Patience is a virtue – but when does patience turn into procrastination?

It can be hard to tell the difference. And procrastination is a dream and purpose killer.

Living your purpose requires action. But it’s also vital that you get into the flow of guidance that is coming your way. This is one of the great paradox’s of life.

A Course In Miracles and Wayne Dyer have said:

“Infinite patience produces immediate results.”

We must be patient with our path. We must show up each and every day ready to serve, willing to surrender and able to let our heart and soul lead.

And yet, at the time time – action is the bridge between your dreams staying a wish and turning into reality.

Tony Robbins says:

“Massive Action is the cure all.”

So, my dear one, it is a dance. Between action and patience. Working hard and surrender. Living your purpose and allowing your purpose to live you.

Most Truths are a paradox – meaning, both are true. Learning how to take massive action while being patient is a fine art and required skill to live your best life.

Let me show you how.

Make it a great week.

All my LOVE,


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[Begin transcript]

Hey there! I’m Mastin Kipp, best-selling author of the book Daily Love: Growing into Grace and creator of Daily Love TV. Welcome to this week’s episode. This week we’re going to talk about the difference between stillness and procrastination.

I get asked a lot, “You know, Mastin, I want to meditate, I want to be still and I want to listen to that intuitive voice inside. How can I tell the difference between that and just simply procrastinating?”

So here’s how you tell the difference.

When you’re still, you feel relaxed and your body is relaxed. When you’re procrastinating, you feel tense. And on top of that there’s a sense of “I know I should be doing this” and there’s usually fear associated with procrastination. The reason why we procrastinate is because a part of our body, generally our nervous system, the limbic system and our brain, thinks that if I do this new behavior I’m going to die. That’s the simplest explanation I can give you. You associate change, transformation, trying something new with uncertainty, which is scary, which produces a sensation of death in the body, and so we procrastinate. We put off things. We like to do things that seem easy in the moment and then we put off and put off and put off and put off.

Meditation and stillness is a very powerful tool.

One of my favorite things to say is that prayer is talking to God and meditation is listening. So when you’re still, you get downloads, you get clarity on next action steps you’re supposed to take or whatever the message or spiritual message or directive is. And your goal once you meditate and get still and listen to that inner voice is to put what you’ve learned into action, put that wisdom into action. You want to start to get the wisdom, get the next step, get that next directed step, that intuitive voice, that heart-centered, divine voice inside and actually start to apply it.

So the reason why we get still is not to be still, because life is movement and “movement creates momentum” as my friend Adam Cobb says. So we want movement. Life is all about moving. If your heart stops beating and is still for too long, that’s called death, right? So we want movement in life, but we don’t want chaotic movement. We don’t want to just feel like we’re running around like a hamster on a wheel.

So the way in which we get off that hamster wheel and really get still is we meditate. I like to meditate at least twice a day, 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes at night. It helps me get really still and really calm and in touch with that intuitive voice. But then I take that download, the intuition that I’ve gotten and start to apply it in my every single day life and that’s been a very important skill that I’ve learned and cultivated over time.

So stillness and meditation does not equal stasis in your life.

Stillness should produce momentum. Stillness should put you back on purpose. Meditation is a way to align with your higher wisdom and your higher self. And then embody it through courageous action. Procrastination – you know when you’re doing it. You know you should stop doing it. And if you need a kick in the butt, here’s your kick in the butt to stop that procrastination so that you can get about the business of living your purpose and really bringing your specific, unique gift to this world.

Have you procrastinated in the past? Are you avoiding getting still because there are feelings that you don’t want to feel? Or, are you spending so much time in meditation that you’re not doing anything in implementation? One of my favorite things to say is 1% meditation, 99% implementation. There is such a thing as spiritual bypass through meditation where all you do is meditate and meditate and meditate but you don’t apply or get out there and get courageous in your life. Meditation fuels the courage. Meditation fuels the direction and helps you get in touch with your higher wisdom. Apply it. No longer procrastinate. You’re not going to die, I promise!

You might be watching this video over on YouTube or Facebook. I’m going to invite you to come on over to and below this video let me know why you’re going to stop procrastinating now and when you’re going to start meditating and acting on that intuitive knowing of what you’re next step is.

