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Is there a gift in your anxiety symptoms?

Words are very powerful when it comes to how you feel.

Anxiety is a great example.

Just notice the word and how it feels to say it and read it.

The word itself can create anxiety for many.But, if you look at what anxiety actually is, it’s a physiological state made up of biochemical responses.

Anxiety is basically increased cortisol, adrenaline and blood glucose. There is also an increase in lactate. There are other components to the body’s “anxiety” response, but you get the idea.

Why does the body create more of these chemicals?

Because this cocktail of biochemistry gives you energy.

That’s it.

Why? Because you need energy in the presence of a threat to fight or flee.

And studies show that exercise, movement and long exhales reduce the symptoms of acute anxiety.

Why? Because the supply of energy your body gives you when you are “anxious” is meant to be used in motion to fight or flee.

When you don’t use up the energy provided to you by your body, bad things start to happen.

So, the answer for acute anxiety reduction is to start moving and use up your body’s energy supply. And afterwards, you can do intentional breathing with 80% of your breath is an exhale.

You can’t exhale and be in fight/flight at the same time.

If your inhales are longer than your exhales, you will active your bodies anxiety/energy responses and increase the feelings of anxiety/energy.

So, start moving & slow down your exhales for acute anxiety symptom reduction.

Your body is wise, and you are wise when you start to honor the responses you body has, instead of making them wrong.

Maybe you don’t have “Generalized Anxiety Disorder” – maybe you have a fuck-ton of energy and you’re making yourself wrong for it, instead of using it to make something.

PRO-TIP: for 10 days experiment w/ replacing the words anxiety and overwhelm with “energy” and notice how you respond.

For long term anxiety to be reduced, do Trauma Hacking™ work on your developmental & attachment trauma.

You got this!


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