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Details for private One-On-One Trauma Hacking™ Coaching

Thank you for your interest in one-on-one Trauma Hacking™ coaching with me.

Read on for the details…

So, something interesting just happened….

About a month ago I sent out an email about working one-on-one with me if you are a rebel practitioner, coach, therapist, clinician, wellness entrepreneur or high functioning human and are looking for the edge in your business/practice.

The response was bigger than I could imagine and we couldn’t take everyone who applied.

But, that’s not the interesting part. The interesting part is that ever since I came out about the only trauma-informed, evidence based coaching process I created called Functional Life Coaching™ and Trauma Hacking™ – so many amazing souls have raised their hand and said “Mastin, I’ve done so much work on myself and I still feel stuck…”

There’s this sense that something deeper is needed, to get the the root cause of the inner blocks and emotional trauma that are holding you back.

These rebel practitioners know that by doing their own Trauma Hacking™ work, they can get even better results for their clients, in their business/practice and in their relationships.

Because, when you address the root cause, everything else starts to shift and change. One of the reasons why I closed down my one-on-one business many years ago is because I thought (perhaps incorrectly) that people weren’t ready to really dive deep. But I’ve been so overwhelmed (in a good way) with the response and desire to dive deeper that I decided to do a test last month to see if my intuition was correct about the willingness and readiness to do the deeper work.

And, to my surprise, last month we got a flood of applications. And, my schedule filled up with amazing souls and rebel practitioners who are ready for the one-on-one dive deep into their root cause trauma and start the healing process so that they can have the edge, get unstuck and make a greater impact.

Since I wasn’t too sure how it was going to go, I only opened a few spots to test the waters.

I’m so thrilled because this process has been so energizing that I’ve decided to open up just a few more one-on-one Trauma Hacking™ private coaching spaces.

Like I said before, the one-on-one Trauma Hacking™ experience is powerful, deep and will help you address the root cause that’s holding you back.

Because it’s one-on-one and it’s total focus on you, I only have a few spaces and the financial investment is significant.

So, if you are interested in a one-on-one Trauma Hacking™ experience with me, please send an email to hello(at)mastinkipp(dot)com with the subject “PRIVATE COACHING” and I’ll send you more details.

Or you can click here to send me an email.

One quick ask: please only send me an email if you are serious about taking the time to dive deep and making a significant investment in yourself.

So much becomes available when you dive in to the root cause of why you’re stuck.

If you’re ready for the one-on-one Trauma Hacking™ deep dive with me, just send an email to hello(at)mastinkipp(dot)com with the subject “PRIVATE COACHING” and I’ll send you more details.

I’m opening up just a few spaces, so make sure to be in touch quickly before the spots get filled up again.

It’s a real honor to be able to dive deep and help you get results faster, with less stress and more fulfilled results.

I’m looking forward to connecting with you and diving deep!

Remember to get out there, take action and make it real.

Your biggest supporter,



If you know anyone who has been looking to connect with deeper work, a more trauma-informed approach, please feel free to forward them this link. It might just change their life.

How To Create Financial Certainty For Your Loved Ones

Will you do anything for the people you love? Do you want to make sure they are provided for? Taken care of?

Your children. Your parents. Your peeps.

Recently I read a note from Stephanie who said:

“I feel obligated to maintain a steady income to support my kids. I tell myself that when they are out of the house, then I can figure out what I want for myself.”

Stephanie, I want to talk to you today.

And… anyone else who feels like their purpose isn’t quite here yet.

Let me get this out upfront:

The BEST way to take care of your Loved ones is to live your life as an EXAMPLE of what’s possible.

Your only true obligation in this life is to discover your purpose and live it each day.

When you consider what action to take, what next step to make… and what the priorities of your life are…

It’s important to pay attention to the questions you are asking yourself.

Perhaps one of the greatest questions you can ask yourself when it comes to taking care of your loved ones is this…

“How can I best set an example of what’s possible?”

You see, your loved ones watch what you DO, far greater than what you say.

Your children model your behavior, not your words.

So, this means to take the best care of your loved ones; you’ve got to take the best care of yourself.

Do you want your children to discover and live their purpose?

Then discover and live yours.

Do you want your loved ones to be able to have financial security for the future?

Then tap into the abundance that comes when you bring your purpose to life.

Do you want to take great care of your father/mother and help them retire and have a great quality of life?

Then bring your purpose to life.

Discovering my purpose is what allowed me to have enough funds to pay for rehab for my mother, which was a life-saving moment.

