I’ve spent a lot of time asking the question, “Who am I?”

And I’ve come up with all kinds of answers. I’m a person. I’m a writer. I’m a teacher. I’m a boyfriend. I’m an entrepreneur.

Then I went a little deeper.

I’m a Soul. I’m a spiritual being having a human experience. Or even, I AM.

But for me – the roles didn’t feel like the deepest truth of who I was. And also, the spiritual lingo about being a soul, or just “I AM” – SOUNDED nice – but I didn’t know what to do with it.

I’m a Soul.

Great – now what?

I’m a spiritual being having a human experience.

Awesome – what’s that mean? What’s the grounded action step there?

I didn’t know what to do with these definitions. It wasn’t grounded and actionable.

So, I kept on asking the question – and then one day… it hit me.

I know who I am.

I’m a decider.

I get to decide – what I allow, what my standards are, what things mean, what I put in my mouth for food, who I hang out with, if I write each day or not, to have a spiritual practice or not.

I get to decide if I’m a human being having a spiritual experience or a spiritual being having a human experience. I get to decide.

I may not always get to decide what happens, when it happens or how it happens. I may not be able to just magically think away disease with a single thought. I can’t just decide to have more money in my bank account.

But – I can decide how I want to respond to the stimulus of the world. Which influences my health, relationships and finances.

So, I’ve decided that I’m a decider. I believe in the Soul, I can feel it – but I can’t describe it to such a grounded degree that I can make the Soul actionable.

But, I can make deciding actionable. What am I going to focus on? What am I going to make it mean?

Is this the beginning or the end? Am I getting sicker or healthier? Should I eat the chocolate or go for a salmon? Do I want to watch Game of Thrones or write a blog?

And on and on and on the deciding goes.

When you stop to think about this – it’s mind blowing how many decisions we make in a day.

And how with each conscious or unconscious decision we create our perception of reality. And this perception ultimately will create evidence that it’s true (seek and ye shall find) – and then this evidence will reinforce what we believe.

Hostile Universe? Plenty of evidence for that. Will you believe it?

Friendly Universe? Plenty of evidence for that. Will you believe it?

Depending on what you choose – the outcome, evidence and path that your life will take could change dramatically.

So, think about something right now – a tough thing that you might be facing or going through. Maybe it’s a breakup, a dis-ease, starting a business, trying to lose weight or any ole challenge.

In the past – what did you make this challenge mean? What it the beginning or the end? Was it a punishment or a lesson?

And now – moving forward, what are you going to decide that this challenge means now? What could be the most empowering (yet not delusional) meaning you could give it.

I’m so curious.