One of the most important things we can do in life is give. Giving is where it’s at. Contribution, service and helping others is a powerful spiritual principle that when applied can change lives and make the world a better place.

My life has been directly impacted by the charity of others.

I was touched by my friend and mentor Tony Robbins when he gifted me with being able to attend both his UPW and Date with Destiny seminars. These babies were a major investment – and even though I knew that they were totally worth the money, at the time the reality was, I just didn’t have it. Tony saw the potential in me to add value to the world, and so he let me come on a scholarship.

My experiences at UPW and Date with Destiny changed me forever. And at that moment, I decided that one day I would do the same thing. Ever since we’ve offered online classes here at Daily Love – we’ve always had scholarships. And what our clients have done with these scholarships has inspired me.

So today, I’m beyond thrilled to announce the winners of our 2016 Claim Your Power scholarships. You put your heart, your soul, and your creativity into your videos. You moved my team and me to the point where we had to say yes. I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to be able to be at a point in my life where I can give back. It was just a few years ago that I needed a helping hand. But that’s the power of personal growth. When you learn it, apply it and become it – everything can change.

If you didn’t get a scholarship this year – know that we love you, you matter and that you touched us.

To sign up for the Claim Your Power program, you can enroll here.

Also, below in the comments, please let me know how you can pay forward the abundance you in your life to someone who needs it today.

There is no way I’d be here today without that act of selflessness from Tony Robbins.

In that same spirit – here are our scholarship recipients:

Justine Giles

Kathryn Vandulek

Fabian Markl

BB Harding

Jessica Nixon

Julie C Kelly

Lisa Miller

Amy Borel

Erin Hill

Priscilla Bradshaw

Jennifer Huda

Laura L’insolente

Steve Broes

Amelie Mettenheimer

For it is in giving that we receive…

Claim Your Power – please email so we can hook you up with all the details about how to be included this year.

Have an amazing Friday!

Lots of LOVE,