Discovering my purpose is what allowed us to buy a house for loved ones when their home was condemned due to mold.

If you are waiting until they “grow up,” “move out” or for “one day when” you think things will get better… you are not taking the best care of your loved ones.

You are not setting an example of living your best life.

In order to take the best care of your loved ones, you must grow, you must stretch… you must discover your life’s purpose and then dedicate yourself to bringing it to life.

By bringing your purpose to life, you set the example for your children or your parents.

By finding your purpose, you open up the abundance that you know is meant for you, but seems to be alluding you.

By discovering your purpose, you show your loved ones you mean business.

Do not delay your dreams.

Do not set an example of living on the “horizon” for “one day.” They are watching you and they are taking their ques from you.

Whether you know it or not… you are a leader and they are watching your every move.

Instead of saving for a rainy day, invest in a sunny future. Invest in yourself.

Invest in your purpose.

Make discovering your purpose your #1 intention.

Let no excuse get in the way.

Let no limiting belief stop you.

Do whatever you need to do to overcome the fear/trauma/hurt and worry from your past…. and make today and every day forward a day where you are dedicated to brining your purpose to life.

Do not allow any past hurt/trauma/pain or fear stop you. Instead, consider that the trauma of your past is a prerequisite for your purpose.

You were being prepared for THIS.

When you bring your purpose to life…

That’s when abundance comes.

That’s when you have true personal freedom.

That’s when you create true security for your loved ones.

That’s when you set an example for everyone you love about what’ possible.

Within you is power, greatness and the ability to be a role model of what living your purpose looks like.

Have you been focusing on what’s most important… or just being distracted by what’s in front of you?

Make if your intention to make what’s in front of you most important – that is discovering your purpose and bringing it to life.

The only difference between someone who has true freedom, who has work and a career they love, who experiences a truly abundant life… who takes care of their loved ones and gives them the ultimate security…

And someone who is distracted, overwhelmed, not feeling free, waiting until “later” and always worried if they will be able to take care of their loved ones is just one thing…

Those who experience true freedom, abundance and the security to take care of the people that they love know their life’s purpose and are living it each day.

If you’ve tried a lot of different things and it hasn’t worked out, or if you thought you knew what your purpose was and lost it… or if you aren’t sure you have a purpose… or if you know what your purpose, but it’s in process and not quite here yet… that’s okay.

If you really love your peeps, then get about the business of bringing your purpose to life.

Don’t hide behind your loved ones and use them as a reason why you can’t risk/grow and become more.

You owe it to them and to yourself to take the leap and jump into the life that’s waiting for you.

It’s time to remove the hidden blocks keeping you stuck, accelerate your results and bring your purpose to life.

Not sometime in the future… but right… NOW.

You’ve got this. And I’ll be right there with you.

Remember to get out there, take action and make it real!

Path to discovering your life’s purpose

As Mark Twain said, “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born, and the day you find out why.”

When you find out why you were born, that’s when you discover your life’s purpose.

Most of our problems in life are a symptom of not knowing, or living, our purpose.

Imagine for a moment a scenario….

That… you were intentionally made, by a Loving Creator for a special and unique Purpose.

You came to earth, experienced fear and mild to intense trauma and in that process forgot Who you are and Where you came from.

Then, because you wanted Love, safety, and security… you decided not to listen to your Higher Wisdom, to doubt that you even have any intuition and to focus on things that bring you financial security, but not fulfillment or joy.

Because of this…. you feel like you have FOMO (the Fear of Missing out), but aren’t even sure what you’re missing out on.

You just know that there’s something more.

You can feel it, but you can’t quite put your finger on it.

You have brief moments of remembering Who you are and Where you came from.

Maybe it’s an inspiring moment in a film, or when some great moment is achieved in sports, the Olympics or in a book that you read.

But, because life is filled with an overload of content/information and distraction, you quickly forget again.

And, over a period, the Light within you that is your Purpose gets dimmer and dimmer.

It never goes out, but it does get small enough to forget that it’s there. So, you’re not being used for your Purpose.

You’re not in alignment with why you were born, you are ignoring your intuition, and you are putting your life on hold.

Maybe you have kids, or a job that helps you just “exist” or a pet.

And you love your kids, your pet and you are grateful that you can put food on the table… but something is missing.

Your relationship is void of passion.

Perhaps you and your “twin flame” are just roommates now.

