Do you wish more people in your life supported you? Or your dreams? Your business? Or your desire for freedom. 

 Without the support of others, it can be almost impossible to succeed. 

We all need a support system. 

 And many times, we don’t surround ourselves with the right people, and as a result, our dreams fade and die. 

 But, when you get the right crew, a Soul Tribe, that will support you through thick or thin – that is when you know you’re setup for success.

I don’t do it alone. I have a Soul Tribe. 

And they are there for me when I’m down. I lean on them for support, and they have my back. It wasn’t always this way, though. I used to be surrounded by people who didn’t want me to rise, or shine or to fully step into my purpose. 

But, I realized that if I changed one thing, I could get all the support I need. 

 If you’re looking for support, then let me coach you this week. 

 I’ll share with you exactly what I learned that turned my peer group into nothing but love, support, and encouragement (even though I had rarely had it before).

 You can have this, too. And when you have a Soul Tribe that has your back, anything is possible. 

Let’s unleash your highest, best and greatest potential and get you the support you need. 

Make it a great week! 

Remember to get out there, take action and make it real!

 Love from Vietnam, 


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15 thoughts on “How to get people to support you.

  1. Yay, awesome video! I will be sitting down with myself to work out what I can no longer tolerate and decide what I MUST do to continue creating my ideal life. I want to experience abundance in all areas of my life but that means I need to stop walking past/tolerating the sub-par aspects. I think the issue is my mentality that I need to struggle in some areas to have success in others. As if a messy living environment means that I’m too busy creating success in my business and have zero time for menial tasks. A better affirmation would be that a rising tide lifts all boats. My new mentality: the ‘successful’ parts will become even better when my standards rise in the more neglected areas. Thanks for the video, Mastin!

  2. Perfect message to wake up to, literally and figuratively! What am I tolerating? Loaded question and one of my answers is:not being seen. So here I am posting a comment – not for significance but to begin breaking out of sitting on the sidelines more often than not. A small step, the action of checking off the items on my “F*- It List”
    Thanks Mastin!

  3. this is exactly what i need to hear. How do raise them? what does it sound/look ? For example, i am a freelance graphic designer. I need the money from these gigs, yet the two potential clients i have now are dragging their feet and i feel am tolerating too much inconsideration . Do i ditch them? is this what you mean? pls help!:)


  4. Thank you so very much Mastin!! Excellent message –helps describe my exact need as I heal & re-grow. I’d learned to put up with no end of neglect & abuse from my mother, family (& then, everyone else), for 4 decades until now… In interesting ways, I came to realize higher standards were possible. It’s great (& needed) to continue the affirmation & support for not only myself but others now…

  5. I really needed this today. Especially in the eating healthy area of my life. My standards are so low I’m not being nice to myself. Thank you for the reminder, raise my standards

  6. What about when you try to level up and you ask friends who are more successful than you (say in fitness) for help, and then they just abandon you entirely? Or no matter how well you eat or how much you exercise, the weight won’t come/stay off? Or when you can’t find clients no matter how hard you push and network and promote? Or when no matter how many times you nag, people are still over a month late in paying you? Short of finding some way to wildly lash out and get the attention and respect I deserve, I don’t know how else to ask for more no matter how frustrated I am by all of the above and how much I feel like I can’t tolerate it.

  7. Mastin, you are seriously the best. I love listening to you. Your words instantly energize and motivate me. I leave feeling like I literally can do anything. And I can! I just have to believe it and make it happen. Thank you so much for all you say and do.

  8. Truthfully Mastin how DO you connect with your tribe or help when you have become so isolated from people and everyday life because you are so disappointed and afraid of further rejection. I always felt less than acceptable because I dont fit . ( Due to a brain abscess at birth and just about dying three times and have alot less strength on my right side of the body and now difficulty retaining info I wonder why God let me be here when I dont feel I have anything to offer.) I am not wanting pity but answers as to how I come out of this. There is plenty of help for those who dont suffer disability but for those that do there are added issues that make things far more difficult.

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