We’re told it’s a birthright.

We’re told it’s the nature of the Universe.

We’re told that we can attract abundance.

But, I speak with many people who are left asking…


If you’re wondering about the “how” of abundance you’re not alone.

When you aren’t sure “how” to manifest abundance, it’s easy to read the books, do the meditations and still come up empty handed.

You might feel like this abundance everyone is talking about is easy for them… but not you.

Abundance becomes a “hope” or a “wish” and not something that you actually experience.

This can be disheartening and can create more feelings of let down and disappointment.

And, ultimately you won’t set an example for your loved ones, children, clients or the world.

It doesn’t have to be that way…

There is a “sweet spot”… that when you find it… is the key to manifesting abundance.

There are four “must” to find your abundance sweet spot:

1. You must dedicate yourself to discovering your purpose and bringing it to life.

2. You must clearly define what abundance is for you.

3. You must pursue solving a problem that you are excited to solve.

4. You must take daily CIA (courageous, imperfect action).

You see – abundance truly is a by-product of your purpose.

Just as you cannot get electricity without being plugged into an electrical source, you cannot create abundance without being plugged into your life’s purpose.

When you discover your purpose and bring it to life, than is when true abundance begins to materialize in your life.

Next – you must define what abundance is for you.

Each person has a different definition of abundance.

Is abundance just being able to wake up in a healthy body?

Is abundance having a family?

Is abundance reaching 1,000,000 online?

Is abundance having a billion dollars?

Make sure that YOU clearly define what abundance is for you.

And hint: make it easy to feel abundant… because when you feel abundant, you tend to attract more abundance.

Next, abundance is not something that you “deserve”.

It’s something that you tap into when you solve the problems of the world.

So, find a problem that you can fall in love with solving and then go work to solve it.

Hint: the bigger the problem, the bigger the abundance.

Abundant resources will flow to those who solve problems.

Finally – you’ve got to take risks.

Abundance won’t come if you need 100% certainty before you get started.

You’ve got to be…

Courageous – meaning… taking steps that scare you.

Imperfect – meaning… you’re doing it messy.

Action – meaning… you are in motion and not just talking about it.

When you dedicate your life to discovering your purpose and bringing it to life…

when you define what abundance is for you…

when you fall in love with solving a big problem…

and then each day you take scary, messy and consistent action…

you are well on your way to being your “sweet spot” for abundance.

So… reply back and tell me:

1. How are you working towards your purpose?

2. What is abundance for you? How do you define it?

3. What is a big problem you are falling in love with solving?

4. What is your courageous, imperfect, messy action today and every day forward?

And may abundance be yours!

Here’s to you in your sweet spot… may it fee like this when you get there…

Remember to get out there, take action and make it real!