Or… you decided not to get into another relationship because you wanted to focus on your career…

But your career is just to pay the bills.

It’s not purposeful work. You start to want more.

You want to help your parents retire and be taken care of for the rest of your life.

You want to set a better example for your children because you notice that they have picked up some of your bad habits.

You have a favorite Instagram account that you pretend is your life.

Those images of Europe, Asia and living a life of time/money/travel freedom… it’s your daydream.

You pretend that that is your life.

But… these moments are fleeting…

A day comes where you notice you are having a hard time paying attention to your Survival Job.

You feel anxious. Nervous.

So, you go to someone who can write you a prescription to feel better.

Chances are… they don’t scan your brain… and they don’t do an inventory of your life choices…. they don’t ask if you are living your Purpose.

They just pay attention to the symptoms.

Anxious. Inattentive. Nervous. Sad.

They label you “bipolar,” “ADD” or “depressed” and give you a pill or two.

You take the pills.

For a moment, you have hope… maybe this will help me feel better.

But soon, those pills don’t work.

And now you’re hooked on them and need them just to feel normal.

You take on the names that those pill writers called you.

You are now just a bipolar/ADD/depressed person who needs to take pills to be normal.

You smile to strangers, but on the inside… you wish that they could see that you’re in an existential crisis.

But, you have to keep it together. You can’t be vulnerable. You can’t be real.

The self-help teachers told you that when you talk about bad things, negative stuff or your problems that you will “attract” more of them.

So, you stuff them down. You get a new peer group of best friends you always make you feel better:

Caffeine, Alcohol, and Sugar

You put on some weight at first. But then more weight.


Because that “one drink a week” has turned into a nightly affair.

You wake up hungover and take more pills and more Caffeine just to have enough energy to get in the shower.

One day, you arrive at your job… and it hits you…

Maybe this is as good as it gets. Maybe this is all you deserve. Maybe you’re just here to “exist” or “survive.”

All that hogwash about purpose, it’s just for special people.

You unfollowed your favorite Instagram account because they posted a photo from your dream travel destination… and you decided that it’s just a pipedream.

And… you keep your head down and just keep existing.

All the while, trying to convince yourself that you don’t know what your purpose is… that you aren’t sure.

And that the only way you would even admit that you have a purpose or could life a life of purpose… you would need a clear financial plan in place first.

You are treating your purpose (and God) like your own personal Jerry McGuire….

you scream: “SHOW ME THE MONEY!”

But, you can’t see how you could possibly make money living your purpose, so you keep telling yourself you don’t have one, or that you don’t know what it is.

Eventually… life gets worse. It shrinks.

A few bad things happen in a row that makes you question whether there is a God at all.. and why would such a God allow these kinds of things to happen.

And, eventually… life gets smaller and smaller and smaller… until you arrive at an important moment in your life.

A moment will come when you will be stirred by unexpected events.

A part of you will die, and you will begin to search for the elixir to bring this part of you back to life.

You will seek this elixir in friends, lovers, enemies, books, religions, foreign countries, heroes, songs, rituals, and jobs.

But no matter where you look, the treasure will evade you.

All will seem lost.

You will lose all hope that this magic potion even exists.

It will be the darkest of nights, and the promise of certain death will lead you to the abyss of despair.

But, staring into this abyss, you will begin to see the dim light of your own illumined soul.

Your radiance will transform the abyss itself into the elusive elixir of life.

And for the first time, you will realize that all the while… it was your own Light that you were searching for.

Then you have a massive AHA moment.

“My Purpose is the most important thing for me to find.”

You realize that there is no perfect map with a blueprint and checklist of how you will make money.

You realize that your Purpose is something that you discover, bit by bit, a little each day.

You realize that the self-help gurus were wrong… fear is not the opposite of Love… Fear is a sign that you are getting closer to your Purpose.

And, when you realize this… you realize that no pill can give you purpose, no wine can give you purpose… and no amount of chocolate can give you purpose.

And then… in a flash… you realize that THIS is the second most important day of your life.

You realize that you were born for a unique Purpose… and that you just need to take a page from Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz… you need to gather yourself… gather your Heart… your Brains… and your Courage… and realize that you’ve always had the power.

You don’t have literal red slippers to take you home, but you have something even better…

The redemption of each new moment to make a new choice.

And on this day, the second most important day of your life… you choose to discover your Purpose… bit by bit… piece by piece. And from that moment forward… you return Home to your Heart… to your Creator… to discovering your Purpose a little more each day.

