As I write this to you, it’s a Monday in September.

A few things are crossing my mind…

1. Where did 2017 go?

2. Where will 2017 go?

3. How will I bring my best self to the second half the the year?

I love/hate New Year’s Day.

I love it because for a moment in time – almost the whole world is united and focused on the future with optimism, there is a sense of internal reflection on collective goals, there is an awareness of the gap between where we are and where want to be… and there are intentions/plans/resolutions made to change.

I love that part.

But, the part that I don’t love is that for most people, New Year’s Resolutions are just hopeful wishes that they tell themselves.

They don’t follow through. I spend the rest of my year in the same contemplative state… internal reflections on my goals, being aware of the gap and creating plans and putting those plans into action.

It’s a daily thing. Not an annual thing.

So, as we step into July, as we welcome mid-Summer I find myself looking towards the end of 2017 and asking the question – how do I want to arrive onĀ January 1st?

This time of year is marked with parties, vacations, travel and takin’ it easy.

Yes, there’s lots of hard work to do… but summer comes with the expectation of relaxation… with time off from school, time to relax.

And relax we will. But… only in the spirit of recovering maximum energy to keep our purpose and our mission.

I love viewing times of the year that most people slow down as especially awesome times to accelerate.

While everyone else is winding down, taking it easy…

I love to be focused on what matters most:

My Purpose… bringing it to life and helping you do the same.

So, as I wake up this Monday in July, I’m filled with thoughts of follow through.

Or re-doubling my efforts to make the most out of 2017, so that when I arrive on the doorstep to 2018, I arrive ready, willing and in motion on what matters most.

When it comes to what matters most, that is a unique answer for each person.

I’m not telling you what I think you should make matter most.

All I’m saying is… figure out what matters most to you and then focus on it unwaveringly.

Re-double your efforts. Re-focus. Re-tool. Re-start.

And follow through. 2018 will be here in a snap, how do you want to arrive on it’s doorstep?

Let’s start 2018 with a bang and cheers-ing your epic end to 2017!

Remember to get out there, take action and make it real!