Happy, Happy Friday!

Are you going through Divine Storm?

A Divine wha?

A Divine Storm, as I call them, are moments in your life when you feel like life/The Divine/The Universe is against you. Nothing is going well.

You question everything and maybe even say something like “Why is this happening to me?”

What I’ve come to find, is that moments like this are powerful opportunities to grow. Divine Storms are wake up calls. They are not ushering in the end, but rather clearing space for what’s trying to be born in your life.

But – we tend to interrupt the process. We hang on to how it was and fear how it could be. And perhaps we slip into assuming the worst, instead of preparing for a miracle.

You see, when you go through a crisis, a hard time, a moment of pain – there is always, and I do mean always, a breakthrough on the other side.

And just past the breakthrough, the new awareness, the inevitable “aha moment” you’ve been searching for – comes redemption.

We live in a Universe that specializes in redemption.

We need not worry. We need not assume the worst.

But rather, make our aim to surrender our Will to Divine Will.

Instead of trying to make The Divine make sense, we release the need to know why things happen as they do and step into the trust that we are being guided in every moment.

And we choose to believe that what we are going through now is preparing us for what we desire.

You are not being punished; you are being prepared.

Prepared for more love.
Prepared for more impact.
Prepared to inspire change in others.
Prepared for more awareness.
Prepared for your dreams.

When we step out into the sweet unknown, we can release the thoughts of pending doom, or life falling apart.

We can choose to believe that when life falls apart, it’s not over, but rather the energy is moving, changing, shifting to reflect the changes in our inner world.

We need not fear the changes but embrace them with a feeling of sweet surrender that our Creator knows what’s best for us.

And in doing so, we can begin to find peace within transition, we can bring meaning within loss and we can find recovery within our addiction.

You are being prepared.

What no longer serves you is being removed from your life, and new life and a new power is coming to you.

At first it won’t make sense. But soon, you will know why things had to be the way they were.

Until then – assume the best. Don’t stop a miracle in progress.

Leave a comment and let me know how you’re being prepared in your life for something even greater.

Make it a great day.


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22 thoughts on “Greater things are ahead…

  1. going through a massive transition, empty nest, feeling lost and don’t know where I am going, how to get there and why

  2. Going through a crisis, my partner of 7 yrs walked out, have to move house, and going through ACC for a sensitive claim dating back to 1977. On anti psychotics to cope with everything

  3. Going through huge disconnect from my entire family, and being accused of being a “bad” sister and daughter through my actions and relationship with my Mother. I have had to stop and re-evaluate my relationships, and how I can make changes. I have always tried to be the “fixer” – but I have stayed very quiet for 5 months. Feeling very alone.

    1. Rhonda stay strong I have been the bad sister my entire life according to the family but I know that’s not true, you also know who you are! You don’t need to fix anyone, don’t carry what someone else may need to fix, just focus on your life and see the gifts that will follow! Peace😇🙏

  4. Thank you for this! Coming thru the other side of a terribly shocking break up. Just starting to feel my freedom from all the bondage I let that person put me in and your words really rang true for me this day. Finding my power again. Letting light in again. Excited about the miracles I have coming. Thank you Mastin for delivering these words!

  5. Mastin the spirit which resides in your being is the spirit I longed to connect with throughout my 37 years on this earth. There have been multiple moments in my time here, where my spirit shook me to see the truth in my being. I have been on an adventure of feeling that truth, but allowing the opposite force to once again engulf me into the lies of the world. I’ve been to many different programs in search of comfort to validate what my spirit was awakening me to. Unfortunately, I still felt different, alone, desperate. One of the outlets my spirit led me to was an addiction support group, and they told me that one day I would hear my story. That day never came after trying to hear it for many many years. Once again, I felt different, not being able to relate to anyone and turning again to the source of evil to feel like I belonged in this world. Fast forward to May 8, 2016, Mother’s Day at that, and I was broken down to the core of nothing left. I almost didn’t come to your unstuck seminar because I had no energy to lift my head or even to breathe. This is when my spirit moved my feet and channeled me in your direction. I had no idea what was about to happen that day upon arriving. You told my story…. I finally heard verbadum my story. That would have been comfort enough for me, however it didn’t end there. Your guided meditation spoke to me in my ear and through my soul. I was transformed into my authentic self and thank you God has a different meaning in my life. I realize after returning home that the opposing powers of good and evil which are alive and strong within me, will always be there. This is the moment in my life to work every min of every day to strengthen that good everyday in the most powerful way available to me, because that is the only way I will not be taken over yet again by the ugly force trying to destroy me. Everything is laid out perfectly for me to succeed and I know what is meant for me will be. If it is in my plan to join you in Maui on that journey than I am beyond grateful that Life took me to the bottom to allow for the intense growth which is needed to fully carry out my purpose. If God sees fit, than I am so exasperated to follow you on the journey. Nothing but Love in my heart, and with you in person or not… my spirit is connected to you forever. Namaste