You realize that those weren’t panic attacks, they were messages from your Higher Wisdom to get moving.

You realize that you had anxiety because you weren’t doing the very thing you were born to do.

You realize that anyone who is not living their purpose but instead forcing themselves to do boring/repetitive work that isn’t fulfilling would have ADD, too.

You realize each day that you don’t have a problem focusing on the things you LOVE to do, in fact, you wish that life would slow down because when you are in the Zone of your purpose… life and time is flying by.

You realize that the real cause of your problems wasn’t being bi-polar, or depressed or having ADD…

You realize that you’ve been misdiagnosed. You didn’t have ADD… you had PDD.

Purpose Deficit Disorder

And you realize that ADD/Depression/BiPolar and most of those other labels where covering up the real issue.

Maybe you’re still on your pills, but you realize that they are there to help FUEL your purpose… but pills are NOT your purpose in and of themselves.

You realize that Bi-Polar was just trying to contain your uniqueness and creativity in a box… and now you are unleashed…

You realize that part of your de-pression was re-pression.

So you start to express yourself.

You realize that your ADD wasn’t that at all.

You realize that you’re a creative genius whose been focused on boring tasks.

You have a hard time paying attention to what doesn’t matter, but when you are in your zone of Purpose, your attention is locked in.

And… in the end… you are grateful for the journey… because now you have empathy… experience… and an understanding of the suffering that exists on this planet… and from this moment forward… you dedicate yourself to healing the wounds within you… connecting with your Higher Power each and every day… and helping others heal their suffering.

And in that moment, you realize… everything you went through… has meaning.

And you’re grateful for all of it.

Remember to get out there, take action and make it real!

Is the drive to just survive killing your life’s purpose?

Do you know what keeps you blocked from the success, personal freedom and life of abundance you want?

Not just fear… Not just “you”… Not just time… Not just money…

Let’s be more specific, shall we?

There’s just one thing that’s actually blocking you:

Survival Patterns™

Or… you can call ’em SP’s for short. SP’s keep you stuck.

SP’s like… distraction, procrastination, perfectionism…

and even talking about your SP’s more than you should…

even the awareness that you have SP’s can become an SP…

because then you are focused just on how many SP’s you have.

When you know you have an SP.. your job is to begin the process of healing it.

You don’t break your arm… and then just talk about how broken it is… and how you broke it… over and over again.

You get your butt to the doctor’s office, and you get a CAST. Your SP’s need a CAST called… your life’s purpose.

When you know your purpose, your why… everything starts to change… your drive to overcome and heal your SP’s kicks in.

You take all that self-help knowledge… all that “information” and it drops down into practical application… into real life.

In fact… you might “think” you know something, but you don’t really know it until… you’re DOING IT.

Knowledge without action is the same thing as not having the knowledge in the first place.

Knowledge is simply potential energy… it’s not until your activate your knowledge does it become kinetic or ALIVE.

So, if you are reading the books… GOOD.

f you are doing your meditation… GOOD.

If you are working on yourself… GOOD.

But let’s take an honest look at where you are in your life right now.

If you’re procrastinating, or in perfectionism, or playing small, or distracted all the time and not following through…

Your Survival Patterns™ are winning.

And here’s the thing… Survival Patterns™ create other survival things…

Survival jobs… Survival relationships… Survival romance… Survival income… Survival food habits…

Meaning… your job, relationships, income, and food habits are “just enough” for you to “survive”.

But, they are not at the standard that you see yourself.

When you discover your purpose and bring it to life… you upgrade from a survival job… to a fulfilling and abundant vocation.

When you discover your purpose… you upgrade from a survival relationships to a Soul Tribe of people who are supporting you.

When you discover your purpose… you upgrade from survival romance (aka roommates) to true love and passion.

When you discover your purpose… you upgrade from just survival income… to an abundant income that allows you to provide security to those that you love + the time/money freedom to travel and create unforgettable experiences.

When you discover your purpose…. your food habits are not just there to survive.

You raise your standards from sugar/wine and chocolate (or caramel popcorn) to food that fuels your purpose and gives you more energy.

To survive in this world is a miracle.

To thrive in your purpose in this lifetime is something you must earn.

Vision boards alone won’t do it.

To thrive in your purpose… you need to increase the amount of intentional pressure you feel.

Now… stress and pressure are two different things.

When you’re just surviving, you feel stress because at any moment you may not be surviving.

But, when you apply true intentional pressure in your life, that is when you grow and demand more from yourself.

