What if you could banish the afternoon energy dips? Wake up with excitement (instead of stress)? Find more time for what you love to do (and who love to share your life with)?

Well – I got you.

I recently went though a massive health transformation.

Ended my prediabetes and dropped 55 pounds in two months.

After years of trial/error and every fad, I found what worked for me.

A big part of this success was my friend Adam (who you may have seen on my YouTube show & who will be on the podcast again soon).

Adam is badass.

Far more than a personal trainer/coach or nutrition expert, he is a high-performance secret weapon.

And, because Adam is also one of my best friends, we are always trying to one-up each other.

That’s how guys roll.

Adam is my brotha’ from anotha’ motha’ – and perhaps my favorite person to one-up, however, I can.

Today is no exception.

Adam’s impact on my life is massive.

We trained together for six weeks in Bali and between him and my nutritional/medical team – the results came.

Whenever I find excellence, I like to know the root of that excellence.

Why is someone excellent?

Adam’s brand is called “8 Days A Week”.

Because he loves to help his clients become so fit, that they can accomplish 8 days of stuff in just one week.

Adam helps his clients find more time in the week.

It’s an awesome idea.

Well, it turns out that Adam has a mentor.

And because Adam is excellent, I was massively curious about who his mentor was.

>Meet Todd Durkin.

I was recently in San Diego and reached out to Todd to interview him for the podcast.

And Todd said yes.

I traveled to his gym in San Diego (which is more like a training facility for elite athletes and anyone of any age who wants to put in the hard work).

>Todd and I had the most incredible conversation, listen here on iTunes.

>Listen here on any other device.

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And in the honor and tradition of one-upping Adam, I have called this episode of the Power and Purpose Podcast:

How To Get Nine Days Out Of One Week

I mean, why only get 8 days a week, when you can get 9, right Adam?

It’s all in good fun. And I hope you enjoy this podcast interview with Todd Durkin.

He is a man of faith. His story of how to overcome the death of his father is awe inspiring.

Todd trains world class athletes to be at their best on and off the field.

Todd is part minister. Part coach. Part brother. Part love bug. Part Jedi Master. And all energy.

>I know you will enjoy this podcast.

In this enlightening conversation Todd reveals how to unlock your energy, create more time and unlimited love.

No matter where you are in your fitness quest, Todd’s words will inspire you.

And, if you are looking for a pick me up, a dose of inspiration for your soul… well…

>It’s all right here.

I know you will benefit grateful from our chat.

So, why get 8 days out of a week when you can get 9?

Love you, Adam. One-up complete.

(BTW, look for Adam on the podcast again soon.)

Remember to get out there, take action and make it real!