  6. Thanks Mastin! Just what I needed. I got a raise at work and laid out my plan for the next five years including running for city counsel.This month has been another divine storm for me and I had to look at it from a positive view point as a season of change from positive aspect. Change and trouble are for the better, not for the worst. I appreciate the words of wisdom. God bless!

  7. in the past year, my 16 year marriage had ended, I’ve left my career on Wall St after 22 years.
    Oh yes I’m awake and embracing eye of tjhe Divune Storm ! I know I an Divinely loved and protected in creating healing ‘& coaching business to empower divine feminine, meeting my beloved who I will grow and expand with, creating harmony peace and love my home with my two beautiful children. The best is yet to come.

  8. I am going through a divine storm! Yes I moved back to Duluth, Minnesots for a job that I know I manifested to be with my children and friends, then to be laid off 4 weeks later! I feel amazingly calm allowing the will of the universe to make it a better place for me! I am placing positive affirmations out the the universe! We will see what will happen, I’m confident there will be a better place for me!😇

    1. I am also going through a huge disconnect almost from everyone I know it feels like I have no one but I am putting it out there to the universe to have me join with like minded people! You are an inspiration I just saw you on Oprah and now I am connecting in this way! Thank you!

  9. Thank you, Mastin!! This was EXACTLY what I needed right now! I have been going through a shift in awareness and doing every thing I can to keep my thoughts positive and have faith in what’s unfolding…but at times I have felt very disconnected and confused as to why am I experiencing the storm I feel around me. Reading this just now, really helped! Thank you!

  10. Just one year ago I was exactly on that chaos place that u talk today i could said that I learn a lot of myself and change my life for better now I am focus my energy on grow my bussines and help others

  11. I have been in a relationship that was eating at my conscious and
    stomach, as I knew that it wasn’t right. On so many occasions, I ignored
    God’s intervention to pull me out of this relationship. Instead, I
    allowed myself to take the abuse and fed off of the moments of pleasure
    like an addict. The final blow came when the person just blatantly
    dumped a large dose of disrespect, cruelty and unreasonableness on me. I
    had asked God to help me that very afternoon to get out of this
    situation, because I lacked the courage to do it. By that night, it was
    removed. Now, I am looking forwards, not back. I didn’t listen to all
    of the red flags before, but I am now. I thank you for the “Divine
    Storm” perspective. The negative thoughts about myself were attempting
    to bring me into a fear-based panic. Not going there. Your encouragement
    is greatly received by me today. Thank you!

  12. Dear Mastin. Your message is just in time for me. I am passing the Divine Storm for over a year. I lost my job during the economical crysis in Russia and I couldn’t find another one. My business in mobile Apps creation brings me not so much. At the beginning I was wondering why I feel stuck and even blocked by the Universe, I was looking for an answer everywhere.

    And finally I found a channeler who asked God directly about my situation. And he passed me the great answer! This is happening with me in order that I start fulfilling my mission.

    My mission is the following: to find and collect all trustful information about life and the Universe and the process of ascension, to select it with the help of my heart and to make a Manual for people in simple words. So now I am happy to start this process since it was blessed by God himself! Thank you, Mastin, very much for your support!

  13. I was deleting most of my emails when yours popped up and I had to read it! I just stopped and started reading.
    I am doing my best to pay attention to the signs the universe sends. I know things are as they should be but reminders such as your message are always appreciated. Especially when you just feel stuck some times.

