguised himself as an angel of light). I used to do all sort of chakra meditations as well as third eye pennial gland opening exercising thinking I was increasing my spirituality, come to find out there is a demon called kundalini spirit/false Holy Spirit which is at work among Gods people which is a very spiritual crippling enemy. Unfortunately many people that are from India have opened the door to this spirit too not knowing even that it is not good, thinking the opposite because it is deeply ingrained into their beliefs which they feel is a good belief system that is working for them. I am sharing because I care about people like you and want to help as many as I am able all to the Glory of God and Jesus Christ. By the way if you look into some deliverance ministries they are equipped by the Holy Spirit to set people free from these evil spirits/demons in Jesus Name therefore freeing people from all sorts of demonic infections and torturous energies. If you want to look up the one I attend it where God has brought me to where I have received enormous amount of deliverance week after week here in Phoenix Arizona check out on Youtube this site. (Hardcore Christianity.com or House of Healing) Thanks for reading my blog and for all the help you are out there sharing with others to better our world. Dustin

    1. Hi Dustin! Thank you for sharing! It’s always best to be your true self and we’re so glad to hear that is where you are at!! So much insight in your post, thank you! Sending much love! ~Team Mastin

  25. I am supposed to go to India on a retreat in February and I am so scared! Scared of the travel, scared of leaving home to travel half way across the world. I chickened out last year and regretted. I have bought my airline tickets but get s stomach ache if I think about the trip!! Some days I find myself getting a little excited for the adventure then the big fear cloud blows in……..

    1. Exciting about India, Wingfire! But we know it can be scary. Just make a list around all of your fears about the trip and then go through each one – most are probably irrational and so it’s going to be looking at that fear, finding where it’s really coming from and understanding that you can push through it. We are sending our best for the trip – have a wonderful time 🙂 ~Team Mastin

  26. My fear is related to divorce and to not understanding my own self. I have lived two years married to a great guy (of course we all have flaws), but to a guy that I don’t love, at least not the way he loves me. I married because I was too old, everyone around me is too conservative, and I had met a great suitor that loved me beyond words. How could I let that possibility pass? I ignored all the signs that were telling me not to do it (I’ve been taking the Heart Meditation Therapy, btw), and rationally thought that was a good shot to take. After two years, committing to a house together, and finding who I believe could be the true love of my life, I separated. Now, I’ve been seeing two therapist, my priest, praying eeeevery single day for some guidance, and I still can’t conquer fear. I’m afraid i’m making yet another big mistake in my life, i’m afraid I left the person that has loved me the most, i’m afraid i’ll go back and then I will leave the opportunity of loving my true love, i’m afraid karma will get me because my husband was and is a very good person that doesn’t deserve, i’m afraid i’ll always see myself as a horrible person because of what happened…Yes, these may all be irrational fears, but they could also be fears that are preventing me to do something stupid once more. How can I improve my own understanding of my fears?
    Thank you for sharing =).

    1. Hello! Thanks so much for sharing with the community! It will be really helpful for you to do some meditation to assist you in getting clear and looking deep within yourself. Listen to what your inner wisdom is wanting for you. We are here for you! ~Team Mastin

    2. Oh you dear soul ! I’m am in a so very similar situation, I am consumed and undecided for over six years now and still counting WITH how and why to leave a good guy who loves ME for one who I love? I am in desperate love with this other man , the energy between us is other worldly! . But my situation is made more difficult by haviing 4 children to the good guy. Can I live with out love to please my children? But I cant find a way to please every one ? Im so conflicted! And now after over 6 years of
      iwaiting my lover is now straying off to other women for reason I haven’t left good guy yet And I don’t leave not for comfort or security ,but out of shame. I’m called a cheating whore by my own children lol ! Ive suffered much loss too, for this affair I’ve been cut from my parents familly inheritance because they are greedy and think I’ll give money to my penniless gorgeous pauper lover and the in-laws are pushing husband to divorce me . So just to calm good guy dad husband I’ve signed a post nup agreeing to not take anything if I leave . So I then ask you, ” what do I have to !ose now iin divorcing good guy and go marry my penniless lover? ” I would lose the” partrige family” ” leave it to beaver ” fanily picture for the kids sake, not mine . So there you have it , I’m staying for the kids idea of a perfect picture to remain doing laundry cooking cleaning and helping with homework , but when kids leave I hope my lover will still be available for me when I’m ready to divorce my housework and children. ! I think I’m taking the cowards way . But tomorrow I’ll change my mind . I did mention this is six years and STILL COUNTING . Ps meantime I still see my lover and spend weekend nights with him. And if there are any more critics out there that want to sling another pie at my Face , get in line! Ha just , sticks and stones.