In the comments below, let me know when and how and why and why now you’re going to be doing this. Also, feel free to subscribe to our videos on YouTube so that you can get instant updates and access to the next coaching video when I post it. And most importantly, and as always here at Daily Love TV, my great wish is for you to get out there, take action and make it real. We’ll see you next time!

[End transcript]

31 thoughts on “Are you being patient or procrastinating? How to tell the difference.

  1. Good Morning! Thanks for the great video and the inspiration that came along with it. I have been struggling with procrastination
    lately. This message came at a perfect time. I really just went from feeling paralyzed to feeling like I know I need to go get busy. I am working on a project that has to do with time management so this really just touched me! Thank you! God be with everyone and have a blessed day! Sandy

  2. Love this video!! Thank you for the extra kick! 🙂
    I have been sticking my big toe into a huge project but not really committing to it 100% (procrastination) because -yes- I am scared to death that if I do it might not work and I will be a failure (AKA die!) NOW – I have recently had a huge fire lit under my butt and I know I have to get this done and have a deadline. I have gotten more clarity on the project in my moments of stillness (yoga and meditation) and my past small attempts at the project which has been fantastic for narrowing down the details of the project that I had once been unclear with. So NOW I am committing to the project and really diving in. Thank you for this timely video and for all you do for all of us 🙂

  3. Mastin, this is super good kick I needed exactly today!!!!! God heard my question as always, since I was asking wether I am procastinating and how do I know. I’ll keep it short, because it’s time to action:

    I’ve been delaying my calling because, now you made it obvious, my ego thinks I’ll die. I was thinking about all the frame things of what I need to do and doing all of those, but keeping the main work I need to put all my efforts on- content, at very low percent of my day, although I’m thinking of it ALL THE TIME. I’m creating courses, ones that has never been before in vfx field, wanting to include somehow deeper message into the lessons about design, and the message is teaching how to maintain peace and creative power (so many of us has burned out and I’m called to share all I’ve learned). The thing is, it’s not about me, I have to remind myself, and drop all fears and limits aside. What you’ve said about Hero Journey, it stuck in my head forever. Those strugles and all are so wow, deep and gorgeous whnever I learn one spiritual lesson at a time.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do, for showing up. I deeply appreciate it. May you have a blessed day!

    p.s. I’ll save this kick to watch whenever I have doubts. Thank you!
    p.p.s. this is what I do at LearnWateryDesign so far, inspiring the message slowly..

    1. Karolina, as Mastin reminds us, “Living your purpose requires action.” So you’ve got it in that even if you’re thinking about it all the time, you have to actually take some action to bring things forth and see the results. Thank YOU for being part of this community! And what wonderful work you do, bringing this beauty and light to the world! ~Team Daily Love

  4. thank you Mastin! I made a list of a few priorities to take action on today mustering up some courage and commit to implementing healthy lifestyle and relationships. Starting and ending my day talking and listening to God.

    1. This is so great to hear, Dee! I love the idea of making the list so you have it right there as a gentle reminder. Sending lots of courage your way to get these things done! ~Team Daily Love

  5. The last few days, I’ve been getting so many signs from the Universe to stop procrastinating on a project that is very dear to my heart. I shall take this video as the final kick in the butt as you said to get things moving and take the first steps to publishing my book. Thanks Mastin!

  6. Hi Mastin! You always know exactly what I need to hear. You are exactly right about taking action and making it real. I’ve been listening to you say that for 18 months now and last night I took a leap of faith, stopped procrastinating, and partnered with a publisher to try to take my message to the world. Ironically, your first video I ever watched was Stretching Yourself to Success in April 2014. The Daily Love has helped me change my life. Thank you! It is so empowering to step through our fears.

    1. We’re so proud of you, Suzanne! The first step is always difficult and you did it. And you are correct in that it feels just amazing to step through our fears to get something we want 🙂 Much love! ~Team Daily Love

  7. Great video and giving me the momentum to release one part time project and allow space for my yoga teaching and other opportunities to enter.