  14. This message was timely. I attend AA and every Saturday I attend a 6th and 7th step meeting. These two steps are about accepting our short comings and surrendering to our Higher Power the changes that need to be made. The Saturday after this message, the speaker talked about behaviour that longer work for her and others talked about what no longer works for them. For the first time in my life I no longer wish to be defensive, a glum lot or think that God always has it out for me. It took going out of my comfort zone and have a date with a man. The first thing he told me was that I was defensive and it startled him at first but he wanted to know more. He said other good stuff and actually made me laugh. I let a man make me laugh. But, i concentrated on the defensive comment. I now know he came to teach me to let go of the old and welcome some new behaviours that will help me be more open and your message verified it. So thank you!

  15. Hi Mastin, as most have already said: perfect timing. I’ve seen you in Sydney years ago, subscribed and … hardly ever read anything, and if never took action.
    This is going to chance as a massive devine storm is happening right now: wife leaving, taking son with her – not knowing hownclose we will be (particularly to my son 3 1/2 who may need me, or bett the new me) … just what you said.
    I never listened to the Universe’s guidance. Constantly searching for love, respect, you name on the external. The worst is that trying to make it tight, not being a burden, not sharing with my wife I did exactly the opposite of ehat have brought me closer to what I was graving for: love and e feeling of being part of something.
    I never asked for help, sometiems not even from a shop assistant if couldn’t find an item. Afraid of failure. 48 years going down the hill, taking my loved ones down with me, i am going to listen and take action. Have reached out to a few people, not just close friends – actually only one as didn’t gather many – without putting any expectations on these calls (for help). As “our” couple consellor in a meditation class (I started the class literally 24 hours before i got the news) said: be prepared for everything – expecr nothing.
    Even though I am (in shock I guess) wish to get together with wife and son I am starting to let go of this thought. If it happens way – great (from today’s view) if not, there will be something else waiting for me. Let’s give it to the Divine Universe and giude me towards myslef and self-love – probably the single most important thing i have to learn.
    Thanks for your post – almost deleted it, accidentally hit read and … For the first time wrote a comment, sitting in the doctor’s waiting area crying – and being still alive, before the storm i would have been ashamed to do this in public, occupying my brain with what the people may think about me. Now I have the impression if they noticed, they didn’t interfere or what ever, and what do i have to care what they are thinking? Not my business.
    The only one i have to care id myself. If i am looked after i can look after others.
    The main question still sticks with me is “Why did have to take so long and to the point i am now?” Probably still in shock and “wishfull thinking mode”.
    Thanks for your post, at the right time.
    Cheers Harald

  16. Hi Mastin, You had an Unstuck event in NYC that I wanted to attend but am trying to break a financial pattern of overspending so I choose not to attend. I wanted to know is there any way I can purchase the online workshop or listen to the prerecording. I spoke with Jenna about the retreat and she seemed on point that I have some inner work to clear. I want to do what you guys are doing. I want to guide people. I live to set the light bulb off in people’s head and help them gain inside or understanding of themselves or things in general.

  17. Hi Mastin, thanks for your message about the Divine Storm being a precursor to greater learning, greater love. It’s really hard to remember that sometimes – especially when a lot of the things we’ve been told is that when you feel like you’re hitting a wall, listen to the universe, maybe you’re going about things the wrong way, and all that go with the flow of the universe stuff. The thing is, I know I’m meant for something greater, and I know I’m working hard every day to get there, and I know that feeling like I’m in the midst of a corral full of sheep all working against my direction is not helping my progress. I just have to pick up my head and look over the sheep, maybe I’ll be able to see the beautiful other side. Thanks again, Mastin!

  18. Thank you so much for this. It was right on time. 🙂 I’ve been following you for a few years now and almost joined you during your retreat in Spain. There was a mixup, however, and it never ended up happening. Regardless, I’ve stayed on your list. I stopped reading every single day but never wanted to unsubscribe. I’m so glad I never did. You inspire me nearly every single day… and we’ve never even met. Just a reminder how powerful you are and your Divine Storms were all worth it. <3 xo, Amelia (SelfLoveStory.com)

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