The pressure to show up in bigger and bigger ways.

The pressure to forgive the unforgivable.

The pressure to show up and add value to the world.

These are good things.

Diamonds are forged under intentional pressure… the body gets sick under chronic stress.

If you’re going to be stressed by the day to day of survival anyways… you might as well focus on the tasks that create pressure and a similar sensation as stress.

It takes just as much energy to be stressed by thinking about how you will pay for food next week and how you will become more and live your purpose.

You might as well use your stress wisely and transform it into pressure that turns you from coal (survival) into a thriving diamond of purpose.

Are you ready to trade your surival life for an abundant life of purpose?

Then reply back to this email and let me know how you will get started living your purpose and bringing it to life.

Do you want to put your purpose and true abundance on the fast track?

That’s exactly what you’ll do when you come Claim Your Power LIVE this July 13 – 16 in Los Angeles.

This is my signature LIVE immersion experience that will help you discover your purpose and bring it to life. It only happens once per year…

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This is your chance to come to Los Angeles and connect with me in person… and your whole Soul Tribe of peeps who are ready to support the person you are becoming.

And notice… are those Survival Patterns™ already chiming in with all the reasons why you can’t?

What if you can… find the time… reschedule… make this and yourself a priority?

You… your purpose and your loved ones are worth it.

And… reply to this email and let me know your next step towards bringing your purpose to life.

Let’s partner up to bring your purpose to life.

Are you ready to become a diamond?

Remember to get out there, take action and make it real!

Do you have more than one purpose?

Perhaps one of the most important questions you can ask is…

“What is my life’s purpose?”

And – the answers can be confusing. Like… really confusing.

I’ve always pondered why some of life’s most important questions seem to be unanswerable or unknowable.

What’s my purpose? Is there a God? Why did this happen to me? Why do bad things happen to good people?

There can appear to be no answers to these questions.

And – there appear to be no answers that we agree on.

One of the reasons I decided to create Claim Your Power LIVE is because I wanted to offer a simple solution and answer to one of life’s most important questions… the question of purpose.

You see, when you discover your purpose, you realize why you were born.

You become aware of your usefulness to the world and to your Creator.

Abundance flows.

But, if you do not know your life’s purpose, it’s easy to step into scarcity and lack…. never living up to your full potential.

One of the reasons why I’ve seen many people miss their purpose is because of a question they ask over and over again but never seem to be able to answer.

“Do I have more than one purpose?”

I’ve had over 40,000 students go through my free or paid training for my Claim Your Power course.

This question is a massive question.

And let me shine some light on this for a moment with what I’ve learned.

Purpose is not what you think.

We set goals to feel an emotion.

When we go for something… a new job, a business, a relationship, more money, losing weight, etc… we are not just going for the outcome, we are shooting for the emotion that we believe the goal will bring us.

Weight loss may bring us the emotions of self-respect, energy or aliveness.

Romance may bring us passion.

Money may bring us safety and freedom.

So, ultimately, purpose is an emotion that you cultivate within yourself and then share with others.

You’ve got to admit that you are in control of your life, your destiny, and your purpose and that it’s up to you to do the work to bring your purpose (aka your ideal emotions) to life.

You have very specific emotions that you’re aiming for.

So, you’ve got to find out what they are.

For me, my top two emotions are belonging and excitement.

When you discover your emotional targets, you begin to discover your purpose.

And, the good news is.. the emotional targets that your aiming for do not change over time.

I pretty much want to feel like I belong and am excited all the time.

But, what does change are the circumstances and the physical outcomes or goals that we pursue to hit our emotional targets.

So, when I am asked if you have many different purposes, the answer is no.

But, we must go deeper.

There will be many different circumstances or outcomes that will help you hit your emotional targets over time.

For example, when you are five years old, you have different goals than when you are 18, 35 and 70.

However, the emotions remain constant targets. So, when you think you have many purposes, what you are really asking is… have I outgrown my old goals and outcomes and I am unclear of the new goals/outcomes that will help me to hit my emotional targets.

So, the quest for purpose is really the quest for emotion.

That’s why it’s an internal process, far more than an external pursuit.

And, perhaps the most important part of this journey is to identify the blocks that are preventing you from moving forward and creating new goals, taking new action and expanding your growth.


You have one unique purpose, to hit your ideal emotional targets.

What has to happen for you to do that will change over your life.

Stay in rapport with your Soul and you will never be led astray.

Remember to get out there, take action and make it real!