Do you plan to start your business or “quit your job” to start your business in the next six months?

That’s a really bad idea.


Because it’s not going to happen.

Look – I don’t mean to be negative. My purpose is to assist you to breakthrough all limitations and live the highest expression of your life.

And – to do that… we’ve got to be real.

Planning to “start” or “leave” something in six months is the same as procrastinating to start for six months.

So, what you’ve got to do is plan to leave your soul-sucking job NOW.

Or, plan to start your business NOW. Only make plans for the present, never the future.

Sure you can have a vision for the future and goals that you want to achieve.

All that matter is what you’re doing about it now.

This doesn’t mean that you quit today. It doesn’t mean that you throw caution to the wind. It doesn’t mean that you pull a Jerry McGuire in the middle of the office and go all manifesto on your team.

But, it does mean that you must bring your awareness to the present moment. Then, begin taking present moment action – now.

The most important things to consider are:

1. How much do you need to live each month? (Fo’ real)

2. What costs can you cut now?

3. What is the fastest way to create income?

4. What is the least amount of work you can do that would create the biggest return?

5. How can you chuck down your goal into weekly sprints to get more done in less time?

6. Who do you need to stop trying to impress or get approval from?

7. What problems in the world are you passionate about solving?

8. What purpose beyond yourself inspires you?

Getting to live your dreams is not something that you are entitled to. You must earn it.

And, planning is not enough. You must take consistent, courageous & imperfect action daily. The moves don’t have to be big. But they must be consistent. I’d rather see one small baby step a day then trying to do it all in a weekend.

Find the time. Say no more. Cut back meetings. Stop over giving at work and staying late. Don’t hang out with people who you share common productivity draining habits with.

Protect your time. Be willing to “appear” broke or foolish for a short time.

And know this:

1. You can get by with far less than you think you can.

2. Start cutting costs and hidden monthly fees now.

3. Focus on income from one-on-one packages to start.

4. Don’t try to get the whole thing setup perfectly, just take the next small step and be okay with doing it afraid and looking messy.

5. Take your big vision, turn it into goals and then widdle it down to next action steps. Focus on the action steps.

6. Stop living your life by committee. Stop trying to look good. Focus on a bigger vision that impressing people. Or needing their approval. (Especially if they are not living their dream life)7. Get busy being useful and solving problems.

7. Get busy being useful and solving problems.8. Attach yourself to an idea that is greater than you and dedicate your life to.

8. Attach yourself to an idea that is greater than you and dedicate your life to its service.

Do it messy.

Do it afraid.

Do it now.

Tweet: “Do it messy. Do it afraid. Do it now.” – @MastinKipp

Remember to get out there, take action & make it real.

Your biggest supporter,