  27. I need to write a list of my irrational fears. I had never thought of fears the way Mastin broke it down here. I do have a couple survival fears related to money but I know I have irrational that I think are mostly related to “what will others think of me or say about me if I…” There was a time when I would say out loud that I live for me and I don’t cate what anybody yhinks about my life choices but now the difference is that I just don’t say it. I still feel it. I want to lose weight, get involved in more activities, build some kibd of business helping people “get to where they need to go” (that’s the phrase that has always stuck out in my mind), create art, take classes, dance, etc. Basically, have no shortage of ideas, dreams and wishes & interests but it feels like I’m so bound by fear sometimes that I literally feel weighted down to my house or more specifically to my couch. I have these burst-moments where I’m all in action and it feels great & empowering. Then I hit some kind of bump in the road and get nervous & discouraged. Will continue driving ahead, though. Mastin’s message opened me up today. I’m going to start my list of irrational fears today and see what I can actually call bullshit on! Thanks.

    1. It’s sounds like you are on the right track now, KimSol! We are so looking forward to hearing what happens once you drive right past those fears! Sending much encouragement your way 🙂 ~Team Mastin

  28. My fear is that I will end up being alone for the rest of my life and being trapped in this horrible place for the rest of my life. I feel empty inside. I want to move, travel the world meet new interesting people. I want a partner who loves me and accepts me. I want a career that allows me to travel and express myself fully. I want to be happy. And I fear that it is so difficult, because I am in the wrong place. I hate where I am living and I feel like I am missing out on so much in my life. I look at everyone else and they seem to be living life, while I am not, they are experiencing great changing and having great adventures while I am not.

    What is wrong with me and why is this happening to me?

    1. Hi Talya! It sounds like you really want all these things in life and you really want change, but maybe there is no action being taken. In order for your life to be where you want it to be, you need to get into action. Even small steps are a start and will lead to bigger moves in your life. Also remember that by loving yourself, you will create more love around you. These blog posts might bring you some helpful tips as well: http://thedailylove.com/no-more-planning-time-for-action/ and http://thedailylove.com/clarity-comes-through-action/. You can do this!! ~Team Mastin

  29. My biggest irrational fear is of embarrassment in front of other people.I have had social anxiety since age 14,and have never had a mentor,or therapist to help me overcome my overwhelming irrational fears,because of this,my world has been very small,. I’m 46 now and I have missed hundreds of opportunities due to me giving in to my irrational fears,they have become second nature to me,like breathing. My fear causes me physical symptoms which make it even tougher to get past. I always wished that I had someone to help me overcome my fears,but that “someone” never showed up. So,. I ask you Mastin,. Could you help someone like me? My email is: [email protected] let me hear from you 😊

  30. Hello ‘team Mastin’,

    I wasn’t able to reply to you via my first post about my irrational fears I uncovered through the completion of Mastin’s exercise so I am posting it here.

    The result: 99% were irrational fears.

    The action step I took was to write this forgiveness letter to Jenna Love, who was my private mentor late last year for the Daily Love Premium Mentoring Program advertised during the then Daily Love Mastery Fall Program. There was a lot of unfinished business between us and I would the team to send it off to her to show her the insights I have received from the situation. May it find the path to her heart.

    The links are here:
    https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0AV_9D0bya7Z3VVZWtoUnhZWWc/view?usp=sharing (Page 1 out of 2)
    https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0AV_9D0bya7TnNUdDdEQ0NRN00/view?usp=sharing (Page 2 out of 2)

    Thanks heaps and the wound is healed on my behalf.

    Be authentic to you.

  31. I want to be more, but I don’t know what more is. I play small because of my upbringing and I want to be authentic. I’m afraid that if I show my true self I’ll be rejected. So I continue to appease and play small.

    1. These are irrational fears. The best thing you can be is your true self, CovS! Only then will you be able to fully live your purpose. When we are true to who we are, those who are meant to be in our lives will be there or show up and the opportunities for greatness will come. You might have to dig deep and go through those emotions again of your upbringing to find the lesson and really move past that part of your life – to make space for what’s next to come for your authentic self! ~Team Mastin

  32. I’m afraid that I’m not a good writer, and that people won’t like me if I shine as brightly and be as free as I want to, putting myself out into the world on my baby blog. I’m afraid I’ll be too radical for my conservative family, and too conservative for my radical feminist community. Or that I’ll say something that is classist or ableist, or that my entire PROJECT is classist and ableist. So much fear.

  33. Hi Mastin I believe, that my fear is survival, between my husband and i, we have four kids, and as of right now we are living in an unfinished basement, I want desperately to be out, but my husband is content. He knows we have a roof over our hesds, food on the table etc.. my fear is that if I leave my husband I won’t be able to make it on my own. And with three kids, I don’t want to be anyone’s burden. My question is how do I get passed this. And is this rational or survival and if it’s survival then how do I take the next steps?

  34. I have a ton of fears and they are all coming at me at once. My intuition has been telling me to leave my job for quite some time. Then about a month ago I received some news that made leaving my job practically my only option. I turned in my resignation letter and was then informed by my landlord that she wants my children and I to move at the end of the month. Both of these things I wanted, but not quite this way. So here I am about to be out of work and a home scared about what is to happen next. I feel like the Universe orchestrated this so beautifully, but because I see no clear next step, I have no idea what to do and I am in full panic mode.

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