  8. I love this void because it speaks to exactly what I’m looking at right now. I have come such a long way when I look back at this time last year. I can see a monumental difference in my life … Practically, spiritually, emotionally, etc. But here’s the deal: I’m so busy with all of my daily practices that have been working so well for me that I have to really work at making the time for “dream things” I belong to a 12 step fellowship for family and friends of alcoholics…with that, there is daily readings and prayers, sponsor/sponsee relationships, meetings, etc. I hold a full time job. I try to include some down time, at least one thing just for the fun of it, every day. And of coarse there’s TDL! ?By the time I’ve finished my gratitude lists and daily inventory every night, I’m shot! I watch these videos every week but rarely feel like sharing. I feel like I need to do some pruning but I’m not sure what needs to go. What suffers is my blogging time….which is what I truly want to be doing. It just feels like an “extra” somehow. Something I get to do once I’m done with what I’ve committed to do or responsible for doing. I’m responsible for the health of my recovery program, I’m responsible to sponsees, obviously responsible for my job……. Suggestions?

    1. Hey Allison, thank you so much for reaching out and sharing some of your story and struggles. We can definitely hear that you’re feeling stretched a little thin right now – and we get it! But just remember that self-care is such an important part of our lives! Most of us rationalize that there are too many other important things to get done and we often come in last – we can’t show up as our best selves if we do that! You need to do what makes you feel fulfilled and if it’s blogging, make sure you set aside some time each day to do that. Perhaps you could speak to others in the recovery program and ask for so help during this busy time. And if you don’t get to your gratitude lists or inventories every night, that’s okay. Forgive yourself for not getting everything done and move on. You’ve got this, Allison! Big hugs 🙂 ~Team Daily Love

  9. I have been hearing a lot about meditation recently and have tried to get into but find it difficult. What advice can you give someone who is just starting out? Are there any apps or book you would recommend that can help me get starts? And how do you find the time for it everyday? I find that to be very hard to schedule time to mediate.

    1. Hey Megs! We understand that it can be difficult getting started. Something you might want to try is to meditate first thing in the morning – this can create a feeling of expanding time because you’re not wasting time in your day thinking about the past or worrying about the future. Then make sure you’re comfortable and maybe set the timer on your phone so you don’t keep looking at the clock. And then choose a mantra or a guided meditation, whichever feels best for you. Also, remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect. Keep practicing and it will come to you when you’re ready! Sending encouragement your way! ~Team Daily Love

  10. Last week, I actually began to contemplate why I procrastinate. I agree with you Mastin. It’s a fear of change. But it gets to the point of where one needs to decide which fear is worse – the fear of staying the same or the fear of changing. With that in mind, I’ve been approaching my procrastination by being very present and acknowledging it. I then ask myself “What will be the difference if I do it now or later”? This is very liberating because sometimes the answer can be as simple as I won’t have time to do it later. or the answer is “wow, I can do this later and I may have a different perspective, get some additional help, etc. I’m glad the universe put your video I front of me at a time when I’m assessing procrastination!

    1. It’s sounds like you’ve recently got a good handle on this, Diane! We love how you are really being present with it and asking yourself that simple question. Keep up the great work! ~Team Daily Love

  11. I have been procrastinating in fear of failure,then I deal with depression for procrastination, not so fun merry -go-round . I’m at my desk working at least and not at home in bed, I have a relationship that I am slowly ending . We use to live together now we don’t, haven’t for almost two years but as I got sober and got my priorities straight I hoped and prayed he would do the same . We have kids together I just can’t seem to end it completely! Blah blah blah kinda went off topic….

  12. Procrastination has been my escape route from putting in work on the important things that will move my life forward. I’ve been allowing little things like email and social media to get in the way of focusing on the things that are important to me. If I worked on the big picture, my life would propel forward. I’m a little afraid of my own greatness and where it might take me.

    Daily Love Team, any advice on releasing attachment to the past so I can leap into the future?

    Sending love,

    1. Hi Anna! Procrastination can really stop us dead in our tracks – and stop us from fulfilling our life’s purpose. Remember that even changing one small thing, one small habit can really make a difference. This blog post might be helpful for you: Also, I would check out Mastin’s most recent post: as he shows us it can be really scary to make big changes but we have to take that first step, we have to claim our power. You’ve got this! ~Team Mastin

  13. I wonder if procrastination is my issue or just an almost paralyzing but seductive fear of getting things done and succeeding in new ways. Hmm. I need to go back to meditating. I have tried it several times but haven’t stuck with it – saying to myself that I don’t have tlme. I’m thinking that if I take the time to hear from God more instead of just talking through my prayers, maybe I will get what I need to move into action more quickly and consistently.
    Thanks Mastin!

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