What’s the best way to help allow your goals to happen faster?

Just goal setting? No.

Just a vision board? No.

Just a prayer? No.

Just a visualization? No.

Maybe there’s an app for it? Not yet.

What’s the answer? It’s simple… but not easy.

The quickest way for you to allow your goals to happen faster is to become aware of the fear in your body when you think about your goals and release it.

Bringing your attention to, feeling and then allowing your fears to release is a powerful practice.

This idea has been talked around in many different ways…

Some call it detachment…

Some call it allowing…

I call it something a little different…

Surrendering your emotions.

Now, it’s important to understand that this does not mean giving up, or not caring about life or any of that.

However, the goal is to become aware of the emotions in your body and then simply allow them to be there, without the need to change them.

Also, you want to get in touch with what these emotions mean.

Does it mean you are angry? Or that they betrayed you? Or that you are never going to have enough?

What if you could surrender the meaning you’re giving this emotion… allow the label to drop and simply just let it be a sensation in your body?

When you allow the emotion to come into your awareness and then passover you… it no longer controls you.

You can think of this as detachment… but it’s more than that. It’s actual acceptance… It’s an allowing of your body to feel however it feels – without it needing to mean something.

When you can experience the emotions and sensations in your body without giving them a meaning… and allowing them to pass, not having to change a thing…. in yourself or others… that is when you will go to the next level.

Without knowing it, you are creating the very circumstance that you’re afraid of.

To resolve this quickly… to help your goals manifest faster… allow yourself to feel whatever you are feeling today without the need to label it, give it a meaning or having to change anything.

When you surrender the meaning… you take the blocks off of the progress of your life and step into a greater outcome then you can now imagine.

This is what let go and let God really means…

So – how fast you make something happen is in direct proportion to how quickly you can accept and release the fears you have with it coming to life…

Question:┬átoday, what feeling will you allow and surrender the meaning of? Reply back and let me know…

Remember to get out there, take action and make it real!