Yesterday was a sad day for the Hay House family and the millions of people who Louise Hay touched.

Louise Hay, a pioneer in the field of self-help, personal growth, and human development, transitioned at the age of 90.

And, two years ago that the great Wayne Dyer transitioned.

There are no accidents.

And, this just happens to be Episode 111 (which, according to Doreen Virtue) is an angel number that means:

“Keep your thoughts positive, because your thoughts are manifesting instantly into form. Focus only upon your desires and not upon your fears.” 

Which is one of the core teachings that Louise Hay brought to us.

It just so happens that today was the re-launch of my podcast and we’re adding in a new conversational format.

We had a whole list of things to talk about, but when we recorded this podcast, the only thing we could actually talk about was Louise and her impact on my life and so many others.

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We also talk about a range of other topics including:

– The role of spiritual teachers and thought leaders in times of political unrest, social injustice and how we should be responding to hate groups, racism and those who would divide us.

– How to find your Purpose and dissolve the hidden blocks keeping you stuck.

– My training and weight loss philosophy.

– And much more.

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Louise Hay was a true legend, and her work has an impact on countless lives. I’m really sad that my first podcast back in this season was about the loss of such an amazing mentor, friend, and my publisher.

It was sweet to remember her.

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Louise’s friends called her Lulu. Among them, I include you.

Lulu – we love you. Heaven has their angel back.

I wish you all my love on your next great adventure.

All my love,