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How To Turn Wishful Thinking Into Excellent Results

Do you ever make a promise or set an intention and then find yourself wondering why you didn’t follow through?

Have you done it more than once? Maybe more than twice? Maybe an uncountable number of times?

If you’re like most people, then your self-help bookshelf (digital or physical) is most likely the “Zone of Wishful Thinking.”

It’s almost as if you just bought one more book or course; it’ll all change.

Books, courses and such without action are just Wishful Thinking Tokens.

Perhaps you have so many Wishful Thinking Tokens that you have resigned yourself that none of them actually work.

Well, the key to unlocking the power of the Wishful Thinking Token is to drop down into grounded action.

If you are like most people, you tend to assume that when you set your “intention” to complete something, that you will actually do it.

But, you most likely haven’t.

And you make it about yourself and why you can’t follow through.

Perhaps you assume it’s a character defect, or perhaps you think it’s because you are a bad person.

What if it wasn’t “your” fault? I’ve found that many times folks don’t follow through because they are at war with themselves.

There is a wiser part of them, their intuition/heart that seems to be at odds with the survival part of them, or their Survival Patterns.

The inner conflict between the intuitive voice and the Survival Patterns is where the tension of growth exists.

You are not following through because of how you are wired.

Without awareness and training, your Survival Patterns are much more powerful and louder than your intuitive guidance.

SP’s tend to react the loudest to whatever is going on at the moment, without much care for how it will effect you long term.

This is why you have a hard time putting down the sugar, the wine, the toxic relationship, etc.

Your SP’s are reactive to whatever it is going on at the moment.

Your intuitive voice is guiding you to a future you cannot yet see.

The reason why your self-help section, your courses, etc. aren’t working is that your SP’s have distracted you right out of taking action on them.

There is a payoff to procrastination: you survive.

Not taking action has a reward.

So, how to make the shift?

You must cultivate a daily practice to align with your intuitive voice and create “cues” around your home and office to remind you of what your intuitive voice is guiding you to do.

Learning to follow and trust your intuitive voice is like building a muscle, it takes time, and it hurts.

But, the reward of doing so it beyond what you can now imagine.

Get still. Listen. Calm the SP’s and reactive time.

Create cues to keep your actions aligned with the outcome that your intuitive voice is guiding you towards.

And remember, it’s not “your” fault.

These crazy SP’s are trying to keep you safe. But, they are messing up your destiny.

Take your power back, right now.

When you do, you will keep your word, be there for those that matter most and turn your shelf of wishful thinking into a pedestal of your destiny.

It’s time to keep your word, finally follow through and bring your destiny to life.

Remember to get out there, take action and make it real!